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by Mischa E Gelman

History: Norla is a 122-cycle old dwarf, who was born in Denkara. She loved the agricultural mindset of the dwarves there, and became close friends with the dwarf-druids. Wouldn't you know it, but she was found to have the necessary skill to be a dwarf-druid. She was adopted into the ranks of the dwarf-druids, married one of her fellow trainees (she has no children yet) and has lived a happy life since.

Personality: Norla is, to use an American slang term, a tree-hugger. She loves creation and worships it. This offends those who feel we should worship its creators, but few can stay angry with Norla. She is a kind, considerate, sensitive, thoughtful dwarf who makes friends easily.

If her friends have one concern, it's that she seems to care as much about her animal friends as her dwarven ones.

Appearance: Norla is good-looking, by dwarven standards. She stands 3'11" and weighs about 140 pounds, with long brown hair. She wears gaily coloured clothing, as befits the Kogolor.

Combat Notes: She is a 9th-level dwarf-druid. AC 5 (Leather, Wood Shield, Dexterity Bonus); hp 34; at 1; d 1-6 (staff), save D9 (+2 to save vs. spells); ML 8 (12 if nature is threatened); Al N; S 12, I 9, W 17, D 14, Co 10, Ch 12. Languages: Kogolor, Neathar, Krugel, Neutral. General Skills: Mysticism (W), Signalling [Kogolor Yodelling Code] (I), Mountaineering (D), Nature Lore [Mountain/Hill] (I+1), Survival [Mountain/Hill] (I)