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Norwegian modules

by Håvard

Published in the Norwegian sci-fi/fantasy fanzine "Sirius" in 1990 were at least two Classic D&D modules written by the folks who translated Mentzer D&D into Norwegian. The two modules were:

NM1: Risehøvdingens skatt (Treasure of the Ogre Chieftain)
NM2: Skatten på Krokodilleøya (The Treasure on Crocodile Island)

I assume NM is short for Norwegian Module. I am still looking for NM1, but I have a copy of NM2. It details a harbour city named Rythal and "Crocodile Island", but suggests that Rythal can be located on the southern coast of the Known World, Ierendi or Minrothad and that Crocodile Island is located in the Thanegioth Archipelago.

There are no new monsters or new magical items in the module, but it has some pretty cool Mentzer style maps. It also features a chaotic brotherhood called "Slangens Sønner" (Sons of the Serpent).