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Neatharm (Kingdom of, a.k.a. Alphatian Neatharum)

Location: Continent of Iciria, west of the Gentle Folk, amid the Neathar lands. HW

Area: 95,609 sq. mi. (247,627 sq. km.).

Population: 33,800: 11,300 Alphatians (including 500 gnomes and 500 dwarves) and 22,500 Neathar (Nogai tribe).

Languages: Alphatian (Randellyn dialect, official, and Alatian dialect), Neathar.

Coinage: Alphatian Standard: crown (gp), mirror (sp), judge (cp).

Taxes: 15% income tax on everyone of servant status or higher.

Government Type: Semiautonomous monarchy, member of the Alphatian Empire (presently under imperial governor administration).

Industries: Military, raiding, agriculture.

Important Figures: Trikard (King).

Flora and Fauna: As with most jungle environs in the Hollow World, Neatharm is covered with plants and animals native to tropical regions. Dinosaurs were once in abundance in this area; however, most have been hunted or pushed out into the more remote areas of the kingdom.

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Last Year's Events: None to report.