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Here's the war update of the first month of the Nomad War IMC. I use the rule modifications I sent to the list before, so anyone interested can look how they work.

The Great Nomad War - month 2

by Ville Lähde

THE FIFTH WEEK: 1st-7th Klarmont

PC Actions: They bring news of the coming Glantri troops to Corunglain, boosting morale of the legionnaires who fear the imminent Nomad attack. They cross the Streel River to the east to avoid the closing Nomads and ride south. On their way they defeat a Nomad strike team that was ferried across Streel to raid farms (the Scourge of War encounter, you have to give them the opportunity for some turkey shooting... and throw the cruel facts of warfare to their face). Reaching Favaro on 4th they learn of the progress of the war and decide to travel to Alfheim City, reaching it on 6th. On 7th they meet Grindolf the White, in the midst of a messy meal, and then contact Taragin Oakbranch.

-          At this time the sultan Ali-Ben Faisal of Ylaruam starts thinking seriously about joining the war, and makes some public speeches about the vile Glantrians joined the side of Darokin, and the "defectors" harboured by the Al-Azrad house in Selenica.

Reinforcement phase:

Darokin: XX and XXI gather in 2521 (No move this turn!)

GLANTRI SETUP: (No move this turn!)

Morphail: 2902 (Ft. Tchernovodsk)

Brannart: 2705 (Skullhorn)

Carnelia: 2408 (Southern Glantri)

Carlotina: 2508 (Southern Glantri)

Jaggar: 2205

Jherek: 2406 (Glantri City)

Volospin: 2169

Vanserie: 2306


1st & 2nd: break up the combination. 1st reinforces to full strength in 2112 (Akorros), 2nd moves to 2118 (Makes way to troops coming over Amsorak)

1st HQ, 3rd & 4th: Move to 2116, prepare to encamp next round (deeply fatigued)

5th: 2520 (moves to Darokin City siege)

2nd HQ, 6th & 7th, 8th & 9th: Besiege Corunglain. They don't attack, as they realise that their magical support is gone. Also their spies tell them that the elite legion has elves, capable of destroying the Stone Juggernauts.

10th: Encampment

3rd HQ, 11th & 12th, 13th & 14th: 2519 (Cross Streel river, but don't continue due to fatigue and troop depletion. Won't attack the Darokinian reinforcement south & east of Darokin city, or push towards Favaro encampment. Are content with cutting the Favaro road.)

15th: 2419 (Secures the western Darokin City)

4th HQ, 16th, 17th: 2520 (Besiege Darokin City)

18th, 19th: 2520 (Besiege Darokin city)

Note: I decided that the stacking limit should be relaxed here, or during any such a large siege. (There are 5 units and one pair isn't even combined.) Even now there are only over 6000 attacking troops, which is quite laughable compared to many real-world historical examples, and bearing in mind the sheer size of the city. There are 3381 defending troops, some of superior quality, so the Nomads (bereft of their magical bonuses) decide to empower their siege for some time.

20th: 2117 (Shipped to Akorros from Akesoli.)

5th HQ, 23rd, 24th: 1414

25th: 1314

- PC Allied Glantri Unit moves to 3119 (Dolos), joining with Darokinians.


II and V & VI combined: Stay in Corunglain, besieged.

I and XII & XIV combined: Stay in Darokin City, besieged

XVIII and XIX: 2818 (Protect the road to Eastern Darokin, at the edge of the forests.)

XII: Joins the encampment at 2716 (Favaro)

VII & XV combine in 2716

XX and XXI: 2621 (Retreat over the river south of Darokin city, tear down the bridges and lie in wait. Protect the road to Athenos.)

Notes on Strategy: As Darokin has moved to its reserve legions in the reinforcement schedule, and some of its better units have been destroyed, not routed, they can't afford a brave attempt to break the Darokin City siege. (Then again the Nomads can't try to breach the walls yet.) Reports of the few aerial intelligence units, now back in air after the Red Storms have subsided, tell of supplies and fresh troops pouring across Amsorak Lake. Thus: Both Corunglain and Darokin hold, waiting for the Glantrians. Corunglain has ample supplies and experience in long sieges.

