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NOTRION (Kingdom of)

Location: Bellissaria, west of southern Skothar, southeast of Aquas. AS

Area: 338,956 sq. mi. (877,896 sq. km.).

Population: 50,000 (10,000 in Aaslin). [Population figures are tentative, pending census. Ed.]

Language: Alphatian (Bellissarian dialect).

Coinage: Alphatian Standard: crown (gp), mirror (sp), judge (cp).

Taxes: 15% income tax on everyone of servant status or higher and an import tax of 1% (Karameikos and Naycese kingdoms excluded). 7% goes to the imperial treasuries (economic aid).

Government Type: Semiautonomous monarchy owing loyalty to Nayce.

Industries: Agriculture, trade.

Important Figures: Corydon (King and General, human, male, F14).

Flora and Fauna: Like its neighbouring Bellissarian kingdoms Notrion boasts little indigenous animal life. Most animals and plants were brought in from elsewhere and correspond to the terrain, both domestic and wild.

Further Reading: Dawn of the Emperors boxed set, previous almanacs.

Description by Allstrick.

Next to Dawnrim, Notrion has to be Bellissaria's least impressive kingdom. Magically and economically poor, it was not our most cherished stopover during our travels. The sad thing is that Notrion had not always been this way. The years since the Great War have drastically altered Notrion, for the worse. The road to recovery is bound to be a long one.

The Land

Located on the northeastern section of Bellissaria, Notrion is a large kingdom with large expanses of fertile farmland. The bulk of this farmland is yet to be capitalised, as most of the populace is centred upon the coastal lands. In fact the kingdom's interior regions are veritable wild lands, rarely seen by the people that lay claim to them. Old surveys tell of the western border being the eastern bank of Lake Lagrius.

Along the coast one will find Notrion's capital, Aaslin. The city is quite large and boasts a sizeable waterfront. Nowadays these docks are mostly empty, the kingdom's chief trade market sunken beneath the waves. Along the docks, warehouses are in abundance. However, these storage buildings now house surplus grains harvested from the local fields. Without Alphatia's markets this grain is but taking up space and rotting faster that the rats can consume it.

The People

Those calling Notrion home are of Alphatian stock. Being quite magic poor, Notrion's populace is not known for its mages. These are a hardworking folk, used to living their customary lives with a degree of cohesiveness. Circumstances have been hard on most of them. Food, in the form of grain, is quite abundant and composes the bulk of one's meal. Only the rich can afford the trickles of imported foodstuffs that arrive at the kingdom's docks. This monotony of grain-based foods and the poor economic situation has divided the populace upon economic lines. Tempers run high at times, evident by a previous civil war. We experienced this a few times. Luckily, a strong military presence within the city keeps things orderly.

Recent History

Before the Great War, Notrion cherished its trade relationship with the Alphatian mainland. Its economy had been based upon its cultivation of grain and its transportation through Randel, into the imperial granaries. With Alphatia gone, Notrion's grain market was absent. The assassination of the kingdom's monarch and the subsequent civil war did little to cement new trade markets or enact economic changes.

Commander Broderick ended the internal power struggle and civil unrest, when he intervened militarily and placed General Corydon upon the throne. King Corydon has tried several economic reforms. He has even garnered a relaxation of taxes to Nayce. However, he has yet to find a new market for his kingdom's grain surplus. Likewise, the people seem ill prepared and motivated to adopt other crop types, or even move away from agriculture.

So far Corydon's reign has been uncontested. The domestic situation and former rivals to the throne still weighs heavily upon his future. Talk in the taverns is typically gripes, most problems being falsely blamed upon Corydon. Despite no real opposition, Corydon has remained vigilant. To keep the peace, he maintains as strong a military as his budget will allow. Being strangers in town, we were constantly challenged by patrols, Thalia's dependence upon the Thyatian language drawing much attention.

Part of Notrion was ceded to the new Kingdom of Veroth in AC 1016, a kingdom populated mainly by Alphatians of Randel decent.

Don't Miss

For the average visitor, there is little to see in Notrion. The kingdom's economic situation can be a boon for a sly merchant. However costs will be the merchant's enemy and buyers will be limited to just the kingdom's wealthy.

Do Miss

With its interior a virtual mystery, one should be wary of venturing too far inland. Rumour persists of humanoids living deep within the kingdom. Some say that the humanoids are mercenaries, hired by Lodrig III before his death to bolster his rule. Others say they were hired by one or more of the individuals bidding for the throne during the civil war. Either way, it is widely believed that the humanoid mercenaries now rule the interior and are probably waiting to strike the rest of the kingdom, either on their own or at the behest of their employer. Rumour or no rumour, several parties of adventurers have journeyed into the interior and have not returned.