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Night of the Vampire - Audio Transcript

by Mike Harvey

Cast of Characters
PC Cleric: male, gentle cultured voice, no apparent accent, impeccably polite.
PC Thief: male, tenor voice, cockney-sounding accent, typical adventurer.
PC Warrior: male, gruff hearty voice, Scottish-sounding accent, coarse manners.
PC Wizard: female, clear crisp voice, British-sounding accent, coolly rational.

TRACK 1: Introduction
Good evening! I'm glad you could join us tonight - for tonight is a very special night: tonight is the Night of the Vampire!
Feeling strong enough to stand against the deadly vampire, hmm? I guess we will not know until the morning light! (chuckle)

TRACK 2: Family History
Lord Vandevic: My great great granduncle, Lord Andru Vandevic, was master of this manor almost 150 years ago. He was a proud, short-tempered, yet strangely withdrawn young man. He loved the forest, and spent many long days haunting the glades and dark paths.
Unfortunately, he did not love his people. He raised taxes and issued harsh, demanding laws, alienating and insulting many nearby nobles as well.
Servant: "My Lord, the Lord Moubotka requires your presence at the marriage of his daughter to the Lord of Demiatic."
Andru: "I've no plans to wait on that pompous buffoon Moubotka! You are dismissed."
Lord Vandevic: Things grew worse. On the evening of Andru's twenty-fourth birthday, a beautiful noble woman named Natasha (?) was among the guests. Andru fell in love at first sight. When the other guests left, Natasha remained at Vandevicsny Manor, with Andru waiting on her hand and foot. The villagers rejoiced that a wife would soften Andru's wrath.
Andru: "Tarry a while I beg you: the hospitality of Vandevicsny Manor is yours!"
Natasha: "My Lord! Are you inviting me to stay?"
Andru: "It is my deepest desire!"
Lord Vandevic: Then soon, people began to disappear from their homes in the village, to be found in the morning - blood drained from their bodies.
Villager: "Ahh! He's dead, as cold and white as the stone on which he lays!"
Villager: "Just like the others"
Villager: "It's that witch of the counts I tell you!"
Villager: "When have you ever seen her in daylight?"
(The villagers attack the manor and Natasha is slain.)
Lord Vandevic: Lord Andru disappeared that night. Witnesses swore later he changed into a bat and flew into the forests... never to return.

TRACK 3: Shipwreck
PC Wizard: The ships foundering!
PC Thief: The bloody crew's abandoned ship! They leapt overboard!
PC Warrior: Thief, gather our gear! Get that boat in the water....
PC Cleric: Any idea where we are?
PC Wizard: Somewhere off Karameikos.
PC Warrior: We've run aground!
PC Wizard: She's splitting open in the aft!
PC Cleric: The boat's ready.
PC Thief: Our gear...
PC Warrior: Lets go!
PC Wizard: Over there... the shores only a few hundred yards away.

TRACK 4: Landfall
PC Warrior: Hold'er steady, hold these-whoo!
PC Wizard: It's no use, we're going over!
PC Thief: If I ever get my hands on that cowardly captain and his yellow crew, I'm gonna...
PC Wizard: It's too late, their boat's swamped. I fear they've drowned.
PC Warrior: At least we've got our weapons and armour ashore. I'd hate to lose my sword in that surf.
PC Cleric: Hearken-someone approaches!
Man 1: Hello! Hello!
PC Wizard: Over here.
Man 1: You're lucky to be alive, you are.
Woman 1: Lord Vandevic sent us out into this foul night to look for you.
Man 1: He thought there might be some survivors.
Woman 1: Follow us, we'll take you to his manor.
Man 1: It's not very far.
Woman 1: If you had to be shipwrecked, you picked a good night for it. The Lord's entertaining tomorrow.
Man 1: Guests coming from all over the kingdom.
Man 2: You'll be well cared-for at the manor.
Woman 2: Lord Gustav is a gracious host, especially now that his beloved niece Laina is betrothed to Lord Iajo.
Man 2: Come, this way.

TRACK 5: The Manor
Man1: Well, here it is.
Woman1: Lord Vandevic's manor.
Sentry: Who goes there?
PC Wizard: Survivors from the shipwreck.
Sentry: Ah. All right.
Servant: Come I'll take you to the kitchen to warm up. Lord Gustav has heard of your shipwreck and welcomes you.
PC Cleric: Your manor might be remote, but it seems Lord Vandevic lives in no small comfort.
PC Warrior: Aye!
PC Thief: Yes, obviously a man of considerable wealth. I look forward to meeting him.
PC Warrior: Aw, Don't event think about it, thief!
(...pass the salt...hand me the bread...more ale-here! ...hey! ...It's good, isn't it? ...This is good isn't it?...mmm...)
Lord Vandevic: Well, it seems my first guests have arrived. I am Gustav Vandevic.
PC Wizard: We thank you for your gracious hospitality, sir.
Lord Vandevic: Ah, I insist you remain here as my guests, at least until the storm abates. In a day or two, my carriage will take you to Mirros. For now, rest and enjoy my humble hospitality.
PC Wizard: Thank you, you're most kind!
PC Thief: Most generous, sir.
Lord Vandevic: Moustan, show them to chambers. If you'll excuse me...
PC Warrior: Goodnight, sir.
Moustan: Your chambers are this way.

