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A note on lycanthropy and humanoids

by Robin

According the Rules Cyclopedia Lycanthropy is deadly for all humanoids and demihumans alike.
However in gazetteer 10 (and some other sources, things were mentioned cotradicting this.

Here a list of which Humanoid can be affected by which Lycanthropy. If it can't be affected by that version it is still deadly to be infected. A lycanthrope is immune to all other versions of lycanthropy!!

Goblins following Wogar are altered thus they are able to contract Werewolf Lycanthropy.
Orcs of all subspecies are naturally affected by Devilswine or Boar Lycanthropy.
Bugbears are altered (by an unknown Neutral immortal) if faithful to be affected by Werebear Lycanthropy and become neutral.
Some kobolds far away on the western coast of Brun are altered by their Immortal to contract Werebat Lycanthropy.
All other Lycanthropic forms are still deadly to any humanoid. This includes also all humanoids not being affected by the above forms of Lycanthropy without the alterations.
It may be possible a Humanoid Immortal desires to lift this vulnerability and prevent death, but these should be rare and must be fitting the humanoid species. It would be impossible to accept such a disease and change the humanoidís basic build-up.
Common Lycanthropic forms include; Werewolf, Wereboar, Werebat, Devilswine, Werebear, Wererat, Greater Wererat, Werefox, Weretigre.
Uncommon Lycanthropic forms include; Weredog, Werehawk, Wereseal, Wereraven, Wereshark, Weredeer, Werelion, Weresealion, Polarwerebear, etc.. Especially Uncommon Lycanthropic forms are rare, and even rarer to have a link to any known Humanoid race. As Lycanthropes are rare on humans, it should be much rarer on Humanoids.