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Here's the war update of the first month of the Nomad War IMC. I use the rule modifications I sent to the list before, so anyone interested can look how they work.

The Great Nomad War - month 1

by Ville Lähde

The war begins in Yarthmont 1011 of the Twin Campaigns timeline. The invasion of Akesoli was preceded by the invasion attempts of the hivebrood, but was repelled by the PCs, the coming Darokinian ambassadors.

Changes on the battle map: I've made some changes and additions of the X10 battle map in order to flesh out the lands a bit better.
Corunglain-Darokin city road and the village of Favaro in the hex 2716.
Tracks from Akorros to Corunglain. There aren't trails even in the Gazetteer map, but I decided that there must be some sort of trails that link the two cities to the villages between them.
Ft. Lakeside in 1812, Ft. Anselbury in 1616, Tenobar in 2024, Ft. Cruth in 3319, Ft. Hobart in 4016
Erendyl in 2408, Ft. Monteleone in 2508, New Alvar in 2507, Bramyra in 2906, Skullhorn Pass Camp in 2705, Castle Crownguard in 2402, Glenmoorloch in 2502, Ft. Tchernovodsk in 2902
These additions, plus some extra hexes in the northern Glantri, were added in case the Ethengarians attack the country.
Elleromyr in 2915, Ironbark in 2916, Shieldtree in 2917 (Most likely targets of the Nomads, should they attack the forest) Shires:
Rollstone keep in 3224, Tothmeer in 2527.
The Specularum-Rugalov road.
Rifllian in 3924, Duke's keep in 4121, Rugalov in 4425.
Parsa in 4616, Cinsa-Men-Noo in 5316, Ctesiphon in 5121, Abbashan in 5719, Tameronikas in 6023.
The northern and southern hills and highlands were added, plus some eastern seaside hexes to show the coastal route to Soderfjord.
Ft. Denwarf in 4209, Karrak Castle in 4612, Smaggeft in 4711, Evekarr fort in 4807
More hexes to the north to show the Heldann border. Deleted "Ethengar", replaced with Bargha in 3506, Xantha in 3804 and Chagon-Nah in 4006.
Ft. Nicos in 4922, Ft. Zendrol in 5927.


Legion of Doom: Sayr Ulan
21st & 22nd: Pramayana (Awaiting shipping to the Karameikan civil war!) The First Army:
1st HQ and 1st & 2nd Combined, 3rd & 4th Combined: 1314 5th: Akesoli (This army invaded the city in the beginning of the module.) The Second Army:
2nd HQ, 10th: 1213
6th & 7th Combined and8th & 9th Combined: 1113 The Third Army:
3rd HQ, 11th & 12th Combined, 13th & 14th Combined: 1012 15th: 0913
The Fourth Army:
4th HQ, 16th, 17th: 0813
18th, 19th: 0714
20th: 0613


xxx: 1616 (Ft. Anselbury)
xxix: 1812 (Ft. Lakeside)
Note: These units are not those actual legions, but their peacetime equivalents. After the winter and in the midst of spring field labour, this is the usual garrison in the Lake Amsorak Forts.

THE FIRST WEEK: 1st - 7th of Yarthmont

PC Actions: After losing the valiant battle for Akesoli, the PCs commandeer the last refugee ship left, saving the local wizard and his pupils. The get some children onboard, but mainly the passengers consist of rich merchants and their valuables. During the voyage over Lake Amsorak, the thief Yuri Turambar breaks into the safe box of the wizards' guild and steals some valuable potions and artefacts. In Akorros they are contacted by General "Winter" and the Glantrian envoy Laran, and are nominated ambassadors for the duration of the war. Switching horses on the road, they manage to reach Corunglain in the night of the 7th.

NOMAD Movement:

1st HQ & 5th: 1616 (Attack the Garrison of Ft. Anselbury) 1st & 2nd Combined, 3rd & 4th Combined: 1717 (Bypass Anselbury, the besieged troops cannot stop them.)
2nd HQ, 10th: 1613 (Actually in the process of crossing the river. Next turn take 1 MV cost. They race towards Ft. Lakeside.) 6th & 7th Combined and8th & 9th Combined: 1514 15th: Akesoli ("Keeps the peace" in the city. The walls are riddled with spiked infidels.)
3rd HQ, 11th & 12th Combined, 13th & 14th Combined: 1516 (They follow the southern push.)
4th HQ, 16th, 17th: 1414
18th, 19th: 1314 (Just not enough move to reach the outskirts of Akesoli.) 20th: 1113

1st Week Combat:

1st HQ and 5th vs. Darokin xxx in Ft. Anselbury (The HQ only supports with the Stone juggernaut.)
(In a siege, the Attacker can choose only Attack+ or Attack tactics, as defender always holds. Envelope would be best, but that would offset the Fortress bonuses. Anyway, siege is always a sort of "envelope" but not that effective.)