TRACK 6: Wolves Stalking
PC Warrior: Ugh. Hard travelin' in this weather. Roads are like rivers of mud. Ugh.
PC Thief: Aye, maybe we'll find a good inn to wait out the storm in. (sneeze)
(wolves howling)
PC Wizard: Wolves!
PC Cleric: Close, very close...
PC Thief: Could they be stalking us?
PC Warrior: I don't know.
PC Thief: Well, I think so.

TRACK 7: Surrounded
(wolves howling)
PC Warrior: We haven't even seen a wolf yet, let's press on.
PC Wizard: It's possible they're not chasing us after all... most wolves do not hunt men.
PC Cleric: Watch out.
PC Thief: They're all around us.
PC Warrior: Back to back everybody! make sure they can't drag you down from behind!
PC Cleric: They don't seem to be attacking yet.
PC Wizard: Why not?

TRACK 8: Attacked
PC Thief: Well, that was a stupid choice.
PC Warrior: Outnumbered yes - outfought never! Press on!
PC Cleric: Is this wise?
PC Warrior: Watch out!
PC Wizard: Behind you thief...
PC Thief: Argh! He's got my clothes!
PC Cleric: (casting spell) meli takins owl delix - back, foul beasts!

TRACK 9: The Village
PC Cleric: This must be the village of Vandevicsny.
PC Warrior: Not much to it, is there?
PC Thief: Aye, and it seems like everyone is inside today.
PC Warrior: Well let's ask directions and be on our way.
PC Thief: You villager!-we need your help.
Villager: We rarely get strangers here.
PC Cleric: We're shipwrecked.
Villager: Where did you come from?
PC Warrior: Up the coast.
Villager: The manor, eh?
PC Wizard: Yes, what of it?
Villager: It's best you leave then. Follow the road east out of town, You'll reach the town of Selnic's crossing before dark.
PC Wizard: Well... what now?
PC Cleric: Do we leave or stay?
PC Thief: Well they certainly don't want us here.
PC Warrior: Aye.

TRACK 10: Morning
Moustan: (knocks on door) Lord Vandevic ordered me to inform you: all persons of martial prowess are invited to compete in the tournament this afternoon. Lady Vandevic will host a tea in the garden later on. In the meantime, please feel free to avail yourself of our Lord's hospitality.
Act I: Tournament

TRACK 11: Strolojca Boasts
(fanfare, sounds of arrow hitting a target)
Strolojca: Hah! See that Constantina? Bulls eye.
Constantina: (yawn) Ah, oh, hah, an excellent shot. (notices characters) You must be the travellers that shipwrecked on the coast last night! (gasp) How terrifying!
Strolojca: I'm a far better swordsman than an archer, Constantina! (chuckle)
Constantina: (to characters) That blowhard is Lord Strolojca. He's quite full of himself. It would be quite magnificent if someone could beat him at these silly games. Mm, you look like you could handle a weapon. Why not enter the next round?
PC Warrior: I'll think about it. (laughs)
Announcer: All contestants please approach the stand and draw your shooting order.

TRACK 12: Strolojca Mutters
Announcer: Archers, draw your bows!
Strolojca: I'll show these upstarts a thing or two about archery.
(sounds of many arrows hitting targets)

TRACK 13: Fight
Announcer: Lords and Ladies, a tournament of swordsmanship for your pleasure! Are you ready sirs?
Strolojca: Get on with it please!
Announcer: Are you ready?
PC Warrior: Aye.
Announcer: Your combat shall last until I declare a winner, or until one of you yields. Gentlemen: at hazard!
(sounds of combat)
Announcer: A winner!

TRACK 14: Horsemanship
Announcer: My Lords and Ladies, a demonstration of horsemanship and skill for your entertainment! Are you ready, good sir?
PC Thief: (muttering) Eh, how do I let myself get talked into these things?
Announcer: Are you ready?
Strolojca: Yes, as ready as I'll ever be
Announcer: Then... begin!
(sounds of horses)

TRACK 15: Strolojca Challenges
Strolojca: Think you can best me? I'll settle this right now. I challenge you to personal combat in the final round!
Constantina: Are you going to let that pompous bag of air Strolojca insult you that way? Make him eat his words!

TRACK 16: The Challenge
Strolojca: Learn respect... dog!
PC Warrior: Arr! You will learn to respect my blade, Strolojca...
(sounds of combat)

TRACK 17: Strolojca Loses
Spectator: A well struck blow...
Constantina: He's beaten you, Strolojca! (happily)
Strolojca: No... he cheated... I demand a rematch. Meet me before dinner. We'll settle this with blades.

TRACK 18: Moubotka's Arrival
Sentry: Halt! Who goes there?
Lord Moubotka: Lord Moubotka.
Sentry: Lord Moubotka. You're pale as marble... are you well?
Lord Moubotka: Stand aside, lout!
Lord Moubotka: Inside Iajo, quickly. This weather chills my bones.
Iajo: Yes, father. You there, lend a hand with our luggage, you louts!

