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Unified Norwold module timeline

by LoZompatore

There are some fixed points in establishing the official sequence of Norwold modules in a unified timeline:

1) King Norlan is crowned in AC 996 (PWAI, page 149)
2) M5 module is set in AC 1002 because, according to PWAI, pharaoh Ramenhotep XXIV is crowned in this year following the death of his father during M5 module events
3) CM1 cannot begin later than AC 1001 because in CM1 it is said that King Ericall is less than 30 years old and the PWAs establish his birth in AC 972.
4) CM1 (namely the War of the Crown) cannot end later than AC 1004 because on PWAI (page 134) it is stated that Caransa the Seer permanenty left her dominion in Norwold during this year
5) As stated in CM1, the events described in this module cover approximately two years of campaign
6) M2 is set after the marriage between King Ericall and Christine Marie Alanira (an event approximately marking the middle of the timeline described in CM1) because Christine Marie Alanira (described as the Queen) commands her own unit in the M2 army rooster
7) The War of the Crown of CM1 and the final war of M2 should describe the same event (there are mostly the same armies and there is a similar Thyatian battle plan, with new units and more details provided in M2)
8) M2 is described as the ideal sequel to M1 events
9) At the end of M1 module (page 29) the Immortal Vanya brings the PCs back at the time when the adventure started (but in a more peaceful timeline) so all the time spent adventuring through M1 events does not have any impact in the general timeline of Norwold

Moreover, there are the following level progressions for some recurring characters in the modules:

King Norlan: 15th (M1), 18th (DotE and M2), 24th (PWAI and II)
King Ericall: 28th (CM1, DotE and M2), 36th (PWA I and II)
Claransa the Seer: 15th (CM1), 18th (CM2), 20th (CM3), 28th (M1)
Fergus the Justifier: 15th (CM1), 18th (CM2), 20th (CM3), 28th (M1)
Geoffrey of Grunturm: 15th (CM1), 18th (CM2), 20th (CM3), 28th (M1)

Summarizing, I'd say that the temporal sequence of the modules should be:

CM1 (beginning), CM2, CM3, M1, M2 and end of CM1, DotE

And so, a possible timeline connecting all the main modules and supplements related to Norwold could be as follows:

AC 996: Norlan becomes king of Qeodhar (PWAI). King Ericall declares the Landgrab, whose notice reaches the Known World at least 6 months before the Spring Festival of the following year (CM1)
AC 997 (first months): Many adventurerts and heroes of foreign lands reach the city of Alpha with the hope to receive a dominion from King Ericall during the solemn announcement of the Spring Festival (CM1)
AC 997 (end of the year): Frost giants invasion of Norwold (CM1)
AC 998 (first months): King Norlan first meets princess Mariella and formally sues for her hand in front of Queen Eriadna, who does not grant permission for this marriage (M1, DotE)
AC 998 (first half): Possible placement of CM2 events (CM2)
AC 998 (summer): Marriage between King Ericall and the Alphatian mage Christine Marie Alanira (CM1)
AC 998 (second half): Possible placement of CM3 events (CM3)
AC 998 (end of the year): King Norlan, embittered by the stern refusals of Queen Eriadna about his marriage with princess Mariella, starts conspiring with the Empire of Thyatis (M1). Events of M1 module. At the end of the adventure the Immortal Vanya brings the adventurers back in time on an alternate timeline where the events of M1 never happened (except for the PCs)
AC 999 (first months): Crystakk Crones dreams (CM1 and M2) and preliminary events of M2 module (M2) as a prelude of the War of the Crown. Kidnapping of the two Alphatian princes Tredorian and Farian by Thyatian agents in Norwold (DotE)
AC 999 (late spring/early summer): Thyatian invasion of Norwold and unfolding of the War of the Crown (merging between CM1 and M2 war events as they actually describe the same war)
AC 999 (late autumn): The War of the Crown ends with a stalemate, with Thyatis not defeated but unable to conquer Norwold. A truce is set and a peace conference is scheduled between the two empires (prelude of M5)
AC 1000: This is the situation described in DotE (DotE)
AC 1000 (spring): Possible placement of CM4 events (CM4)
AC 1001 (summer): Possible placement of M4 events (M4)
AC 1002 (first months): The peace conference between Thyatis and Alphatia is organized in Helskir (M5). Some nobles of Norwold are sent to Edairo to collect evidence about past possession of Norwold by Alphatia. Events of M5, covering most of the year.
AC 1002 (end of the year): Final peace conference between Thyatis and Alphatia, which temporarily settles the ownership of Norwold, Helskir and the Northern Isle of Dawn. The conference manages to establish only a short-lived peace but spares the world from the "20+ years long" war hinted in M5 module (M5)
AC 1004 (spring): Beginning of events of WotI, leading to a new war between the two empires (which spares Norwold) the following year (WotI)

This timeline could represent the backbone of a campaign set in Norwold and covering some 6-7 critical years in which the PCs will be very busy. After that, the events of WotI and of the PWAs could provide a few more years of campaign at a more "relaxed" pace (Norwold is not directly involved in WotI, the only major event being the migration of Alphatian elves in the area shortly before the sinking of Alphatia. The PWAs are a different matter, though).

In these first 6-7 years of campaign the PCs are expected to gain some 13 BECMI levels until the beginning of M1, plus some extra levels from M2, M4, M5 and CM4.
They could gain a level each for M1, M2, M4, M5 and CM4 (although I'd assign more than 1 level at least for M5 adventure, which is very tough), leading to PCs of 33-34th level by the end of M5.

The defeat of Aracne Prima (actually an avatar of an Immortal) in M5 could well lead to the final part of the test of Immortality for the characters.
Possibly the PCs could become Immortals during the events of WotI and PWAs, who knows.
They could either not take a large active part in these official events because they are busy following their paths to Immortality or, on the opposite, the official events are part of this path.