Round 1:




Basic: 103 (Attack)

Base: 44 (Hold, C-1 modifier) No troop bonus, Fortress doubles defender troops.


+10 Troop Class

+10 Dominion


+25 "Hosadus"

+50 Fortress


+10 Juggernaut



Totals: 148


Difference: +48 for the Nomads

Rolls: 90 + 48 = 138


(Astounding luck for the Nomads!) Difference: 127

xxx: Rout = Surrenders to the invader, as there is no route of escape.
5th: 10% Casualties, 58 Wounded (return week 13), BR 104

THE SECOND WEEK: 8th - 14th Yarthmont

PC Actions: They race through the Broken lands in a record time, regardless of a bloody assault by a tribe of red orcs. Now it's the ground that is red... They heal and feed their mounts with magic, and stimulate them with herbs, thus keeping up a steady pace. They reach Trintan in the late evening of 10th. They ride to Glantri city, where they meet lady Diaura (and get news of the war) and Jherek, who gives them the Glantri Unit. They start the negotiations, and get to present their case to the Council of Princes. The voting day will be after little over one week. Time to haggle.

NOMAD Movement:

1st HQ, 1st & 2nd Combined, 3rd & 4th Combined: 2018 (3rd & 4th Forced March, HQ relieves fatigue with caravan loot) 5th: 1918
2nd HQ, 10th: 1812 (They race the walls of Ft. Lakeside.) 6th & 7th Combined and 8th & 9th Combined: 1813 (Both Forced March, 6th&7th Moderate Fatigue. Bypass Lakeside.)
3rd HQ, 11th & 12th Combined, 13th & 14th Combined: 1817 15th: 1717
4th HQ, 16th, 17th: 1616 (Ft. Anselbury) 18th, 19th: 1516
20th: Akesoli (This unit Holds the city and awaits future shipping over the Lake.)

DAROKIN SETUP: (No move allowed yet!)

I and XIII & XIV Combined: 2520 (Darokin main city, west side unmanned) III and IV: 2117 (Akorros)
II and V & VI Combined: 2713 (Corunglain) VII: 2716 (Favaro) - The town isn't counted as a walled city, so it doesn't affect much.
VIII: 4016 (Ft. Hobart)
IX and X: 4118 (Selenica)
XI: 2425 (Athenos)
XII: 3319 (Ft. Cruth)
XV: 3119 (Dolos, which doesn't figure as a town in this scenario.)

2nd Week Combat:

2nd HQ and 10th vs. xxix in Ft. Lakeside The first round is identical to the previous battle!
Round 1:
Rolls: 10th: 65+48 = 113 xxix: 30 Difference: 83
xxix: 40% Casualties, left 400, Serious Fatigue 10th: 10% Casualties, 58 wounded (return 13) Round 2: xxix decides to "Alamo"
10th: xxix:
+15 Troops -30 Fatigue
Diff: 93
88 + 93 = 181 85
Difference: 96
xxiv: Routs = surrenders
10th: Not a scratch, BR 104

THE THIRD WEEK: 15th - 21st Yarthmont

PC Actions: During this week and on to the next, the PCs try to convince various Princes to join the war effort. During 16th to 18th they stop a FAERY plot in Ellerovyn, convincing Carlotina to vote for them. During 18th to 21st they destroy an "infestation" of a strange la Terran monotheistic cult in New Averoigne, battling a strange "angelic" creature.


Darokin XVI and XVII arrive in 2419 (East side Darokin City, which is considered walled for battle purposes.. They can't move this turn!)