TRACK 19: Lady Selena's Tea
Constantina: You appear ill at ease here, cleric!
PC Cleric: Our adventures leave us but scant time for social graces.
Constantina: I suppose a festive tea is so much child's play to heroes such as you who have experienced the real wonders and terrors of the world. But more goes on here than meets the eye. Do you see that man standing over there?
PC Warrior: Aye, that stocky black-haired fella.
Constantina: Lord Ourosco. The Vandevic lands originally belonged to his family, until Lord Vandevic's great grandfather claimed his title. It's said, Ouroscu wants King Stefan to restore the Vandevic lands to him upon Gustav's death. Oh! There are other guests I must speak with. May I excuse myself?
PC Warrior: Uh, 'course.

TRACK 20: Lord Gustav Vandevic
Lord Vandevic: Enjoying the festivities?
PC Wizard: Yes, very much. You are a gracious host, Lord Vandevic.
Lord Vandevic: Please! In the privacy of my own home, simply call me Lord Gustav.
PC Wizard: Uh, yes. Impressive collection, my lord.
Lord Vandevic: Ah, my library. My most valuable possession. My forefathers were illustrious knights and warriors. I am but a lowly scholar.
PC Wizard: Hmm, what's this?
Lord Vandevic: Do not touch that book!
PC Wizard: Sorry!
Lord Vandevic: I... I don't like strangers handling it. It is the history of the Vandevic family. A history with chapters best left unread. If you want to hear it, you must swear not to reveal what I tell you to anyone.

TRACK 21: Janjevo
Janjevo: I am Janjevo, master of these stables. How may I be of service to you?
PC Warrior: Lord Vandevic maintains a fine stable I see.
Janjevo: The Lord was a fine horseman in his youth, but he doesn't ride any more. These days, only Lord Andru uses our stable. He hunts from dawn to dusk almost every day.
PC Thief: Oh, and what does he hunt?
Janjevo: He hunts, my lord. Some deer, boar, game birds... please, stay out of the stablehands way.

TRACK 22: Janjevo Ends Conversation
PC Thief: I see five horses in your stable, and six saddles. Does Lord Andru hunt bareback?
Janjevo: I think you should leave, my lords. I'm sure your presence is desired at the celebration.

TRACK 23: Ourosco Whispers
PC Cleric: It seems our host is preparing a very impressive celebration.
PC Warrior: Aye, look at all that food!
PC Thief: Say, who's that over there by the musicians?
Servant: Lord Ouroscu, a petty noble of the court. Odd, I thought there was bad blood between him and Vandevic.
PC Wizard: I wonder what he's saying...
PC Thief: Ah, shall I move closer and take a listen?

TRACK 24: Ourosco Plots
Lord Ourosco: ...horses waiting in town. Remember, take anything you can. You must pretend to be robbers.
Musician: You still owe use two hundred pieces of gold, milord.
Lord Ourosco: You shall have it... once the deed is done.
Musician: The thief approaches....
Musician: Of course, milord, we know the melody well. We would be delighted to play it for you and the lovely lady. When shall we perform?

TRACK 25: Strolojca Insults
Strolojca: You showed up after all. I was beginning to think you were a coward as well as a cheating dog.
PC Warrior: I didn't pick this fight, but I will end it.
Strolojca: (laugh) On guard!
(sounds of fighting)

TRACK 26: Strolojca Cheats
(sounds of fighting)
PC Warrior: You're beaten Strolojca. Yield!
Strolojca: I will not yield to a peasant dog.
PC Warrior: Our duel ends either when you yield or die. Consider your options carefully.
Strolojca: Very well, I guess I must...
Constantina: Look out! He hides a blade!
Strolojca: ...die!
PC Warrior: Some honour! And you call me a cheat?

TRACK 27: Strolojca Loses
Strolojca: ...not... yield to you... dog...
PC Warrior: Whether you seek it or not, I offer mercy. This is finished.
Selena: Attendants! Carry Lord Strolojca to his chambers! Waste no time.
Constantina: Noble warrior, that was a brilliant display of skill and courage. Strolojca got what he deserved.
PC Warrior: Pointless danger for a good soldier.
Constantina: He was a bully and a pig, He needed to be taken down a peg or two.
Servant: My Lords and Ladies, dinner is served.

TRACK 28: Strolojca Wins
PC Cleric: Oh no!
PC Wizard: What's this? The warrior has fallen!
Strolojca: Ho ho, chew on that you cowardly dog!
PC Warrior: I... I yield.
Selena: The warrior has yielded to you, Lord Strolojca! Hold your sword, there's no need to kill him!
Strolojca: This dog's life is mine if I wish to take it.
PC Cleric: It's poor form to slaughter a man who's surrendered, milord.
PC Thief: Aye, you've beaten him already. Take his life and you'll have another two to fight.
Strolojca: Ehh, very well, Don't say I am without mercy.
(cry of pain)
PC Cleric: He kicked him!
Strolojca: Count yourself lucky I held my hand today... you snivelling coward! Next time I won't be so lenient.
Servant: My Lords and Ladies, dinner is served.
Act II: Dinner

TRACK 29: Gustav's Address
Lord Vandevic: My friends, welcome to Vandevic Manor. I should like to extend a particular welcome to Lord Moubotka and his son Iajo, who will soon wed my niece Laina. And to Constantina Brezozo, whose beauty graces us. We are sorry your father could not attend. Welcome also to our neighbour Ourosco. I sincerely hope we will all set aside our rivalries for the rest of the evening, and remember that we come here to celebrate the joining of two families. Do not let old scores divide us. Please, Lords and Ladies: Begin! Begin!

