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Fighter Class Specialization: Nithian Archer

by Håvard

Looking at the Fighter Class Specializations from the Kingdom of Nithia sourcebook, I am wondering if these might need a revision.

The class works as follows.

As Fighter, except:

1) Since all HW characters are subject to certain restrictions, it might be okay to have these classes be slightly more powerful. However, it is still possible to play a Nithian with the standard Fighter Class and he gets no compensations.
2) The RC introduces Bucklers/Kite Shields as separate from medium/round shields and Tower Shields. However, there are no particular rules regarding the difference between Bucklers and Medium Shields. Proposed rule: Bucklers grant a +1 to AC against one attack per round only. If the PC suffers multiple attacks, all other attacks are made against the character as if he had no shield.