1st HQ, 1st & 2nd Combined, 3rd & 4th Combined: Attack Akorros!
5th: 2218
2nd HQ joins 6th & 7th Combined and8th & 9th Combined at 1813. HQ relieves Fatigue. The units FM successfully to 2215, crossing a river on their way.
10th: 2014 (In the process of crossing a river, 1MV cost next turn) 3rd HQ, 11th & 12th Combined, 13th & 14th Combined: FM succeeds, HQ relieves fatigue: 2118 (Just not enough to cut the Akorros-Darokin Road!
15th: 1817 (makes politely way for the 4th Army) 4th HQ, 16th, 17th: A stupendous FM to 2018, no fatigue!
18th, 19th: FM to 1918, both Medium Fatigue.
20th: Remains in Akesoli.

- The PC Glantri Unit moves to 2712. As established in "the Geopolitics before the Nomad war", Thar won't get involved in the war. And the lesser tribes aren't that stupid as to attack such crack troops!
- The PC Darokin Unit arrives in 3218 (Dolos)


VII: Makes a fortified camp at 2716 (Favaro, which doesn't have walls!) XV: 2618
XII: 2619

3rd Week Combat: The Battle of Akorros

The Local Thieve's Guild disrupts the defenders by raiding a munitions depot, giving -5 to all Darokinians. The thieves leave the sinking ship behind...
The civilians flee. Next week there will be a lot of fat merchants on spikes, if the Nomads make a push towards Darokin city!
Round 1:
1st&2nd vs. IV
Difference: -20 Nomads
After Rolls: 38
1&2: 20% Casualties, Medium Fatigue
IV: 15% Casualties, Serious Fatigue
3rd&4th vs. 1/2 III
Difference: +40 Nomads
After Rolls: + 35 Nomads
3rd&4th: 20% Casualties
1/2 III: 15% Casualties, Serious Fatigue
1st HQ vs. 1/2 III
Difference: +75 Nomads (Note: includes immunity bonus for 1% troops: mages, juggernauts...)
After Rolls: 69
1st HQ: 30% Casualties, Moderate Fatigue 1/2 III: 25% Casualties, Serious Fatigue
Round 2:
1st&2nd vs. IV
Difference after rolls: 9 for Darokin!
1st & 2nd: 20% casualties, still MF
IV: Not a scratch, still SF
3rd&4th vs. 1/2 III
Difference After Rolls: 69
3rd&4th: 30% Casualties, Medium Fatigue 1/2 III: 25% Casualties, Serious Fatigue
1st HQ vs. 1/2 III
Difference After Rolls: 160
1st HQ: 10% Casualties, Medium Fatigue
1/2 III: DESTROYED, no rout possible
Round 3:
1st&2nd vs. 1/2 IV:
Difference After Rolls: 56
1st&2nd: 20% Casualties, Serious Fatigue 1/2 IV: 20 % Casualties, Serious Fatigue
3rd&4th vs. 1/2 IV:
Difference After Rolls: 60
3rd&4th: 20% Casualties, SF
1/2 IV: 20% Casualties, SF
1st HQ vs. 1/2 III
Difference After Rolls: 113
1st HQ: 10% Casualties, Serious Fatigue 1/2 III: DESTROYED, no rout possible!

Darokin IV: Serious Fatigue, 690 troops, BR 72, 235 wounded 1st HQ: 224 troops, BR 154, 86 wounded (return 17) 1st&2nd: 1188 troops, BR 104, 568 wounded (return 10) 3rd & 4th: 1041 troops, BR 104, 642 wounded (return 11)

THE FOURTH WEEK: 22nd - 28th Yarthmont

PC Actions: On 23rd the ambassadors meet Jaggar and convince him to vote for war intervention. But to achieve this they have to strike deals with him about future help against Ethengarians, and Jaggar want a clause that will allow Glantri to leave as much troops in the defence against Thar and Ethengar as it wishes. The Council of the Princes convenes in Glantri City on 24th, and decides for the war intervention. The ambassadors travel to the southern parts of the Broken lands. Note: the Glantri units will mobilise next week, and the Council will still decide on the details of mobilisation. The wizards start battling the magical forces of Hosadus, and will remove "Hosadus bonus" next week. The inhabitants of Darokin City see a glimpse of the dreaded Red Storms...

Reinforcement Phase:

DAROKIN: XVIII, XIX in 2620 (Don't move this turn.) Nomads: 5th HQ, 23rd and 24th arrive in 0213. 25th arrives in 0113.
Note: These units don't suffer from the move limit. Unlike the Darokin units, they don't have to gather in staging areas. These units have already been travelling to the front for some time.