TRACK 30: Purpose
Constantina: My father, sir Ulric Brezozo, served as the captain...
PC Warrior: Captain Brezozo! Any true soldier has heard of him. Your father!
PC Cleric: Doesn't sir Ulric serve as an unofficial spokesman for the army?
Constantina: My father advocates fortifying Karameikos frontiers against possible Thyatian expansion. You understand his views have not made many friends for him in the capital.
PC Cleric: Ah, is that why he was not invited to tonight's repast?
Constantina: He did not feel well, and asked me to represent him.
PC Warrior: You come with a hidden agenda then.
Constantina: If the Vandevic and Moubotka lines unite, they will become an important Traladaran family. It's never to early to make sure that they will support my father's views.
PC Cleric: And if young Lord and Lady Moubotka disagree with you...?
Constantina: Then I shall find a way to persuade them. Now, if you'll excuse me, I believe I see my chance...

TRACK 31: Strolojca
Constantina: I have no use for Lord Strolojca or any of his kin!
PC Cleric: He is a boor, but that is not an uncommon flaw.
Constantina: Oh, he is also the man who killed my brother. Five years ago he sought my hand in marriage. When I rebuffed him, my brother Eric took it upon himself to make my position clear to Hugo. They argued and Hugo challenged my brother to a duel. My father tried to prevent a duel by Eric wouldn't listen, and Hugo refused to call it off. Eric was hopelessly outmatched. Since Eric's death, Hugo Strolojca has been usurping my father's influence and power for several years now.
PC Thief: I'd say you have good reason to hate him, all right.
Constantina: I'll see Hugo Strolojca dead-or die trying, thief.
PC Warrior: Strong words, milady.
Constantina: Hugo Strolojca is the last of his accursed line, and has not yet taken a wife. If he dies without an heir, everything he stands for will perish with him.
PC Warrior: I understand your loathing of the man, but I would prefer not to be used as a pawn in your vendetta.
Constantina: I cannot apologise for my actions, warrior! Now, if you'll excuse me...

TRACK 32: Introduction
Lord Ourosco: How do you do? We weren't introduced today, but I saw you wandering around the manor. I understand you were shipwrecked last night?
PC Wizard: Yes, we fought the storm for a day and a night, but abandoned ship when the mast snapped.
Lord Ourosco: Incredible! How did you escape?
PC Cleric: Well fortunately we launched the last boat just before the rocks ripped the ship to pieces.
Lord Ourosco: Hmm, a narrow escape indeed.
PC Cleric: I trust your journey was much easier, milord.
Lord Ourosco: Ah yes, much easier. The Ourosco lands adjoin to the Vandevic estates. In fact, this estate was once part of our holdings.
PC Wizard: Your family once owned these lands?
Lord Ourosco: The Vandevic clan were granted our lands after aiding the Thyatian invaders. My forebears had the misfortune-and honour-of standing against them.
PC Cleric: None here today recall those events.
PC Thief: Ah well, it is only history.
Lord Ourosco: Of course, only history. Not important at all.

TRACK 33: Prank
Lord Ourosco: You are mistaken. If you overheard only part of my conversation, you thought you heard something you didn't.
PC Thief: I know what I heard.
PC Warrior: You are to pay the musicians 200 pieces of gold for their cooperation.
PC Thief: You told them to make it look like a robbery.
PC Cleric: Hardly an honest man's words, milord.
Lord Ourosco: You found me out. I plan a little joke on old Lord Moubotka after the masquerade. The musicians are my accomplices. You can spoil my surprise if you want, but I ask you to wait and see what I have planned. Believe me, it'll be priceless.

TRACK 34: Lord Gustav Vandevic
PC Warrior: You set an excellent table, Lord Vandevic. Ha ha!
PC Wizard: It seems our shipwreck was quite fortunate. If we hadn't foundered we would have missed your hospitality.
Lord Vandevic: I am honoured to be of service to you and your companions. I wonder where young Andru is? He quite a traveller himself. I would think that you and he would have a lot in common.
PC Wizard: Andru... your young cousin?
Lord Vandevic: Yes, Andru is the great grandson of old Lord Vandevic, the son of Lord Jan, founder of the house. We had heard that old Lord Andru had children-perhaps illegitimately-but we thought the line had died out. When cousin Andru showed up on our doorstep about a month ago, it was quite a surprise for us.
PC Cleric: Will he attend this party?
Lord Vandevic: Andru? Nah. He is very fond of hunting and riding and spends most of his days in the forest. Even the foulest weather doesn't keep him inside. Ah, well, he'll be here when he can, I'm sure.

TRACK 35: Lord Moubotka
PC Cleric: Good evening, Lord Moubotka! Are you enjoying your visit?
Lord Moubotka: Bah, what is there to enjoy? This food is atrocious.
PC Wizard: Yes, well-you must be happy for your son anyway.
Lord Moubotka: Bah, Iajo's a fool. I told him not to marry that wisp of a girl Laina. But he wouldn't listen to me. He'd gain nothing with a tie to the Vandevic name.
Iajo Moubotka: Don't mind my father! He speaks to everyone this way.
Lord Moubotka: Silence boy! I can make my own apologies-when they're needed. And I owe nothing to anybody now. I shall retire to my chambers.

