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Heldannic Knights NPCs -- Part 1

by Bruce Heard

Personalities of the Order by AC 1013

Here are several key figures, past and present, among the Heldannic Order

Wulf von Klagendorf: He has been the Grand Master of the Order for several years already. His greatest achievement was to survive the Order's schism and wrestle it away from total annihilation. His goal is to change the Order so it may be better able to influence the other nations of the Known World.

In his youth, Wolf adventured extensively under the name of Rolf Schwartzen. He was 19 when he and other clerics of Vanya invaded the Heldann Freeholds. By his mid-30's he was an itinerant problem-solver for the Territories, travelling the world and promoting the Heldannic Knights' ideals. He once was abducted to another plane by an evil dragon, where he learned a great deal about death, pain, and desperation. His faith in Vanya prevailed and he managed to escape. He returned to Mystara a changed man, ten years later. In AC 980 the first Grand Master of the Order died nine years later, and Wulf took his place.

He is an energetic, astute, and methodical over-achiever with a can-do attitude. Although a faithful and powerful cleric, he acts more like a military knight, showing more interested in efficiency, good order, and boldness of the field than matters of pure wisdom. He dreams of uniting the Known World under Heldannic hegemony, sincerely believing the knights' law and order would benefit everyone. He hates Alphatia, but otherwise has learned to better appreciate other cultures, if only to defeat them more thoroughly and assimilate them to the Heldannic Territories.

Famous Words: "If your sword is as true as your faith, your will as strong as your heart, and your mind as clear as your words, then, and only then will you be worthy of Vanya, my son."

Born: AC 931 in Hattias; apparent age 60; it is believed his faith has kept him young. Hair: grey, short, often wears a thick moustache. Eyes: blue. Height: 6', upright and severe. Wulf rarely smiles; his gaze and words often betray unusual intensity and sheer strength of character.

Inge Gottfried

She recently landed the title of Primate of the Heart after her predecessor died protecting Vanya's artifact from Simbasta. Older candidates were expected for the position. Instead, Ingeborg, a more junior Abbess, got the job. She had unwittingly benefited from several Grand Knights' votes and one from the Oberherr himself. The Grand Master had intrigued to put her in her present position because she was more liberal than her elder counterparts and a brilliant priestess. In truth, Wulf also developed personal feelings for her which she hasn't acknowledged so far. Inge is thought of being an orphan who joined the Order a decade ago. She proved extremely talented at all Heldannic philosophies and priestly spell- casting.

What Wulf does not know is that Inge is an avatar, a mortal form of Vanya herself. Vanya created this form years earlier to monitor her knights more directly, and partake in their tribulations in a more human form. Later on, she became even more interested in being present among the Order because of her suspicion that the knights' artifact (qv The Star of Vanya) was manipulating and influencing the Order. She now closely watches events suggesting changes and new ideas among the Order.

As her chief worshipper and most ardent follower, Wulf's accidental infatuation with her mortal form amused her. In her eyes, it was Wulf's heart that had recognised her, but not his mind. He was willing to risk it all to listen to his heart, which she found charming and more touching than she ever expected. Landing the job of a Primate in the Order is sort of an embarrassment at the moment, considering her worries about the artifact. She may allow a relationship to develop for some time to see how far it could go and what might result from it. Since Heldannic Law warns against the temptation of mortal flesh specifically, she dismisses Wulf's guilt in the matter as far as she's concerned (a message she would send to other priests meditating on the matter, should it ever come up). She actually finds this law annoying if anything. She would not go as far as revealing Inge's true nature and identity however.

Inge appears as devout, hard-working priestess of Vanya, more concerned with the health and success of the Order as a whole than personal glory.

Famous Words: "True glory first comes from within for without a soul or merit, conquest remains but a hollow deed."

Born: AC 972 in Freiburg, officially. Hair: red, short. Eyes: green. Height: 5'9". Pale complexion, lean and attractive; her demeanour betrays greater agility than strength, low but pleasant voice. She occasionally reveals a surprising sense of humour and boldness.

Sect: None. Citations: The Garter.

Sigmund Stahlfaust: As Primate of the Hammer this priest personifies the diehard, intolerant, Hattian old guard. He is convinced of being the chosen one who will one day lead the Order to an even greater glory. Sigmund covets the title of Grand Master for himself. He suspects something is going on between Wulf and Inge, and is just waiting to use this against Wulf. Sigmund is one of the leading supporters of Inquisition-style operations to protect Heldannic orthodoxy among the Order. He is a driven, ruthless man who does not tolerate weakness or hesitancy. He feels the present Grand Master has become too soft in his old age.

Famous Words: "A nail that sticks out deserves to be pounded back in."

Born: AC 962 in Hattias. Hair: bald. Eyes: blue. Height: 6'3". White skin but sun-tanned and dried from long years of service on the field and in Davania; muscular and heavy set; charismatic facial feature and a powerful voice.