THE SIXTH WEEK: 8th - 14th of Klarmont

PC Actions: Meet with the elven Council in Alfheim city on 9th. Travel to Elleromyr to meet the king, arrive on 11th. King Doriath agrees that the elves must join the war, but unfortunately the magical battles between Hosadus and the Glantrian wizards have activated all of the Bad Magic Points, and various dangerous monsters have been released into the forest. The elves aren't worried, though - they are expecting a good "game". Doriath asks the ambassadors to kill a huge red dragon that desecrated the burial mound of the King Alevar. They travel there by a Lightboat, and arrive in the morning of 12th. They manage to kill the dragon and find the blade of the Crystal Dagger of Cymorrak. They forge an alliance with Alfheim and gain the Alfheim allied unit. They travel to Dolos and learn that some powerful thieves have breached the defences of the Merchants' Guild Hall in besieged Darokin City and stolen a lot of money. They learn of the Ylaruam situation (see below), and race toward the eastern border. They reach Ft. Cruth on 14th.

-          The sultan Ali-Ben Faisal of Ylaruam makes even more public claims about the "infidels" in Selenica, which he now claims to belong "really" to Ylaruam. Darokin High Command decides to man the eastern passes, and sent an urgent message to Alfheim, urging the ambassadors to go to Ylaruam and try to stop the war.

Reinforcement phase:


XXII: 4119

XXIII: 2525

NOMAD MOVE: (From now on, I'll include the units that stay put, to help recreating events on battle map.)

20th: 2316 (Joins the encampment with 10th in the gap through the hills near Crowlerd. Rennydale has been thoroughly sacked by the passing armies and raiding groups in the past few weeks.)

3rd HQ, 11th & 12th, 13th & 14th: Encampment at 2519

15th: 2620 (North of Grayhare river. The bridges have been torn by the Darokinians.)

1st: also 2620 (Uses temporary bridges created by besieging Nomad units.)

2nd: 2117 (Akorros, waiting to be rebuilt.)

1st HQ, 3rd & 4th: Encamp at 2116 (Try to remove fatigue and heal wounded in the next weeks.)

5th HQ: 1817

24th: Arrives in Akesoli, and is shipped to 2117 (Akorros)

23rd, 25th: 1515 (Akesoli) (At this time most Darokinians capable of wielding a weapon have been either slaughtered, sent for slavery, used as forced labour - or in the case of high-level individuals sent to Sayr Ulan to feed the Soul Gem of Thanatos or as hostages.)

Legion of Doom: Sayr Ulan

21st & 22nd: "Pramayana" (In reality the shipping to Black Eagle begins covertly. Will take a long time...)

Darokin siege: 4th HQ + fatigue relief, 18th & 19th COMBINE, 16th & 17th COMBINE, 5th

-          Siege gains a +5 Bonus.

Corunglain siege: 2nd HQ, 6th & 7th, 8th & 9th (Siege gains a +5 bonus, but this won't be relevant...)


Note: With the urging of the ambassador Radagast Emry, the Darokinian High Command redirected some of their rare aerial intelligence units to check out Atruaghin, as Emry has seen the Nomads escort the local "Indians" home during the Akesoli battle. The Darokinian intelligence learned of Nomad Agents working in Atruaghin, having already convinced 4 tribes to join them. The Darokinians manage to assassinate some Agents of the Nomads, thus disrupting any more tribes from joining the Nomads... at least for now. They also find about the two Atruaghini factions, the militant and the peaceful one. The Nomad Agents managed to get the militants upper hand in most of the tribes but one still follows the peaceful line. To their horror the Darokinians notice, that the Atruaghini have been on the move for some time!

