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Humanoids Holidays

by Francesco Defferrari

I saw that there are no festival for the Humanoids, AFAIK nor canon neither un-canon.. So I came up with those holidays, using my imagination for the 'Noids.

Months: Nuwmont: Coldsnow Vatermont: Deepice Thaumont: Firstraids ('Noids start their spring raids) Flaurmont: Fightdays Yarthmont: Fruitsdays ('Noids care about food and whelps in their own lands and raids decrease) Klarmont: Lightdays Felmont: Sundays Fyrmont: Hotdays Ambyrmont: Berrydays ('Noids search the woods and gather food for the winter) Sviftmont: Blooddays ('Noids increase their raids to gather enough food to survive the cold months, and they became very dangerous). Eirmont: Darkdays Kaldmont: Lairsdays

1/1 Coldsnow, middle winter, 'noids gather around fires telling tales. (Traditionally 'noids don't have a calendar and don't keep a count of the years, but many tribes and nations consider that day the start of the new year)

1/3 First raid day, traditionally war bands gather and go raiding.

1/6 Light day, humanoids feast in the woods mocking and praying the sun god

1/9 Berry day, humanoid go in the woods to gather food.

1/10 Blood day, holy day of humanoids immortals, warriors' feast, preparation for war

28/10 Serpent day, holy day of Atzanteotl where the immortal has followers. (the holidays was established next to the more ancient holy day of Hel 'cause Atzanteotl is always trying to steal away humanoids followers from the dark goddess. Many religion wars were fought in the past between the two churches, and clerics of Hel and Atzanteotl fight each other on sight. all that is quite canon and mentioned in WotI and Gaz10, I think)

1/11 Dark day, holy day of Hel, religious celebration

1/12 Lair day, first day of winter, in that day females, older 'noids and whelps go underground to survive the cold months

So 'noids will have two yearly cycles of great activity against humans (and other races) settlements: from 1 Thaumont to 28 Flaurmont (after the winter) and from 1/10 to 28/11, more in Sviftmont (just before the winter).