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by Marco Dalmonte English translation by Gary Davies

Patroness of Fertility and Magic
Level, Alignment, Sphere: 20th (Empyreal), NG, Energy
Symbol: a ziggurat that radiates golden rays
Portfolio: magic, knowledge, wisdom, prosperity, fertility, agriculture
Worshipped in: Bellissaria, Cestia, Hollow World (Jennites, Oltecs), Skothar (Jen, Minaea)
Appearance: a dark-skinned woman with a curious hairdo that gathers her long black hair to form an halo around her head from which sprout ears of grain, an expression of calm benevolence and wisdom that shines from her green eyes, dressed in a tunic of white cotton that descends to below her feet, a hanging cloak of black silk, and numerous jewels that adorn her face and body.
History: PROBABLE THEORY: Ninsun was a mage that lived in the Oltec lands of Brun shortly after the foundation of the Empire of Blackmoor. Thanks to her prodigious predisposition for the arcane arts, Ninsun very soon became the most powerful mage of the Oltec people, and in the course of two centuries made the agriculture much more advanced and augmented the fertility of the soil building immense hanging gardens and cultivated terraces for facilitating the expansion of her people. Marrying a noble tribal head, Ninsun began to support an expansionistic policy that in the turn of a generation brought the foundation of the Oltec Empire in Brun. By now considered an Immortal even by her people thanks to her powers, Ninsun became aware of the possibility of really becoming an Immortal, and sought the support and the protection of Otzitiotl (Ixion) in this her task. He showed her the path towards the Sphere of Energy, and Ninsun undertook it. First she created the fantastic Rainbow Path, a magic tunnel linked to the position of the stars that permitted her followers to move to different parts of the planet and found new colonies. Afterwards taught several apprentices so that they would guard her secrets and administer the legacy of the knowledge accumulated so far. Finally leaving together with her son Gilgamesh to found a new kingdom in Davania, and created there the crystal pyramids of the Katapec and the Eye of Humbaba, an artefact later given to her son for helping to maintain the power and for giving him the possibility of claiming in future a position in the celestial spheres. This was the last of her deeds, after which she was taken into the sky by a sunbeam in 3400 BC and from that moment became one of the Immortals of the Oltec people in all the world.
Personality: Ninsun is a wise and benevolent Immortal, patroness of magic, knowledge and fertility, mother of the errant hero Gilgamesh. Presently, her cult is present among the Oltecs of Hollow World, and among the populations of Bellissaria and Skothar that descend from the Oltecs.
Patron: unknown [presumed: Ixion]
Allies: Ixion
Enemies: none
Alignment of followers: any; clerics must be Lawful or Neutral
Favourite weapon: scythe (allowed all bludgeoning weapons)
Clerics’ skills and powers: free agriculture skill, +2 bonus to arcane magic and divine magic (not free)
Domains: Energy, Good, Knowledge, Magic, Fertility
Preferred weapon: scythe
Source: Master and Immortal set