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Nithian Language family

by Greg Weatherup

3 Languages: Thothian (or is it called Thotian?), Traldar, & Ylari

script: a sort of M-Demotic (or perhaps a M-Coptic would be more appropriate?)
Beyond that, I really don't have much about the language, It is the first language within Thothia proper, and is somewhat common in the SE Isle of Dawn city-states (Ekto, etc.) and not undeard of as far north as East Portage or South in the northern 2 of the Alatian Isles). In otherwords it is the "Common" in Thothia (with Alphatian the regional language).

Traldar languages
There's a lot to say about them (It's a language family in its own right) so I'll save it for a seperate post.

script: Alasiyan (M-Arabic abjad)
I have that the language is called Ylari and the script is called Alasiyan, but I can see arguments for it to be the otherway round. It is the "Common" language througout Ylaruam (with Thyatian or Darokinian a common second language for dealing with outsiders). I have that the Makistani have largely switched to Ylari as their first language (though Ethengarian is a common second language amongst them). The (modern) Nithians speak it as a 1st language as well (they don't remember old Nithian). It is still often a 1st language in Tel Akbir and Eastern Darokin (Selenica), and a common second language in Biazan. Many emigrees in Ierendi City prefer to speak it amongst themselves and some Sashenta descended families in Central & Western Darokin and parts of Sind still teach it to their children as a scholarly (secondary) language. Also common in Saragon. anywhere else?

In the Hollow World you could also add old Nithian.

Come to think of it, I suppose the Hutaakan language would be in this family, correct?

any other languages that should be in this family? Perhaps some of the minor, nearly extinct Isle of Dawn tongues (ie Dunael?), would they fit in here?.