TRACK 36: Curse
Iajo: You showed no small skill at the tournament today, warrior.
PC Warrior: Ha! Adequate.
PC Wizard: You seem like a strong fellow, why didn't you participate?
Iajo: My father advised against it. He advises against much, including my betrothal to Laina.
PC Warrior: That beautiful young lady?
PC Thief: You should feel lucky.
Iajo: Father cares not for the Vandevic family. He thinks the line is tainted by... the old curse of the first Lord Andru.
PC Wizard: Curse?
PC Warrior: What curse?
PC Thief: Aye.
Iajo: It's said-Andru Vandevic became one of the undead.

TRACK 37: Andru
Iajo: To tell the truth, I don't much like Laina's cousin Andru. There's something about him that I just can't put my finger on. And he spends too much time with Laina.
PC Wizard: Is he jealous of your engagement?
Iajo: Aye.
PC Warrior: Think he'll do anything about it?
Iajo: I suppose not. He's very dear to Laina, and I wouldn't hurt her by looking for trouble with him. I think he feels the same way.

TRACK 38: Laina
Laina: Enjoying your meal, adventurers?
PC Thief: mfph-oh yeah!
Laina: Oh splendid!
PC Warrior: It's excellent.
PC Cleric: Your uncle sets a fine table
Laina: I'm glad you are here to enjoy it. Your ordeal must have been terrifying.
PC Warrior: It's what makes life worth living.
Laina: Ah me, I'm a coward through and through! I'm terrified about marrying Iajo, and I love him very much, but...
PC Cleric: Everyone has jitters about marriage, Laina.
Laina: Cousin Andru wishes I'd wait a few more weeks before deciding to accept Iajo's proposal.
PC Wizard: Perhaps he things he can win you away from young Lord Moubotka, milady.
Laina: There's something special about Andru. He's like no one I've ever met. And I must confess that I can't stop my thoughts from turning to him even when he's not here. But I know I love Iajo and nothing will stop me from marrying him.

TRACK 39: Andru's Arrival
Lord Vandevic: My friends, the hour we have waited for has come at last. Let us adjourn to the ballroom for our masquerade. If you please!
PC Warrior: An excellent meal, eh thief?
PC Thief: Aye, let's get shipwrecked more often warrior!
PC Cleric: Look! Someone's coming in.
Andru: Ah, good evening, my lords and ladies! Good evening Laina.
Laina: Oh Andru, you missed dinner.
Andru: Not to worry, I'll find something later.
Laina: What kind of costume do you have, Andru?
Andru: (laugh) That would be telling, wouldn't it Laina? You'll excuse me please. I must retire to my chambers (and change?).
Act III: Masquerade

TRACK 40: The Ballroom
First Man: Oh! Who's that vision in the white gown and swan mask?
Second Man: Laina, I'd guess. Or perhaps Constantina?
Woman: Oh no-no-no-no! That might be Constantina in the green gown... she's just the type to wear a cat mask.
First Man: Ah, look at the old codger Moubotka. He didn't even bother with a costume.
Woman: Perhaps he's not happy about this occasion.

TRACK 41: Constantina
Constantina: Who's behind this mask, I wonder?
PC Warrior: Uh, it'd be cheatin' if I revealed myself... eh, my lady.
Constantina: And you would never seek an unfair advantage in a contest, would you... warrior?
PC Warrior: Uh, huh, well, heh, it seems it's hard to hide this physique in a costume, aye?
Constantina: Your stature gives you away, few of Lord Vandevic's guests have such, oh, broad shoulders or muscles like yours.
PC Cleric: Oh, please don't encourage him milady, he'll be posing the rest of the evening, his head becoming as swollen as his biceps.
PC Warrior: Cleric!
PC Thief: And you must be Lady Constantina.
Constantina: How could you know, thief?
PC Thief: Oh, your own considerable charm and beauty could hardly be concealed behind a mere mask, milady.
Constantina: You silver-tongued flatterer! Well I best be on my way before I blush-through my mask. Ta-ta!

TRACK 42: Riddle
Andru: Friends, gather round, give ear to my song. "Once there was a scarless knave / who kept a dragon in his cave..."
PC Warrior: Arr, enough already!
PC Wizard: Your costume intrigues me. I can see you're some sort of minstrel, but what kind?
Andru: Perhaps my riddles shall provide you with a clue, wizard. "I sleep beneath the ground, and fall without a sound. Light a torch to see my face and I'll vanish without a trace. What am I?" Your answer...

TRACK 43: Identity
Andru: Well done! I thought my riddle a clever one, but I can see there is more to you than I thought. Another riddle then: "I am a guest in this house, but I need not leave then the party's over. No living person has seen me by light of day. I drink only the finest wine, and haven't eaten in a hundred years. No man can match my strength, no woman can resist my charm. Tell me, what am I?"
PC Thief: A very disturbing riddle.
Andru: It would not do for me to simply reveal myself prematurely. Remember my words and perhaps the riddle shall solve itself for you.

