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Nithia (Empire of)

Location: Southeastern Iciria, west of the Bay of Adoth, north of the Great Southern Shield Mountains, south of Lake Menkor, east of the Plains of Teuz along the River Nithia. HW

Area: 687,277 sq. mi. (1,780,045 sq. km.).

Population: 4,100,000 including Tarthis (pop. 360,000), Dashur (pop. 103,000), Hapta (pop. 77,000), Menkara (pop. 206,000), Ranak (pop. 46,000) and numerous towns and villages.

Languages: Nithian, Neathar.

Coinage: Eye (gp), hawk (sp), beetle (cp).

Taxes: Additional corvée labour in the flood season for monument building.

Government Type: Imperial theocratic monarchy (all pharaohs must be clerics).

Industries: Agriculture (rich along the Nithia River), textiles (linen), mining (gold).

Important Figures: Ramose IV (Pharaoh), Al-Belak (Southern King), Djemun (Nomarch of Menkara), Al Fatmah Nikita-Ahmed (Vizier of Internal Security), Khnemet-urt (Delta King), Permon (Priest and Vizier).

Flora and Fauna: Among the many monsters and animals are oxen, horses, sheep, goats, giant ants, rock baboons, bandits, giant (scarab) beetles, camels, carrion crawlers, lions, dragons, efreet, gargantua, gargoyles, gelatinous cubes, ghouls, gnolls, liches, giant lizards, manscorpions, mummies, purple worms, rats, rocs, flame salamanders, scorpions, skeletons, snakes, sphinxes, living statues, stirges, and zombies.

Further Reading: Hollow World boxed set, HWR2 Kingdom of Nithia, previous almanacs.

Last Year's Events: The foreboding Tower of Soth increased its activity, by gaining followers and turning gnolls loose upon the Nithians. The towers may find an enemy in the just-returned Senkha, who is back for vengeance against her tormentors.