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Two Commentaries stemming from the Destruction of the Nucleus of the Spheres

by Sean Meaney

“In the fall of AC1019 the Night-dragon Synn discovered the existence of the Radiance. By the Winter of AC1019 she has discerned the secrets of the Radiance and the location of an Immortal Artefact - The Nucleus of the Spheres - located some ten thousand feet beneath Glantri City.
A few seconds before the Day of Dread Synn teleported into the chamber of the Nucleus of the Spheres and when magic failed preventing any mortal foe from opposing her she began absorbing the Radiance energy within it.
With the last of the Radiance absorbed by Synn, the Nucleus of the Spheres exploded and a terrible quake rocked the Known World for pretty much the rest of the Day of Dread. The Subterranean realms of the Lower Broken Lands and the Shadow Elves experienced total Subsidence devouring the surface lands. Great holes had formed, some thousands of feet deep and hundreds of miles across, which devoured communities across southern Glantri, the Broken Lands, the Republic of Darokin, and Western Aengmor – draining of even the great lake Amsorak. Those that were not swallowed by the earth were smashed by the Great Quake leaving the survivors isolated and in desperate need of help.
When the Nucleus exploded, many within fifty miles of Glantri City were struck deaf and some of the more nocturnal citizens were blinded by the light.”

Source: An Excerpt from ‘The Great Quake’ by Prince Malachai du Marais, AC1020

“The Great Quake rocked the Known World dealing a deathblow to Rockhome’s enemies but the Immortals are a cruel lot and have exacted a harsh price in payment.
Kaygar’s Pillar shattered and as the shockwave of subsidence reached Everast Peak a fifty billion ton chunk of mountain fell on the city of Upper Dengar while the mountain’s heart crumbled inward on lower Dengar.
Those who dwelled there perished to the last Dwarf, Halfling, and Human.
The Forges of Power belonging to the Everast, the Buhrodar, the Torkrest, and the Syrklist and Hurwarf Clans were destroyed leaving the Wyrwarf and the Skarrad Clans, located in Stahl and Smaggeft the only clans whose Forges of Power were not destroyed. Farmers and Inventors – not a Warrior amongst them - There has certainly been a shift in power across Rockhome as many clan leaders and Senators perished. A majority of the meddlesome Everast Faction perished leaving only some three hundred and fifty Everast Dwarves on duty in Karrack Castle under my personal control and General Duris, Daughter of Nais of the Stahl Garrison as the only real Everast in line to the Broken Throne.
The Hurwarf and their heretical song are now gone from the World – their isolationism costing them everything. It is in this power vacuum the Torkrest must Act now if Rockhome is to survive.”

Source: General Balin, Son of Korin on the Destruction of Dengar.