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Remember a long while back there was a discussion (perhaps not on the MML) about the possibility of a Lupin colony based in the Bayou?

Well, here's what I came up with for use IMC. I put it in the same format as you would see in the Savage Coast downloadable campaign book. Hope you all enjoy.

Nouvelle Renardy

by Tristan Dunigan

Located in the southern portion of the Bayou, Nouvelle Renardy is the home of the Pariahs of Pflarr; the Lupins from Renardy who were exiled for their beliefs that the Immortal Pflarr should be venerated, not the current and established Pantheon of the Kingdom. The pioneering spirit is alive and well in the "New Lupins", who can be recognised by their bobbed tail and the fleur de lyse burned into the forearm. Oddly enough, newborn Lupins from the territory possess both these distinguishing marks. Perhaps it is the work of the Immortals, ensuring they never forget the struggle of their people. A sad tale to be sure, yet a tale whose end has surely not been written. -The Chronicle of the Curse by Don Luis de Manzanas

The Nation

Nouvelle Renardy is the new territory in the Bayou that the Pariahs of Pflarr call home. It is predominantly swamps and marshes

A schism developed in Renardy, opposing Lupins on religious issues. The main idea in contest was weather or not to honour Saimpt Renard and the established Pantheon as their legitimate Immortals, or the Immortal Pflarr, exclusively from all the others. Most Lupins chose to keep their opinions to themselves and go on with their normal lives. Others however, showed an adamant will to impose their beliefs over all the others, thereby threatening the Kings authority and the long-established Lupin Immortal philosophies.

As a result, during the night of Saimpt-Malinois, the King ordered the doors of the notorious Pflarr militants' homes within the city of Louvines to be marked. Later during the night, these people were dragged from their beds and corralled to Le Pont du Roy (the Kings Bridge) at the Dream River. Tempers flared and the Pflarr supporters quickly ran the risk of being dumped into the river to drown. Unable to bear the thought of killing this great number of people, the King intervened. These Lupins were still his subjects after all, right or wrong as they may be. the followers of Pflarr were ordered imprisoned until a solution could be found.

It was a Lupin noble, Maxime De'Jenne, who suggested that instead of indefinite imprisonment, perhaps the Followers of Pflarr could be relocated. It was Maxime's suggestion the they be sent to the remote colony of Preuve, on the Arm of the Immortals. There at least they would be far enough from Renardy to be able to worship as they pleased, and not cause disruption of the established Pantheon. The idea, although sound, was struck down by many of the more influential members of the court. The King knew indefinite imprisonment would be expensive and quite cruel. It would be like condemning these people to death. So, it was decide that to appease both sides, they Pariahs of Pflarr would indeed be exiled, but they would be sent to the Bayou to fend for themselves. Their lives were truly in their own hands. Maxime, feeling responsible for the Pflarr followers situation, gave up his title and lands and left Renardy with them.

At a great cost to the Kingdom, Texeiran ships were hired to link "Nouvelle Renardy" with the Free City of Dunwick, from which the Pariahs of Pflarr would be marked with a seal of infamy (the fleur de lyse burned on the inside of their forearms and their tails bobbed), and shipped of to the far away colony. Needless to say, the conditions of the journey and life in the early years of the colony were appalling. The first settlement itself, called New Daens by those who first arrived there, was located along the Dream Rives as it flowed from Ator to Herath and down to The Choke.

As one might imagine, the Gurrash, or Gator-Men of the Kingdom of Ator, were not at all happy that outsiders had "invaded" their territory. They began to stalk and attack the settlers with savage intensity, leaving some to wish they had been thrown into the river that night of Saimpt Malinois. It was only because Maxime used the remainder of his fortune he gathered adventuring that Torreóner SellSwords were brought into the settlement to protect it. Indeed these same mercenaries began settling in the Bayou as well, as their lives in Torreón were not much better. Their families arrived and soon a second settlement, a tent city, sprang up on the Shoals.

The first few years of the settlement were filled with warfare with no side gaining a clear advantage. Gurrash raids killed many and destroyed what building the settlers did manage to build. The Lupins were becoming more and more effective in swamp warfare and began being able to smell the Gurrash and follow them back to their lairs. It was in the ruins of one of these Gurrash cities that the decisive battle was fought. The Ruins of Omsh became the battleground of what would prove to be the final battle in this little "War of Independence". Both sides fought bravely, but in the end it was the New Lupins winning the day and the remaining Gurrash left the area and headed into the Northern Bayou. This battle also claimed the life of Maxime De'Jenne, and he became the first hero of the New Lupins. (also became the first new Immortal for these people, but that is another story)

After this war had ended, The King of Renardy became certain that the colony could survive on its own and made a proclamation, known as the Edict of Louvines. This gave Nouvelle Renardy is independence. Back in Renardy, the Pariahs of Pflarr were no longer welcomed, but they were no longer forcibly shipped to Nouvelle Renardy either. At this point, it mattered little, as most of the followers of Pflarr had already willingly resettled in the Bayou.

The People

Nouvelle Renardy has a racially mixed population; about one half are Lupin. Humans, Elves, and Half-Elves, originally from Torreón, and even a few Lizard-Kin make up the remainder of the population. The Lupins of Nouvelle Renardy have had a difficult time adapting to their new swamp home. These Lupins, unlike their kin in Renardy, seem a bit more rough around the edges. Almost all able-bodied people in Nouvelle Renardy are members of the militia. The war with the Gurrash is over, but every now and again, raiding parties strike deep into the southern Bayou. Farmers and Trappers make up the majority of the merchant population. Fishermen are relatively few in number, but their numbers are growing as the tent city on the Shoals gets larger. Builders are in great demand. A few innovative builders were among the first settlers and almost all the building in Nouvelle Renardy are up on stilts to keep them from sinking into the murky swamps. Almost everything is boat accessible and "Swamp Taxi's" are a common sight.

