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The Humanoids of the Broken Lands post Gaz-10

by micky

Not sure if anyone has wondered what happened to all the humanoids of the Broken Lands after the events of the WotI and the following years disrupted completely what had been a haven for the various Humanoid lands. In the course of trying to figure out what exactly constituted Kol's forces and what was available to him, I ran into trying to piece together who stayed and who left. Here is what I came up with via the almanac and other sources. Plus for my amusement... pure number crunching for exactly how many of these critters are we looking at. Not sure if anyone can use this... but posting this here for the hell of it in case someone can make use of it.

from GAZ 10..

Bugburbia - 2156 square miles of territory in the Broken Lands, 2820 HD of humanoids.

Did some extensive googling (which covers the .html almanac entries) and all signs point to the Bugbears of Ohr'r become a part of New Kolland. Now.. just how many Bugbears are there. To make it simple. for the Bugbears.. and all the rest of the humanoids. Gaz 10 gives numbers as of AC1000. I am going to wash all the population growth, of which Humanoids could make Rabbits blush I'm told, against losses during the Great War and/or fighting against Glantri and the HK.

2820 HD going with 5% whelps, 10% teenagers, 60% NM, 20% veterans, 5% heroes

for a makeup of the Bugbear population of.

146 (d8+1) Bugbear youngsters
139 (2d8+1) Bugbear teenagers
564 (3d8+1) Normal Bugbears
141 (4d8+2) Bugbear veterans
28 (5d8+2) and up Bugbear heroes

High Gobliny - 2690 sq miles of territory in the Broken Lands, 2780 HD of humanoids

The goblins like the Bugbears fall in with Kol and become part of the humanoid principality of New Kolland.
using a 75% NM, 20% Veteran, and 5% Hero model we get this for actual numbers.

2086 (d8-1) Normal Goblins
278 (2d8-2) Goblin veterans
46 (3d8-3) and up Goblin heroes

Hobgobland - 2080 sq miles of territory, 2420 HD of humanoids

according to the 1015 Almanac. The Hobgoblins have moved to the Orclands, driven there by the Shadow Elves. If they were driven there by the Shadow Elves it is safe to assume they hadn't moved west and joined Kol thus have been independent of him.

going on the 75% NM, 20% Veteran, 5% Hero model we get these for the Hobgoblins of Hutai-Khan

1816 (d8+1) Normal Hobgoblins
242 (2d8+2) Hobgoblin veterans
40 (3d8+3) and up Hobgoblin heroes

Kol - 3360 sq miles, 3770 HD of humanoids

I think we know which way the Kobolds went hahah. The backbone of the Humanoid Principality of New Kolland

Using the standard model of 75% NM, 20% Veteran, 5% Hero model we get these for the Kobolds of Kol

5655 (d4) Normal Kobolds
754 (2d4) Kobold veterans
188 (3d4) and up Kobold heroes

Ogremoor - 4,168 sq miles, 4280 HD of humanoids

we know that the nation of Ogremoor and Alebane stay independent of Kol and Thar through the PWA and almanacs. Ogres though can and our often employed as mercenaries.

For the nation of Ogremoor and the tribes Alebane controls.. using a 5% youngster, 10% teenager, 61% N-M, 20% veteran, 4% hero model we come up with....

108 (2d8+1) Ogre youngsters
143 (3d8+1) Ogre teenagers
653 (4d8+1) normal Ogres
171 (5d8+2) Ogre veterans
28 (6d8+2) and up Ogre heroes

Orcus Rex - 2820 sq miles of territory, 2940 HD of humanoids.

Can safely assume they follow Thar out of the Broken Lands and leave to the east and out of this equation...

using the 75% NM, 20% Veteran, 5% Hero model we get these for the Orcs of Thar..

2205 (d8) Normal Orcs
295 (2d8) Orc veterans
49 (3d8) and up Orc heroes

Red Orcland - 3340 sq miles of territory, 2500 HD of humanoids

The red Orcs of the Supreme Hool were a part of New Kolland until the left the Broken Lands on the Great Migration to the west in AC 1014.

Using the standard 75% NM, 20% Veteran, 5% Hero model we get these for the horde of the Supreme Hool

1875 (d8) Normal Orcs
251 (2d8) Orc Veterans
41 (3d8) and up Orc heroes

South Gnollistan - 3470 sq miles of territory, 2850 HD of monsters

Like the Red Orcs, the Gnolls of Nizam Pasha belonged to New Kolland until 1014 when they left for the west in The Great Migration to find the sacred Blue Knife.

Using a model of 10% teenager, 65% N-M, 20% Veteran, and 5% Hero we get these for the gnoll under Nizam Pasha

285 (d8) Teenager Gnolls
926 (2d8) Normal Gnolls
191 (3d8) Gnoll Veterans
35 (4d8) and up Gnoll Heroes

Trollhattan - 2300 sq miles of territory, 2710 HD of monsters

Got zippo for any hits on a mention of the Trolls of Trollhattan in the post WotI world so we are assuming they are sitting 'fat' and happy in their swamp and are independent of Kol though like the Ogres, individual Trolls often serve with other humanoid forces and do with Kol.

For the Trolls of Trollhattan going with a model of 5% whelp, 8% youngster, 12% teenager, 65% N-M, 6% Veteran, and 4% Hero so we get these for the trolls direction under the command of Haa'k Hordar

45 (3d8+2) Troll Whelps
54 (4d8+2) Troll Youngsters
65 (5d8+3) Troll Teenagers
294 (6d8+3) Normal Trolls
23 (7d8+4) Troll Veterans
13 (8d8+4) and up Troll Heroes

Yellow Orkia - 1570 sq miles of territory, 1880 HD of monsters

Like the Hobgoblins the Yellow Orcs of Mughul Khan were driven from the Broken Lands by the Shadow Elves and now reside in the Orclands under the overall command of General Tlatepetl

Using the standard model of 75% NM, 20% Veteran, 5% Hero model we get these for the horde of Mughul Khan

1411 (d8) Normal Orcs
188 (2d8) Orc Veterans
31 (3d8) and up Orc Heroes