Wolf, Bear: 1919 (on the move)

Sea Turtle, Horse: 2019 (on the move)

Boar: 0919 (pacifist faction)

Elk: 1119 (militant faction)

Tiger: 1419 (militant faction)


XI: 2425 (Athenos)

XX, XXI: Encamp at 2621

I, XIII & XIV combined: Darokin city, besieged

XIX, XVIII: Encamp at 2818

XII, VII & XV combined: Remain at encampment in 2716 (Favaro) The High Command is here.

II, V & VI combined: Corunglain, besieged

VIII: 4317 (Mans the eastern border passes. Officials of Parsa complain. Diplomatic pressure rises.)

X: Remains in Selenica, even though one legion would be badly needed in the western front. But losing Selenica would basically end it all.

IX: Ft. Hobart (Takes care or the orcs until XXII gets here.)


Glantri will commit troops to the Darokinian battle, but will leave a lot behind, as the Council fears the possible rise of Great Khan Chanai. (See: Geopolitics before the Nomad Invasion.)

Vanserie: 2610 (Secures the passes of Broken lands, and keeps them open.)

Carnelia: 2712 (Gets to Corunglain next turn! Nomads are not alerted due to extensive use of elven magics.)

Jherek: 2712

Carlotina: Joins Brannart at Skullhorn Pass

Morphail: Remains at 2902 (Ft. Tchernovodsk)

Note: The northern river valleys are thus left relatively undefended. But legions of Morphail say that the Prince will take care of the possible Ethengarian invasion.

Jaggar: 2510

Volospin: Glantri City

THE SEVENTH WEEK: 15th - 21st Klarmont

PC Actions: The ambassadors reach Selenica and stay there for a few days in order to learn some important Ylari customs from a Preceptor-sympathising trader. Yuri Turambar is contacted by his rival the Master Thief Danakhriss, who engineered the heist of the Guild Hall (see the 6th week). Danakhriss has decided to retire after getting filthy, filthy rich. He says goodbye to his old enemy, giving a strange obscure book that he saw in the Guild Hall library: "It seemed like my hand had decided to pick it up by itself, and the idea of giving it to you just seemed natural." The book "the Mad Prophesies of Insane Hosbaum", remains a mystery. Alexander Penhaligon gives a rousing sermon to the local Traladarans. They continue to the eastern border camp and receive news of the war.

-          Ylaruam mobilises its armies in response to the Darokinian border activity, but doesn't yet declare war, as some of the advisers of Ali-Ben Faisal are against the war. A few of them are poisoned by the Nomad Agents in the court. Alfheim mobilises and joins the war on the side of Darokin.

Reinforcement phase:


XVI: reassembles in 4118 (Selenica), badly depleted

XXIV: 4119

XXV: 2525


1st: 3116 (Alfheim City)

2nd: 2915 (Elleromyr9

3rd: 2917 (Shieldtree)

4th: 3716 (Feador area)

5th: 3213 (Ainsun area)

6th: 3613 (Desnae area)

7th: 3515 (Mealidor area)


1st, 2nd: 4616 (Parsa)

3rd & 4th Combined, 5th & 6th Combined: 5118 (Ylaruam)

7th: 5719 (Abbashan)

-          PC Allied Alfheim Unit: Moves from 2915 (Elleromyr) to 3218 (Dolos) - Joins the Darokinians and the Glantrians.


5th HQ: 2117 (Akorros)

2nd: 2117 (Akorros, Reinforce to full strength)

24th: 2619

1st and 15th: 2620

4th HQ, 16th & 17th, 18th & 19th: Darokin City siege, +10 this week

3rd HQ, 11th & 12th, 13th & 14th: In Encampment at 2519, Lose all Fatigue!