The Red Curse

The Lupins of Nouvelle Renardy don't see the Curse any differently than their Lupin kin in Renardy. If anything it phases them less as the difficulties of the original settlers have "hardened" these Lupins and gotten them used to adversity.

Industry and Trade

Nouvelle Renardy conducts most of its trade by sea, thanks to Texeiran ships, or by using the Dream river and specially constructed barges, called Keelboats, that are either pushed along by long poles, or towed from shore by horses, mules, or manpower. In addition, the neighbouring Wallara have even "traded" with the settlers. Among the products Nouvelle Renardy exports are exotic skins, furs, and animals, spices, and its two cash crops, rice and sugar cane. Torreón is one of the biggest buyers of rice as it is relatively cheap and can feed a great many people. The Lupins of Nouvelle Renardy are also very adept fishermen and have discovered several new species of sea life in Trident Bay that they use or export as food. Another industry that is thriving, thanks to the influx of Torreóner settlers is Swordsmithing. Since the swamps are not conducive to growing grapes, the Lupin love of wine is totally dependent on imports from Renardy. As getting Renardy Wine is difficult for the Lupins of Nouvelle Renardy, they have taken to brewing their own kind of spirit. Almost every family has its own still tucked away where they make their own house brews. Other imported items include any luxury items, tobacco, livestock, and finished goods. All Nouvelle Renardy's Cinnabryl must be imported on a regular basis.


Pflarr is the only Immortal currently being honoured in Nouvelle Renardy, although, omens have told Pflarr's clerics of a new addition; Known only as "Pflarr's Right Hand", this Immortal is supposedly the guardian of Nouvelle Renardy.

The Ruler

Maxime was always assumed to be the leader of this new Colony, but after his demise the need to find a new leader arose. It was decided by a majority of the new colonists that one of Maxime's military heroes, Sergeant Hughey Leggett, should fill the vacant leadership. Sir Hugh, as he had come to be known, accepted the nomination from his new countrymen, resigned his military title, and became Lord Mayor of Nouvelle Renardy.

Sir Hugh is a loud, brash, yet open-minded person. It is said his own advisers truly fear to bring him bad news as his temper is legendary. However, the real Sir Hugh is a much softer spoken and introspective person. He truly cares about the people in his care and wants to do his best to get the new colony on its way to being a successful nation. Sir Hugh had always admired the way Robrenn defended its borders, so he had the regular military soldiers begin to train everyone in the nation to form a national militia.

Today, Sir Hugh is quite friendly with some of the nobility back in Renardy and manages to secure supplies and monetary aid through these sources...anonymously of course. He is also quite close with the governments of Torreón, who happens to be Nouvelle Renardy's biggest trading partner, and Texeiras; they think him a most capable leader and one who can be trusted.

Character Name: Hughey Leggett
Class: Fighter / Myrmidon
Level: 10th
Alignment: Neutral Good
Race: Lupin (Eusdrian Bulldog)
Age: 42
Sex: Male
Ht/Wt: 72" / 311lbs.

STR: 17
DEX: 14
CON: 15
INT: 10
WIS: 15
CHA: 14

Proficiencies: Longsword (Spec), Battleaxe (Spec), Two Weapon Style, Short Sword, Dagger / Fire Building, Military Tactics, Intimidation, Blind Fighting, Endurance, Land Based Riding, Survival(Swamp), Heraldry

Abilities: 30' Infravision, 66% detect werewolf, 25% detect noise, Tracking at 1/4 Wisdom +1

The Capital

The old Gurrash ruins of Omsh is the location of the new city of Vieux Carre; the seat of government of Nouvelle Renardy. The city's name literally means "old square" and that is exactly how the city is arranged; a large square with both streets and canals. It and the surrounding areas are home to the majority of Nouvelle Renardy's population. The capital itself is a rather quiet city and boasts a cafe or restaurant on every street. Indeed Vieux Carre is fast becoming a culinary capital. It is home to a cooking school that teaches students "regional" dishes. The general attitude of most who dwell in the capital city can best be described as "laid back and friendly". Even the recent wars with the Gurrash and the adversity of living in a hostile environment wont let the locals lose their hospitable attitudes.

Other Places of Interest

The Tent city of the Shoals and New Daens are the only other settlements in Nouvelle Renardy.

The Tent City is just that; a sprawling city of tents that acts as homes and markets for those who live and work near the Shoals.. A bridge was constructed of wood planks, barrels, and rope to connect the mainland with the Shoals. As the water is shallow here, this usually does not cause too much of a problem. At times, wagons can be pulled across the shallow waters to the Shoals. In the event of foul weather, the city is packed up and moved inland until it passes. This is the hub of Nouvelle Renardy's sea- trade. Ships anchor out in the bay and row their cargo into the Shoals or are met halfway by boats from the Tent city market. The Tent City is home to the main market and is the centre for commerce for Nouvelle Renardy.

New Daens is the first settlement of the new colony and is the religious centre of the colony. A beautiful temple is currently under construction here. Like the capital, there seems to be a restaurant or cafe on every street. This particular settlement is known for a local brew, affectionately called MadDog , as it has a tendency to go straight to a Lupins brain, causing what can best be called "extreme euphoria". The brew is quite popular among all the citizens of Nouvelle Renardy, not just the Lupins and a contract is currently being worked out to arrange the export of the drink. New Daens is the hub for river traffic entering and exiting the colony. Although the Tent City accounts for almost 85% of trade, the Keelboats are effective for getting emergency supplies into the colony more quickly. One visiting Nouvelle Renardy should never miss a chance to see the national sport: Alligator Wrestling. Alligator Wrestling arenas can be found in the capital and in New Daens.