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Nolar, son of Faric

by Mischa E Gelman

History: Nolar was born 57 years ago, the son of two farmers from the Wyrwarf clan. The youngest of three dwarves, he was not singled out for special attention nor ignored by his hard-working parents. He was due to follow in their boot steps, living the life of a typical Wyrwarf, until the local cleric discovered that young Nolar had a gift for the mystical. Apprenticed to said cleric, Nolar became a strong advocate for Kagyar and his faith, eventually succeeding his mentor in the position of primary caretaker for the spiritual needs of the community. It was in this role that Nolar was called upon to assist with a murder investigation 4 years ago. Solving this mystery, which had left local authorities baffled, Nolar won even more respect from his flock. Since then, the more insightful residents of the vicinity have called upon him to help solve similar conundrums which arose.
Personality: Nolar is a very shy, compassionate personality. He tends to the needs of his brethren, whether performing his clerical duties or detective work. Throughout it all, he is humble, never acting as if his abilities come from anyone other than Kagyar, who gifted all dwarves with whatever knowledge and skill they may possess. Nolar is also rather gentle, as dwarves go, and has so far shied away from any possible admirers, leading to his remaining single for the foreseeable future. Like all dwarves, he enjoys fine craftsmanship, fine ale and spelunking.
Appearance: Nolar stands a rather small 3'8", 95#, entirely unimposing. This lack of physical presence is reinforced by his bifocals and dull grey clothing. Nolar truly fits the stereotypical image of a Wyrwarf dwarf, at least as perceived by the other clans - puny and meaningless. Such an appearance leads to adversaries underestimating him, alas, especially given his Detective Columbo-style presentation during his investigations.
Combat Notes: He is a 4th-level dwarf-cleric. AC 9 (None); hp 15; at 1; D by spell; save D4 (+3 vs. spells); ML 11; Al L/N; S 8, I 10, W 18, D 9, Co 10, Ch 11. Languages: Rockhome Dwarvish, Ylari, Ethengari, Orcish. General Skills: Mountaineering (D), Honor Kagyar (W+1), Persuasion (Ch).