5th: 2619 (moves there)

2nd HQ, 6th & 7th, 8th & 9th: 2713, Corunglain siege

10th, 20th: 2316 (Encampment, 10th heals 50% of wounded)

1st HQ, 3rd & 4th: 2116 (Encampment, All Fatigue gone - 3rd & 4th BREAK Combination)

25th: Shipped to 2117 (Akorros)

23rd: 1515 (Akesoli)

Legion of Doom: Sayr Ulan

21st and 22nd: 0326 ("Pramayana")


Horse, Sea Turtle: 2417

Bear, Wolf: 2415

-          "The Grain Silo of Darokin", the Streel Plains, stand on the verge of destruction. This is a great worry for the High Command, as the harvest has just been planted, and the winter will be harsh without it, especially when the Darokinian economy is crippled.


XXV & XXIII: Combine at 2525

XXI: 2425 (Athenos)

XX: 2621 (in Encampment)

XI: 2621

XXII: 4016 (Ft. Hobart)

IX: 4317 (Eastern Pass, ENCAMPMENT)

XVI: 4118 (Selenica - Reinforces to Full Strength, can be counted a s a capital hex in this situation. Lowered BR remains!)

VIII: 4317 (Eastern Pass, Encamps)

X: Selenica (4118)

XVIII, XIX: 2818 (in Encampment)

I, XIII & XIV combined: 2520 (Darokin City)

XII, VII & XV combined: 2716 (Favaro, Encampment!)

II, V & VI combined: 2713 (Corunglain, prepare to break siege!)


Jherek, Carnelia: 2716 (Corunglain) - Attack the Nomads guarding the passes

Jaggar: 2712

Vanserie: 2610

Volospin: 2406 (Glantri City)

Brannart, Carlotina: 2705 (Skullhorn pass Camp)

Morphail: 2902 (Ft. Tchernovodsk)

7th Week Combat: The Battle of Corunglain

Some of the besieging Nomad forces have been told to guard the northern passes, so they get a +10 bonus against the Glantrians. The bonus is smaller than normal, as the magic-using Glantrians manage to surprise them. At the same time the Darokin forces charge the Nomads, and gain a tactical advantage in that the get to choose the order of engagement.

Round 1:

Jherek vs. 1/2 6 & 7 combination

Difference: +31 Glantri

(Glantri favoured tactics)

After rolls: +66 Glantri

Jherek: 30% casualties, MF

1/2 6 & 7 combination: 70% casualties, SF

Carnelia vs. 1/2 6 & 7 combination

Difference: +31 Glantri

(Nomads have astounding tactical luck, they trap a Glantrian full charge. But eventually luck and skill is on the Glantrian side.)

After rolls: +13 Glantri

Carnelia: 20% Casualties

1/2 6 & 7 combination: 20% Casualties.

V & VI vs. 2nd HQ

Difference: +50 Nomad (note: 1% Immunity bonus, mainly due the juggernauts)

(Tactics favour the Darokinians. Difference drops to +30 Nomad)

After rolls: +20 Darokin (lucky...)

V & VI: 10 & Casualties

2nd HQ: 40% Casualties, MF

II vs. 8 & 9 Combination

Difference: +69 Darokin

(N/E Tactics)

After rolls: +60 Darokinians

II: 20% Casualties, MF

8 & 9 Combination: 50% Casualties, SF

Aftermath: All Nomad units are seriously depleted and will attempt withdrawal next round!

Round 2:

Jherek vs. 1/2 6 & 7 combination

Difference: +111 Glantri

(Tactics increase Casualties on both sides)

After rolls: + 67 Glantri

Jherek: 20% Casualties, SF

1/2 6 & 7 combination: 50% Casualties, SF - Withdraw 1 hex to 2714

Carnelia vs. 1/2 6 & 7 Combination

Difference: +41 Glantri

(N/E Tactics)

After rolls: +107 Glantri

Carnelia: 20% Casualties

1/2 6 & 7 Combination: 70% Casualties: ROUT, Return 11

-          Note: I considered Nomad Division 6 to be the withdrawing one, and 7 routed, in order to simplify bookkeeping.