- PC Glantri Unit moves to 2719, and manages to get through just before the Corunglain siege.


1st HQ, 1st&2nd and 3rd&4th: They attack Akorros once again, despite their deep fatigue!
5th: 2418 (4th Army takes over its command as it joins the Darokin city operation. The unit clears the road of refugees, massacring hundreds, maybe thousands.)
2nd HQ, 6th&7th and 8th&9th: 2614 (Reach the road from Corunglain to Favaro and Darokin city!)
10th: 2316 (Secures the trails from Akorros to Corunglain.) 3rh HQ, 11th&12th and 13th&14th: 2419 - These units charge into the Darokin Legion staging areas. Fortunately the legions can use the west side palisades of Darokin City (still not a SIEGE!) 15th: 2018
4th HQ, 16th, 17th: 2418 (And we are officially "breaking" the stacking limit - units not combined.)
18th, 19th: 2217 (They can use the Akorros road cleared by the 4th Army.
Lots of looting and people on spikes.)
20th: Remains snugly in Akesoli
5th, 23rd, 24th: 0813
25th: 0714


XV: 2716 (Joins the encampment in Favaro. Messengers rush for Alfheim, but the emissaries are still far away.)
XII: Joins the encampment in 2716.

Darokinian Strategy: The Darokinian High Command realises that it cannot stop the Darokin City siege in time, so it decides to gather forces for future counter-offensive. They anticipate the Glantri alliance, perhaps because it is their only real chance of victory - the Favaro encampment could launch attacks against the coming Corunglain siege. It is also a good staging area if the elves join the war, and it will function as a "magnet" that keeps the Nomads from pushing on eastward and leaving the Darokin siege undefended.

4th Week Combat:

Round 1:
1st&2nd vs. 1/3 IV
Basic: 104 72
Difference: 72
After Rolls: 119
1st&2nd: 20% Casualties, SF Still
1/3 IV: Destroyed!
3rd&4th vs. 1/3 IV
Identical to previous
After Rolls: 163
3rd&4th: 10% Casualties, SF Still
1/3 IV: Destroyed!
1st HQ vs. 1/3 IV
Difference: 97
After Rolls: 150
1st HQ: 10% Casualties, SF Still
1/3 IV: Destroyed!

1st&2nd: Serious Fatigue, 950 troops left, 119 wounded (return 14), BR 105 3rd&4th: Serious Fatigue, 937 troops left, 52 wounded (return 16), BR 105 1st HQ: Serious Fatigue, 202 troops left, 11 wounded (return 14)

NOTE: You can see, how impossible such a swift invasion by the nomads would have been, if I hadn't added the special bonuses. Akorros would have been besieged for weeks, draining troops from the front. Even now one botched roll from the nomads might have been fatal to the Nomads. In my mind conquering Akorros is vital if the DM wishes to keep up the dramatic feel of near-defeat of Darokin in the early stages of the war.

(The 3rd HQ won't participate. It only lends its mages, clerics and juggernauts to the effort. Thus both nomad divisions get a +10 bonus.
Normally in sieges just one unit would get the bonus, but these are palisades.)
Round 1:
11th&12th vs. XVI
Difference: 85
(Nomad favoured tactics)
After Rolls: 98
11th&12th: Not a scratch
XVI: 40% Casualties, ROUT (Return on phase 7 - PUT ON TRACK!) 13th&14th vs. XVII
Difference: 65
(Tactics favoured Darokin!)
After Rolls: 55
13th&14th: 30% Casualties, Medium Fatigue XVII: 50% Casualties, Serious Fatigue
Round 2:
Only 11th&12th engage XVII
Difference: 145
(Tactics slightly in favour of Darokin) After Rolls: 50% (Nomads roll 05, Darokinians 100!) 11th&12th: No Scratch, still Medium Fatigue XVII: 20% Casualties, Still Serious Fatigue Round 2:
Repetition of the last battle!
Difference now 155
(Nomads BOTCH their tactics - difference switches to 135) After Rolls: over 200! (Darokinians: bad luck, love.) 11th&12th: 30% Casualties XVII: Destroyed!

Aftermath: 11th&12th: 1627 troops left, BR 105, 349 wounded (return 14), MF 13Th&14th: 1627 troops left, BR 104, 349 wounded (return 13), MF