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The Nucleus of the Spheres Paradox

by Sean Meaney

Benekander is an immortal of one of the Crew of the F.S.S. Beagle. Once he is released from the Mirror beneath fort Corun in Wrath of the Immortals, he makes his way into the past via the ruins of the Comeback Inn located somewhere in the Broken Lands, and having reached Blackmoor in the dark past of history begins encountering an assortment of deserter crewmen. While he fails in his attempt to prevent the destruction of the F.S.S. Beagle, his attempts to salvage the Reactors that will become the Nucleus of the Spheres also fails and the Reactors go critical. Immortality does however come with some perks. He directs the energy into the Glantrian Region Rock Strata causing the formation of Radiance Crystals deep beneath the surface. But woe, the borders between these two different Glantris shatter forever - and the Radiance Crystals of one reality drain the Nucleus of the Spheres until the Principalities of Glantri become a dry well.

AC1020 - After all magic in Glantri fails, Many Mages of Glantri flee through a rift to an alternate reality where Magic in Glantri is far more potent, dispersed through the Radiance Crystal Rock Strata. Those who are left behind find that Technology seems to work better in the Glantrian Region now that magic has gone.