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Nordling, Free Province of

by micky

4480 sq miles


Ethnic Groups:
Aalbanese 45%, Flaems 40%, Lupins 5%, Kaelics 5%, Boldavian 5%

Vorstadt (1585)
Ostbruck (1420)
Fort Nordling (1000 civilians)

Faber (985): a large village along Aalban River half way between Vorstadt and Fort Nordling.
?(860): located South the Fort, near Bergdhoven.
Regensberg (745): located in the hills North of the Fort, here it often rains.
Noordeen (625): Located around old Fort Noordeen, its population consists mainly of goatherders.
?(535): located halfway between Ostbruck and the Fort.
Skipferry (455): a small village located on the border of the Barony of Adlerturm.

Propraetor appointed by the Council of Princes, in charge for seven years. Seat in Ft. Nordling.

Propraetor Brunhilda Metzler (born 951) (M11, AL-N) Appointed in AC1014

not aligned to any house. Strongly tied to House Ritterburg

The N.F.P generally runs north from the borders of the Principalities of Aalban and Bergdhoven to the border of the Central Wendarain Free Province in the north. The N.F.P runs from the Aalban River in the west to the Principality of Boldavia in the east.


Five good trails depart from Fort Nordling to

-the Principality of Bergdhoven, one to Oostrand, and another one to Linden-Grejs;

-the Viscounty of Bergen;

-Vorstadt, then to Skipferry (fair), which is connected with the Barony of Adlerturm through the Eastern Graustrail;

-Ostbruck, and from there one downriver to Bergdhoven, and a bad trail upriver to Noordeen.

From Noordeen an old but still practicable trail leads to Glenmoorloch, while a bad trail leads to Leynorn Woods in the Central Wendarian Ranges Free Province and another one to the Viscounty of Bergen.

There are many villages, everywhere except in the mountains (where there are only a few). Faber was founded by the Faber clan of Flaemish Shepherds, it originally provided mainly metalcraft and smithing services. Since then the village changed its specialisation and itís now a prosperous trading community with only few hints to its previous main occupation. Lupins make the 25% of the populations, with the remaining evenly split among Aalbanese (mainly mixed Hattians-Flaems with few pure Hattians) and Flaems. Skipferry, once a small community, has grown in size thanks to the increasing trade between the Barony and the FP. Garrisons of Fort Nordling make their way until the village to escort the goods until destination.

The food deficit is determined by the large military forces, and in turn by the large amount of population devolved to satisfy its demand for services, by the presence of two small towns as Vorstadt and Ostbruck, and by military service laws. Every man resident in major villages has to serve the army one month every year. Women arenít barred from serving, but theyíre not enforced by law. Limits and exceptions vary with actual need: Urban Militia usually amounts to the 5% of the population, full time soldiers compose 1/5 (1 on 2 is a woman, generally Flaemish).

Main resources are wool, dyes, and textile products. The latter two are produced in Ostbruck and are exported to every bordering territory, while wool is exported to the two Principalities only.

Food is imported from the Baronies of Adlerturm and Uigmuir, and from the Principalities of Aalban and Bergdhoven.

Notable People:
Brunhilda is a cold, aloof, demanding and insensitive woman. She was a natural for promotion to Propraetor for the N.F.P after the previous Propreator Bernhard von Drachenfels fell off his horse, and broke his neck, after a bad encounter with a bottle of Thunderbird while visiting a old friend in Berrym. Stories of Bernhard's problems with liquor had troubled the Council and they decided to appoint Metzler, the long serving Quaestor Provinciae Thules of Nordling to Propraetor. Brunhilda has managed the Province while Bernhard was off on drinking sprees so was familiar with the duties and responsibilities. Brunhilda is of mixed Hattian and Alphatian ancestory. She has the pale skin and purple eyes of her mother and is quite gifted with magic. Metzler is unmarried having always been career and goal orientated and never making time for hearth and family.

Metzler graduated from the Great School and went directly into employ of the massive Glantrian Bureaucracy. Her first assignment in 970 was as an assistant to the Legatus of the Noordeen region. Over the years she has remained in the Nordling Free Province and worked her way up through the ranks. She became Legatus of the Vorstadt region in 984, and after high praise for her superiors was promoted to Quaestor Provinciae Thules in 998. She is intimitately familiar with the region have been born in Leenz, and having served in various positions in every region of the Province over the years.

Her primary missions, as she sees them, are the protection of the population against the Dragons known to inhabit the Wendarian Ranges to the north, timely and accurate collection of the regions taxes, and first and foremost maintaining law and order. Many is the criminal who has regretted their decision to turn to a life of crime when standing before her, receiving her judgement and sentences, in the forbidding courtroom at Fort Nordling while serving as Quaestor Provinciae Thules.

Notable Sites:
Fort Noordeen rises on a hill, backed by the mountains and protected by riverís bent. Early Flaemish settlers built a keep to protect borderland areas of the Duchy. It served as Flaemish watching outpost against Kaelics and Traladarans settlers, and against Halzunthram troops during the forty years war. It actually serves as a training outpost for Aalbanese and Flaemish militias.

Traagen ruins are in reality represented by the statue of a man fighting a dragon. Soon after the Flaems arrived on Mystara, they founded a borderland village, named Traagen, and probably located at the intersection of Aalban and Jeervel Rivers. Around the end of 5th century AC, a Red Dragon named Wohrdar devastated the village slaughtering every villager found, without any apparent reason. Believing the place cursed survivors and other Flaems moved elsewhere, removing any trace of Traagen from their memories, (the exact location of that village proves to be difficult to determine still today). Last century a lone stranger fought a red dragon, forcing it to retreat North, to the Wendarian Ranges. The dragon was probably going to harass the towns further South, without any apparent reason, as 4 centuries before. The stranger disappeared and from then on, nobody saw the dragon anymore. Prinz von Drachenfels had a statue built in his honour. Another oddity is represented by the fact that the statue seems impervious to time and weather. Members of the von Drachenfels family are eager to learn more about this, and Jaggar himself secretly hopes to find where that red dragon went.

Skip's Ferry is a prodigy of Aalbanese mechanic, it moves exploiting the riverís draft, and following a metallic rope tightened on both sides of the River. The Ferry holds up to thirty men with horses! Passage fee is 1 penny per person and 5 per horse.

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