V & VI vs. 2nd HQ

Difference: +20 Nomad

(Tactics decrease Casualties on both sides)

After rolls: +32 Nomad

V & VI: 30% Casualties, SF

2nd HQ: 10% Casualties, SF - Withdraw 1 hex to 2714

II vs. 8 & 9 Combination

Difference: +114

(Tactics favour the Darokinians)

After rolls: +135 Darokin

II: 10% Casualties, MF

8 & 9 Combination: 90% Casualties, ROUT, return 16


Jherek: SF, BR 160, 483 troops left, wounded 190 (return 20)

Carnelia: BR 160, 552 troops left, 155 wounded (return 20)

II: MF, BR 182, troops 786, wounded 156 (return 14)

V & VI: SF, BR 74, troops 1462, wounded 429 (return 15)

2nd HQ: SF, BR 152, troops 182, wounded killed, location: 2714

6th: SF, BR 102, troops 175, wounded killed, location: 2714

THE EIGHT WEEK: 22nd - 28th Klarmont

PC Actions: Crossing the border, they witness the Ylari mobilisation at Parsa. Reach the glittering spires of Ylaruam City. First they meet the local DDC representative at the Darokin embassy, where the officials are busy burning important documents. Then they meet the Grand Vizier Osman Ben Ayloob, and present their case to him. The Nomad Ambassadors counter their claims. The Darokin ambassadors are given quarters for the night, and are supposed to meet Ali-Ben Faisal tomorrow. During the night Nomad assassins attempt to steal the Crystal Blade of Cymorrak and plant evidence of theft, but alert ambassadors kill two and capture one. Using psi-magic and torture they manage to break the assassin's mental training (although the torture causes rifts between them, too), and they learn of the Crystal Dagger of Cymorrak, the quest of the Nomads to retrieve it, the location of the hilt in the Five Shires, and the fact that the Nomads don't know the location of the third piece. They don't lean much about the dagger itself, only that Hosadus considers it very dangerous.

In the morning on 25th they attend the welcoming feast that is held by Ali-Ben Faisal. They learn that he has driven the Nomads out of the country ("asked them to leave"), since the Kalif knows the Nomads were responsible for the nightly attack, even though he doesn't make any public accusations. Ali-Ben Faisal declares that he won't join the Nomads in their war against Darokin, but this doesn't refute his "rightful" claims on Selenica. By the pretext of the Selenica issue, and the fact that Darokin is allied with the hated Glantrians and the perverse elves ("who weave their webs of deceit in the forest"), he declares bilateral war on Darokin - but makes a solemn promise not to extend the attack beyond the Selenica region, and not to join Hosadus. The Darokinian ambassadors decide to ride towards Rockhome, the Karrak pass, with haste. (They are contacted by a Preceptor agent, who tells them that the decision to attack was made in advance, and that their presence here only gave Faisal the chance to start the war "honourably".) On their way towards Parsa they are attacked by a group of bandits, who were hired by the Nomad Agents, but they repel the attack and get a lot of fresh horses.

Reinforcement phase:

Darokin: XXVI, XXVII: 2425 (Athenos)

-          Note: Units cannot be formed in Corunglain, as the area is not yet under full Darokin control.


6th HQ, 1 & 2 Guards Combined, 3 & 4 Guards Combined: 0213

5th Guards, 6th Guards: 0113

7th Guards, 8th Guards: 0114

Ylaruam: 8th Division: 5118 (Ylaruam City)

SETUP: No new countries.


21st, 22nd: 0326 ("Pramayana")

Legion of Doom: 0317 (Sayr Ulan)

6th HQ, 1 & 2 GU, 3 & 4 GU, 0813

5th GU, 6th GU: 0714

7th GU, 8th GU: 0513

23rd DIV: 2117 (Akorros, shipped over the lake)

5th HQ, 2nd DIV, 25th DIV: 2519 (Take over the Encampment)

3rd HQ, 11th & 12th DIV, 13th & 14th DIV: 2816 (Intercept the advance of the elves, as their intelligence efforts are successful. Due to the attack of the Atruaghini, the Favaro troops cannot intercept the 3rd Nomad Army. Note: The Nomad Central Command knows that their army is outclassed, but they are convinced that inflicting heavy casualties on the elves will take out their will to fight in this war.)

