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Extent of the Nithian Empire

by Håvard

I have never been quite clear on the extent of the Nithian Empire. Which modern day nations and regions were once covered by the Nithian Empire?

Ylaruam: This was of course the centre of the Nithian Empire.
Vestland/Soderfjord: We know that the Nithians used Antalian slaves. Were these countries part of the Nithian Empire?
Darokin: Elves and Neathar (Traldar?) humans lived here, but is it possible that Nithia extended beyond Ylaruam's borders to include the Selenica region?
Thyatis/Kerendas/Hattias: I don't know, but I am inclined to believe that this region was part of the Nithian Empire.
Ierendi/Minrothad: These islands were part of the Nithian Empire.
Isle of Dawn: Thothia was part of the Nithian Empire. Did the Empire extend beyond what today is Thothia? Looking at the map, it would make sense if the empire extended a bit further north to include the area directly to the east of Ylaruam since that is likely how the Nithians first entered the IoD.
The Alatians: Were these islands originally part of the Nithian Empire? It has been suggested that they were later settled by Traldar/Milenians, but that doesn't mean the Nithians could not have been there first.
Ochalea: Who lived here before the Alphatians?

Non Canon:
Izonda: IMC I have a small region on the shores of Izonda which was colonised by the Nithians.
Space: I also suggest that the Nithians did leave Mystara and were responsible for a parallel to the RW myth of Pyramids on Mars...

Thoughts on this? Did I forget anything?

One of the reasons why I am interested in this is of course to consider where Nithian style ruins, dungeons and artifacts may be discovered....