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Nouvelle Renardie

by Tristan Dunigan

I was just curious if anyone else had incorporated this idea into their "version" of the Savage Coast. I did. I placed Nouvelle Renardy in the southern portion of the Kingdom of Ator-everything south of the Ruins of Gnar and bordering Herath and the Wallaroo Grasslands. I even got a new Immortal out of it. One of my PC's decided that throwing the followers of Pflarr into the Bayou was not exactly the right thing to do, so he gave up his title and his lands to become the guardian of the new Lupins. Pflarr himself eventually ended up sponsoring this Lupin and Nouvelle Renardy's first Immortal was born.

Naturally, when the bob-tailed Lupins arrived, the Gatormen were not overjoyed to see them and many skirmishes ensued. A retired adventurer, and Lupin Nobleman, named Maxime De'Jenne left with the Pariahs as he could not stand to see his fellow Lupins persecuted. He spent his adventuring fortune on hiring Torreóner sell-swords to come to "New Renardy" to aid in its defence. As time went on, many of these mercs decided to settle in New Renardy along with the Lupins, as their life in Torreón was not a whole lot better than it was in the Bayou.

Maxime was killed in the Battle of Ruins of Gnar...or at least his "mortal" form was killed. Now Maxime is the newest Immortal in the New Lupins pantheon; the "Right Hand of Pflarr".

Anyhow, New Renardy is alive and well IMC and is always vigilant against Gatormen attacks.