2nd HQ, 6th DIV: Try to leave 2714 and continue their retreat, BUT Jherek and Carnelia intercept them successfully.

1st DIV, 15th DIV: 2620 (Encampment)

5th DIV, 24th DIV: 2619 (Encampment)

4th HQ, 16th & 17th DIV, 18th & 19th DIV: DAROKIN CITY siege, +15 bonus built this week!

10th DIV, 20th DIV: 2316 (Encampment)

1st HQ, 3rd DIV: 2117 (Akorros) - 3rd DIV Reinforces to full strength!

4th DIV: 2116 (in Encampment, heals 50% of the wounded)


Horse, Sea Turtle, Bear, Wolf: All move to 2716 (Favaro), some use successful forced marches. They manage to engage the Darokinians in a way that doesn't require crossing the river during the attack. I relinquished the stacking limit in this case due to the size and nature of the Atruaghin units - combining them didn't fit their clan nature.


1st, 2nd: 4317 (Attack the border camp)

3rd & 4th Combined, 5th & 6th Combined: 4417

7th: Ylaruam City

8th: Ylaruam City


II, V & VI: Corunglain - V & VI Reinforces to full strength and loses fatigue. This is an exception, normally ONE unit can reinforce. But the liberation of Corunglain also liberates a lot of reserve troops that had been cut off.

XII, VII & XV Combination: 2716 (Favaro, Encampment) - Attacked by Atruaghini!

I, XIII & XIV Combination: 2520 (Darokin city, besieged)

XVIII, XIX: 2818 (Encampment)

XI, XX: 2621 (Encampment)


XXI: Athenos

XXV & XXIII: 2722

X & XVI: COMBINE in Selenica

XXIV: Selenica

XXII: Selenica - Turns Ft. Hobart to the elves, who won't take part in the defence of Selenica, as they aren't at war with the Ylari. however, the elves agree to guard the border to Orclands.

IX, VIII: 4317 (Encampment)


Jherek, Carnelia: Battle at 2714

Jaggar: 2716 - Rushes to assist the Darokinians in Favaro!

Vanserie: 2610 (keeping the Broken lands passes open)

Volospin: 2406 (Glantri city)

Brannart, Carlotina: 2705 (Skullhorn Pass Camp)

Morphail: 2902 (Ft. Tchernovodsk)


1st: 2816

2nd: 2816

3rd: 2816 - All three gather together and try to join the Darokinians at the staging area of Favaro, but they are attacked by the 3rd Nomad Army.

4th: 4016 (Ft. Hobart)

5th: 2915 (Protect Elleromyr)

6th: 3417 (Secures the southern Darokinian supply lines from bandits)

7th: 2917 (Protect Shieldtree)

-          Note: This will leave the northern borders open to humanoid raiders or attacks. Elves won't keep this up for long, especially the isolationist clans start to object.

8th Week Combat:

·         BATTLE AT 2714, Destruction of the 2nd Nomad Army remnants

Round 1:

Jherek vs. 2nd HQ

Difference: +103 Glantri

(Tactics: Nomads manage to trap the Glantrians)

After rolls: +114 Glantri

Jherek: 40% Casualties (still SF), BR 161, 97 wounded (return 22)

2nd HQ: 70% Casualties, ROUT, return 14, BR 151

Carnelia vs. 6th DIV

Difference: +183 Glantri

(Tactics: Nomads manage to trap the Glantrians)

After rolls: +173 Glantri

Carnelia: 30% Casualties, BR 161



Note: I broke down the VII & XV Combination in order to simplify bookkeeping. The battle takes place at the staging grounds, Darokinians receive behind the walls -bonus due to the encampment.