TRACK 44: Lord Gustav
Lord Vandevic: Good evening my friends. I have to confess that I recognise you, since I arranged for your costumes. I trust you are enjoying the entertainment.
PC Warrior: Aye
Servant: Lord Gustav, this note for you.
Lord Vandevic: What's this, Moustan? Oh dear! You'll have to excuse me, my friends, my presence is requested elsewhere. I shall be in my quarters if you should need anything.
PC Warrior: Aye, er, good-night, my lord.

TRACK 45: Laina
Laina: Good evening gentlemen, would one of you honour me with a dance?
PC Warrior: Why, I'd be proud to...
PC Thief: I don't think that would be wise, milady. If you please... Warrior-thank you.
PC Warrior: Thief, she's not going to fit in your kit-bag, you know...
Laina: I'm glad my uncle invited you to stay. There are those at this ball who would see us come to harm. They may smile and say they're glad to be here, but I can see through them. It's not secret Lord Ourosco wants Vandevicsny returned to his family on Gustav's death. He doesn't think it should become part of Moubotka.
PC Thief: So you think he plans some mischief?
Laina: I don't know. And others object to my engagement to Iajo. Cousin Andru is...
Andru: Is... is jealous, milady?
PC Thief: Ah, Lord Andru.
Andru: If you don't mind. But how could I not be? Iajo Moubotka will take you away from us. Life would not be worth living here without you.

TRACK 46: Moubotka
Lord Moubotka: You all look like idiots. In fact everyone does.
PC Cleric: That's part of the fun, Lord Moubotka.
PC Warrior: Aye, it doesn't hurt to make a fool of yourself every once in a while.
Lord Moubotka: You obviously speak from a great deal of experience.
PC Wizard: If you find no entertainment at this ball, why attend?
Lord Moubotka: Because... I have enemies here that bear watching. Speaking of such, Vasil Ourosco is up to something nefarious. I am sure of it.
PC Wizard: You think Lord Ourosco plans dark deeds?
Lord Moubotka: Your presence here is a fortunate accident. I think Ourosco couldn't have known that you'd be here. I suggest you keep your eyes open and watch him closely.
PC Thief: So how do we know that you're not up to something, my lord?
Lord Moubotka: Don't be more of a fool than you can help, boy! Look around. Who stands to lose when the Vandevic and Moubotka families are united?
PC Cleric: I'm not sure but I suspect you'll tell us.
Lord Moubotka: Ourosco will never regain his ancestral lands.
PC Cleric: Yes, but...
Lord Moubotka: I've said everything I need to say to you. Good night!

TRACK 47: Ourosco
Lord Ourosco: Good evening. How are our heroic guests tonight?
PC Warrior: Lord Ourosco: good evening.
PC Cleric: You're not supposed to reveal yourself until midnight, my lord.
Lord Ourosco: A silly rule, I think. Especially now. I have an urgent matter that requires your attention, but I can't talk here now.
PC Warrior: Then where and when?
Lord Ourosco: Ten minutes, upstairs parlour. Believe me, you'll find it to be worth your while.

TRACK 48: Constantina Again
Constantina: Good evening, my lords.
PC Thief: Why, hello again.
PC Warrior: We, we haven't seen much of you tonight.
Constantina: Oh. I've been dancing and talking with people.
PC Wizard: You seem even more beautiful than before, milady.
Constantina: Thank you! Now I hope you won't mind if I leave you for a time.
PC Wizard: No, of course not.

TRACK 49: Ambush
PC Warrior: Ourosco stood us up.
PC Wizard: What's this?
PC Thief: Yes what's this?
Thug: I regret to inform you Lord Ourosco will not be joining us, gentlemen. He regrets this is necessary.
PC Thief: It's an ambush!
(sounds of fighting)

TRACK 50: Plot
(sounds of fighting)
Thug: They're slaughtering us!
(more fighting)
PC Warrior: All right you, talk! And talk quickly while your head is still attached to your shoulders!
Thug: Lord Ourosco told us to prevent you from interfering.
PC Wizard: Interfering in what, you (bowder?)
Thug: Lord Ourosco is going to have Gustav Vandevic slain tonight in order to reclaim his ancestral lands.

TRACK 51: Musicians
Musician: Lords and Ladies! We lowly musicians shall pause briefly to refresh ourselves, then return to play anon.
PC Warrior: All in all, this has been an enjoyable evening.
PC Thief: I have to agree with that.
PC Wizard: Lord Gustav's been more than gracious to us.
PC Cleric: Not many people would take in strangers on short notice.
PC Wizard: Especially when they're already entertaining.
Lord Vandevic: Guards! Guards come quickly!
PC Warrior: Lord Vandevic!

TRACK 52: The Attack
(excited babble of voices)
PC Warrior: Quickly! This way!
PC Wizard: Look, the guards...
PC Thief: Their throats have been cut...
Lord Vandevic: Help! Assassins! Help!
Assassins: Die, Vandevic!
PC Warrior: Get away from him, foul traitors!
Lord Vandevic: Help!
(combat ensues)

TRACK 53: Ourosco's Escape
Lord Ourosco: Hurry driver, hurry!
PC Cleric: There goes Lord Ourosco!
PC Wizard: Quickly, to the gate, cleric. We can intercept him there.

