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Preliminary Humanoid Timeline

by Andrew Theisen

Hey all! I mentioned a while back that I was working on a more complete timeline for our favourite humanoids in the Broken Lands, hoping to update things to give them all the credit they deserve- from pre1000 AC up through the WotI.

I thought I'd post what I've gotten so far, for your perusal, and also to solicit your help for what you think might be some good ideas for their activities, or even some things they've done in the interim in your own campaigns. Also, feel free to direct any questions, clarifications, or just to ask where in the hell do I purport to get my information from, anyhow? ;)

944 AC- Xoteczuma is born in Oenkmar.

946 AC- Xilochtli is born in Oenkmar.

949 AC- Lord Zotl is born in Oenkmar.

951 AC- Xilochtli is taken by shamans of Atzanteotl to study at the Great Temple.

954 AC- Thar is born in Orcus Rex.

955 AC- Zar is born in Kol.

958 AC- Doth is born in High Gobliny.

960 AC- Yazar is born in High Gobliny.

961 AC- Constantin Diocletius (Kol XIV) is born in Kol.

963 AC- Xoteczuma takes a mate, a fellow Wokan.

964 AC- Zotl is recruited into the army of Oenkmar, following his family's traditions; Xilochtli is named High Priest of Atzanteotl.

966 AC- Xilochtli, under Atzanteotl's instruction, immolates himself. He is resurrected, more dangerous than ever.

967 AC- Xilochtli embarks on a crusade to stamp out heretics in Oenkmar; Among the victims sacrificed to Atzanteotl is the husband of Xoteczuma.

968 AC- Hutai Khan is born in Hobgobland.

970 AC- Moghul-Khan is born in Yellow Orkia; Ohr'r is born in Bugburbia.

972 AC- Thar becomes a Nosferatu(1). King Oth deposed following failed raid on Hobgobland; Doth takes over rule of High Gobliny.

973 AC- Yazar routs the armies of General Zar(2); Later, she and Doth are married- a marriage of convenience.

974 AC- Zotl becomes general of the Oenkmarian army, after a distinguished career.

975 AC- OrcWars: King Thar unites the Broken Lands; Haa'k Hordar is born in Trollhattan; Red Orcland is freed of High Gobliny rule(3).

976 AC- Alebane is born in Ogremoor; Hoolg Red-Mane is born in Red Orcland.

977 AC- Ximanga is born in Red Orcland; Thar institutes the creation of Duh Legion; Nizam Pasha is born in Gnollistan.

982 AC- Ohr'r is expelled from Bugburbia and sent into Glantri with his gang of toughs.

984 AC- After a long career with the Fellowship of the Pouch in Glantri, Ohr'r is finally caught by Prince Jaggar and sent back to Bugburbia. He is named Chieftain not long after.

989 AC- Ximanga is kidnapped and taken to Oenkmar.

Additional Notes:

1) Prince Morphail Gorevitch-Woszlany, angered at having one of his spellbooks stolen, slaughters much of Chief Thar's horde (the rest flee like the cowards they are). He turns Thar into a Nosferatu and sends him back to the Broken Lands to wreak havoc among the pitiful humanoids there, in order to teach them a lesson. Of course, Thar's newfound powers enable him to more quickly rise to power than otherwise would have been possible. Note also that, even if Thar himself didn't consider vampirism a threat to his rule, Prince G-W wouldn't want a bunch of humanoid vampires threatening him either (recall his laws in his own barony in Glantri), so Thar will not spread this condition, in any event.

2) Yazar distinguishes herself in this latest Kol- High Gobliny war, winning the loyalty of many High Goblinians; factions form between her supporters and Doth's.

3) This manoeuvre is widely regarded as a large coup on Thar's part. In order to break up the power of High Gobliny, Red Orcland is returned to its proper rulers. This also earns Thar the admiration of the Red Orclanders.

That's about all I've got so far. There are still a few notable events to place in the "prehistory" of the Broken Lands, among them Alebane's gladiator days, Moghul-Khan's lycanthropy, Nizam's holy crusade in Ylaruam, plus a few others.