Round 1:

Horse vs. VII

Difference: +7 Atruaghin

(Tactics favour Darokinians)

After rolls: +45 Atruaghin

Horse: not a scratch

VII: 20% Casualties, SF

Sea Turtle vs. XV

Difference: +7 Atruaghin

(Tactics increase losses on both sides)

After rolls: +31 Darokin

Sea Turtle: 50% Casualties, SF

XV: 30% Casualties, MF

Bear vs. XII

Difference: +7 Atruaghin

(Tactics favour the Darokinians)

After rolls: +20 Darokin

Bear: 30% Casualties, MF

XII: 10% Casualties

Wolf vs. Jaggar

Difference: +54 Glantri

(Tactics decrease Glantrian losses)

After rolls: +60 Glantri

Wolf: 50% Casualties, SF

Jaggar: 10% Casualties, MF

Round 2: All Atruaghini troops decide to try to withdraw, they are surprised by the Darokinian strong defence and the arrival of the Glantrians. "Behind the wall" bonus no longer applies, as the battle moves outside the encampment.

Horse vs. VII

Difference: +34 Atruaghin

(Tactics implies NO COMBAT!)

Horse: withdraw to 2616

Sea Turtle vs. XV

Difference: +15 Darokin

(Tactics favour the Atruaghini)

After rolls: +68 Darokin

Sea Turtle: 60% Casualties, SF - Move to 2616!

XV: 40% Casualties, MF, BR 74

Bear vs. XII

Difference: +5 Atruaghini

(Tactics favour the Darokinians)

After rolls: +23 Darokinians

Bear: 40% Casualties, SF - Move to 2616!

XII: 10% Casualties, BR 74

Wolf vs. Jaggar

Difference: +101 Glantri

(Tactics favour both sides)

After rolls: +66 Glantri

Wolf: 50% Casualties, SF - Move to 2616!

Jaggar: 30% Casualties, MF, BR 160

- The battle of Favaro ends, and nearly 1400 Atruaghini wounded are left on the battlefield. Darokinians lost over 1100 in dead & wounded, the Glantrians over 300 in dead & wounded.

·         BATTLE OF ALFHEIM ROAD (2816)

The armies meet on the road. Neither gets any defender-specific modifiers. The elves will call this battle the "Summer's Midnight Sorrow". Note: The Nomad Divisions were already depleted by the battle of the West End Darokin City. They have managed to rest and heal wounded, but haven't received reinforcements.

Round 1:

3rd HQ vs. 1st ELF

Difference: +52 Elf

(Tactics favour the elves)

After rolls: +77 Elf

3rd HQ: 60% Casualties, SF

1st ELF: 20% Casualties, MF

11th & 12th DIV vs. 2nd ELF

Difference: +40 Elf

(Tactics decrease elven losses)

After rolls: +18 Elf

11th & 12th DIV: 20% Casualties, MF

2nd ELF: Not a scratch

13th & 14th DIV vs. 3rd ELF

Difference: +41 Elf

(Tactics increase losses on both sides)

After rolls: +31 Nomad

13th & 14th: 30% Casualties, MF

3rd ELF: 50% Casualties, SF

Round 2: Nomads take Holding positions, trying to block the elves from Favaro. Thus they get a +10 defender bonus.

3rd HQ vs. 1st ELF

Difference: +92 Elf

(Tactics: The elves envelop the Nomads)

After rolls: +153 Elf


1st Elf: 10% Casualties, MF still, BR 176

11th & 12th DIV vs. 2nd ELF

Difference: +40 Elf

(Tactics: as above)

After rolls: +71 Elves

11th & 12th DIV: 80% Casualties, SF, (684 wounded are left on the field) - Move to 2717!

2nd Elf: 30% Casualties, MF, BR 176

13th & 14th DIV vs. 3rd ELF

Difference: +4 Nomad

(Tactics favour the Elves)

After rolls: +75 Elf

13th & 14th DIV: 50% Casualties, SF, (814 wounded left to field) - Move to 2717!