TRACK 54: The Scream
PC Warrior: I can't believe Ourosco came to this celebration planning murder.
PC Wizard: Some way to repay a host's hospitality, isn't it?
PC Warrior: Aye
PC Thief: Aye, let's leave at first light regardless of the weather
Laina: Help me! Help! (scream)
PC Warrior: That sounded like Laina!
PC Thief: In the dining room-hurry!
PC Warrior: Aye!
PC Wizard: Look at her!
PC Thief: Who would do that?
PC Cleric: Poor Laina...
PC Thief: Oh, Iajo!
PC Warrior: Poor Laina
PC Cleric: Who'd want to hurt her?
PC Wizard: Look at her neck-something's bit her...
PC Warrior: Cleric...
PC Cleric: Yes... she still lives... she's lost a lot of blood though. We must tend to her immediately.
Lord Vandevic: Laina! Laina! Oh, Laina! What happened!
PC Wizard: Lord Gustav, unless I am very wrong... there is a vampire among us.
Lord Vandevic: No, it cannot be.
PC Wizard: Observe her injury, my lord. The fang marks, the loss of blood-what else could it be?
Lord Vandevic: Then one of us is not what he or she seems to be.
PC Cleric: I think she will live. She needs rest and must be watched carefully. Thief, help me put her to bed.
PC Warrior: Lord Vandevic, until we find out who did this, we are all in grave danger.
Lord Vandevic: Guards, gather all the guests in the ballroom immediately.
PC Cleric: Don't let your men get separated milord.
PC Wizard: It would be best if nobody stays alone for the rest of the night.

TRACK 55: The Gathering
Lord Vandevic: Laina was attacked by some fiend. Even now she barely clings to life. No one is to leave the manor until we have found this creature and destroyed it.
Guests: ...oh, it cannot be... we will be killed if we stay...we must flee now while we still can... if we are lucky we will be killed...
Moustan: My lord, I believe you can rule out the servants and guards. All can account for each other.
Lord Moubotka: That leaves just the guests, Vandevic. Who's not here?
Lord Vandevic: I don't see Lord Strolojca.
Moustan: He retired to the chambers after he was injured.
Lord Vandevic: Lady Constantina is not here either. Moubotka, where is your son Iajo?
Lord Moubotka: I dislike the implication of your words, Vandevic. By the bye, where is your cousin Andru? I don't see him here either.

TRACK 56: News
PC Cleric: (knocking) Lady Brezovo?
PC Thief: Constantina!
PC Cleric: Are you well?
Constantina: Yes, yes I'm fine.
PC Warrior: May we come in?
Constantina: Of course, of course. (opens door) My friends, let me introduce my servant Tonja.
Tonja: How do you do, my lords.
PC Warrior: The Masquerade's over. Ourosco and his men attacked Lord Gustav and then fled, and then poor Laina was attacked.
Constantina: Yes I heard of Ourosco's treacherous attack, but I didn't know about Laina. What happened?

TRACK 57: Flight
Constantina: So, you have found me out. Strolojca deserved to die. These are matters you know nothing about.
Tonja: My lady, what shall we do?
Constantina: We cannot be brought to face to king's justice, that is for certain. My servants and I will leave now, warrior. Do not try to stop us please. (draws steel) Stand aside or I will be forced to injure you.

TRACK 58: Laina Screams
Laina: (screams)
PC Warrior: What's that! Cleric!?
PC Cleric: It sounded like it came from Laina's room
PC Thief: Let's go warrior!
PC Warrior: Aye!
PC Wizard: The guard have been killed. Their throats have been torn open.
PC Thief: I do not look forward to meeting the creature who can kill two armed men before they can even cry out for help.
Laina: (screams)

TRACK 59: Andru Threatens
(characters break down door)
Andru: Fools! Do not come between me and my chosen ones!
PC Warrior: Get away from her, you monster!
Andru: You dare oppose me? (evil laugh)

TRACK 60: Vampire's Minions
PC Warrior: Eh look. Lord Vandevic's guards.
PC Thief: There's something wrong here, wizard.
PC Wizard: Be ready to defend yourselves. I don't like this.
PC Warrior: Aye.
Guard: The master demands your death. Die for the glory of the master!
PC Thief: The guards!
PC Cleric: They're attacking us!
PC Warrior: Aye! What's the matter with you? Have you lost your minds?

TRACK 61: Janjevo
PC Warrior: Halt, who's there?
Janjevo: Janjevo. I'm glad that I found you.
PC Wizard: What do you want?
Janjevo: I know where the vampire's lair is.
PC Cleric: Where? Is it...
PC Wizard: How did you find this out, Janjevo?
Janjevo: Ah, two days ago when I was in the attic looking for chairs for the banquet, I found a huge black trunk with brass hinges buried back among the other boxes and chairs. It wasn't there two months ago. I tried to open it but couldn't. I found some dark wet dirt on the ground around the trunk, but I didn't think anything of it.
PC Wizard: But now you think the vampire may be using the trunk as its coffin?
Janjevo: It's big enough, wizard. Should I take you there?