3rd Elf: 30% Casualties, SF, BR 176

-          Aftermath: Altogether the Nomads lose nearly 3000 troops, as old and new wounded must be left behind. Elves, to their horror, have 459 dead (exactly, the elves are strict in these matters), and as much wounded. It is rumoured that the enraged elves slaughter a lot of their HUMAN prisoners, not only the humanoid troops of the Nomads!


Round 1:

VIII vs. 1st Ylari

Difference: +7 Darokin

(Tactics: Darokin automatic Hold, Ylari choose Attack+ [in such a situation Attack and Attack + are the only alternatives, like in a siege battle. For example, you cannot envelope or trap troops that are holding a pass.] The choice will increase Ylari losses but will make their victory more likely.)

After Tactics: +18 Ylari

After rolls: +2 Darokin (good luck)

VIII: Not a scratch

1st Ylari: 30% Casualties

IX vs. 2nd Ylari

Before rolls as above!

After rolls: +54 Ylari

IX: 50% Casualties, SF

2nd Ylari: 40% Casualties, MF

Round 2:

VIII vs. 1st Ylari

Difference After tactics: +3 Ylari

After rolls: +45 Ylari

VIII: 30% Casualties, SF

1st Ylari: 20% Casualties

IX vs. 2nd Ylari

Difference After tactics: +38 Ylari

After Rolls: +97 Ylari

IX: ROUT (203 left, return 13), BR 72

2nd Ylari: 20% Casualties, MF

Round 3: The Ylari have good, but not astounding battle luck, and they manage to overrun the Darokinian border camp. (Read: This is one instance where I decided that for dramatic purposes it would be better to get the Ylari in as soon as possible. As seen later, this proved to be an OK decision, as it created a sense of urgency for the PCs. This was very important, as the Nomad advance in the west was clearly stalling at this stage, and a counter-strike was to be expected. Getting the Nomads to besiege Selenica changed the atmosphere a lot.)

1/2 III vs. 1st Ylari

Difference: +48 Ylari

After tactics: +73 Ylari

After rolls: +98 Ylari

1/2 III: ROUT, return 12, 142 left, BR 72

1st Ylari: 20% Casualties, 321 left (40 wounded)

1/2 III vs. 2nd Ylari

Difference: +38 Ylari

After tactics: +63 Ylari

After rolls: +113 Ylari

1/2 III: ROUT, return 12, 61 left

2nd Ylari: 40% Casualties, 206 left, (69 wounded)

Total Aftermath of 8th Week battles:

Jherek: BR 161 8won: 1/2 6 & 7 DIV, 2nd HQ, 290 left (190 wounded, return 20, 93 wounded, return 22), SF

2nd HQ: ROUTED, return 14, BR 151, 27 troops left! (The command structure, basically)

Carnelia: BR 161 (won: 6th DIV, 7th DIV), 386 left (155 wounded, return 20, 83 wounded, return 18)


Horse: No change, location 2616

VII: 928 left, 116 wounded (return 16), SF

Sea Turtle: 132 left, SF

XV: BR 74 (won: Sea Turtle), 487 left, 336 wounded (return 14), MF

Bear: 278 left, SF

XII: BR 74 (won: Bear), 940 left, 110 wounded (return 19)

Wolf: 166 left, SF

Jaggar: BR 160 (won: Wolf), 543 left, 159 wounded (return 21)


1st ELF: BR 176 (won: 3rd HQ), 537 left, 105 wounded (return 17), MF

11th & 12th DIV: BR 105 (won: XVI, XVII), 260 left, MF

2nd ELF: BR 176 (won: 11th & 12th DIV), 522 left, 112 wounded (return 20), MF

13th & 14th DIV: BR 104, 570 left, MF

3rd ELF: BR 176 (won: 13th & 14th DIV), 261 left, 243 wounded (return 12), SF

1st Ylari: BR 152 (won: VIII), 321 left, 197 wounded (return 17)

VIII: ROUTED, return 12, BR 72, 203 left

2nd Ylari: BR 152 (won: IX), 206 left, 255 wounded (return 19)

IX: ROUTED, return 13, BR 72, 203 left