TRACK 62: Attack
PC Warrior: Which way, Janjevo?
Janjevo: Over here, warrior.
PC Thief: Keep your eyes open.
PC Cleric: If the vampire suspects we've found his coffin...
PC Warrior: Hey, there's no trunk here (yell)
Janjevo: Die, you fools. You've come too close!
PC Thief: Look out, Janjevo's turned on us!
PC Wizard: Bats, they're everywhere!
Janjevo: Your deaths will please the master.
(sounds of battle)

TRACK 63: Vampire's Bride
PC Wizard: Laina, you're awake.
PC Thief: Should you be out of bed?
PC Cleric: You were near death only a few hours ago.
Laina: I feel much better now, thank you.
PC Warrior: I don't care what the cleric says, I'm glad to see that you're recovering. We almost lost you.
Laina: I am told that you have been searching for Andru, warrior.
PC Warrior: I'm afraid he's not what he seems, lady. There is but one way to deal with a creature like him.
Laina: Mmm, you are very brave and daring, warrior, to risk a vampire's wrath on my account. I feel as if I must reward you for your efforts. (hisses)
PC Thief: Watch out!
PC Cleric: She's become one of the undead!
PC Warrior: No, it cannot be! Yahh!

TRACK 64: Master of the Night
Andru: I am the master of this house and all within, my friends.
PC Warrior: At arms, the vampire is back!
Andru: You can stand not against me.
PC Warrior: Be that as it may, here we stand.
PC Wizard: Sunrise comes Andru. You may own the night, but with the dawn we become predator and you become prey.
Andru: Assuming you live that long! Gaze into my eyes, obey my will.
PC Thief: Don't! Don't meet his eyes, any of you! You'll become his slaves!

TRACK 65: Lord of the Undead
PC Thief: The vampire, he's materialising from his mist form!
Andru: Die, fools! I shall not tolerate your interference any longer.
PC Warrior: Ay... my sword doesn't hurt him!
PC Cleric: Get away!
PC Thief: Get away!
PC Wizard: Back you fiend, or face the power of my magic!
Andru: I shall slake my thirst on your blood!

TRACK 66: Lord Gustav
Lord Vandevic: Ah, there you are. I feared you did not survive the night. I am a poor host, it seems. Most of my guests have been killed.
PC Warrior: It's good to see you, Lord Vandevic. We feared none had survived, save ourselves.
PC Wizard: We must find Andru's coffin this day, warrior. Or I don't think we will survive to see tomorrow.
Lord Vandevic: It is my belief that my cousin Andru is the very same Andru who was Jan Vandevic's son, and lord of this manor one hundred years ago.
PC Wizard: How would you know that?
Lord Vandevic: Because I found Andru's personal journal, from his days as lord of the manor, buried and forgotten in my shelves. It is in poor condition. I don't think it has been opened in a century, but there may be something useful in here.

TRACK 67: Moustan
Moustan: Good morning, my lords.
PC Cleric: Good morning Moustan! Are you all right?
Moustan: For the most part, yes. On Lord Vandevic's orders I am sending all the servants to the village.
PC Cleric: But you are staying?
Moustan: Yes cleric, I cannot leave Lord Vandevic now.
PC Warrior: We'll see if we can take care of that vampire first. With the sun out, he's helpless. All we have to do is find him.
PC Wizard: Do you have any idea where Lord Andru might have made his lair?
Moustan: It would have to be somewhere nearby-perhaps on the manor grounds, or in the woods, or... I remember! Once, in the wine cellars, I saw Lord Andru standing in the doorway. It was just before dawn.

TRACK 68: The Crypt is Found
PC Thief: I think I found something, wizard... listen! It's hollow. I think it's a secret room.
PC Warrior: Oh, like this one?
PC Cleric: Be wary friends, the vampire will be slow to wake with the sun in the sky, but he will not be defenceless.
PC Thief: There's a passage here.
PC Warrior: Hand me a torch.
PC Thief: Yes this is it. Warrior, there's a chamber in here with a stone sepulchre.
PC Cleric: Move swiftly my friends, we may not have much time.
PC Warrior: Watch out, rats!
PC Wizard: Ugh, rats...
PC Thief: I hate rats...

TRACK 69: Andru Awakens
PC Thief: This lid looks heavy. Give me a hand warrior.
PC Warrior: Aye.
PC Wizard: Lord Andru!
Andru: Fools! You dare to disturb my sleep? You will die...

TRACK 70: Death of the Vampire
PC Warrior: Watch out thief, Andru's waking!
PC Thief: I can't hold him... aargh!
PC Wizard: Stake him, cleric!
PC Cleric: (whack)
Andru: Noooooo!
PC Warrior: Keep hammerin' ... stake him through the heart!
PC Wizard: (whack) that's it then (whack) (whack)

TRACK 71: The Skies Clear
Lord Vandevic: Thank you for helping us, heroes. It took great courage to face the creature in it's den today.
PC Warrior: It was an honour, Lord Vandevic.
PC Cleric: What will you do now?
Lord Vandevic: Many people died here last night. In time the manor and these lands will be restored, even if I do not live to see it. You see, my title will die with me. But, what happens to me is of no importance. I would like to give you something, some type of reward for the help you have given us. It is not much, but please-take these jewels. I would like to think that you are leaving here better off than when you arrived.

TRACK 72: Night of the Vampire
(instrumental organ music)