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Extent of the Nithian Empire

by LoZompatore.

I made a rough map of the Nithian empire, trying to sum up all the info from the official supplements (this map is going to be an updated version of a map I published in the Italian message Boards long ago):

Here is the map legend (I hope to prepare in a short time a more detailed version of the map above, including the info below):

Orange: Nithian empire and colonies
Pale red: Nithian-derived people (Traldars, Minroths and Milenians; I added also Vacros and Cathos islands as Traldar settlements, but this is just a speculation of mine)
Pale blue: Hutaakan civilisation (linked to the Nithians thanks to the Immortal Pflarr)
Blue dots: Alphatian settlements (Nithian allies, accordingly to HW:KoN supplement) as of BC1000 (Sundsvall, Aasla, Helskir, Ar, Blackheart, Citadel)

About the Nithian colonies:

- Eastern Thyatis and NE Hattias come from GAZ5 map
- Most of the Isle of Dawn colonies come from GAZ5 map
- Thothia comes from HW, M5 and DotE info
- Aegos and Aeria (Alatian Islands) are deduced from DotE Isle of Dawn map, which shows Egypt-derived names for villages. The eastern half of Aeria is left unsettled in order to have Thothia being the easternmost colony of the Nithian empire (from HW boxed set info)
- Raven Scarp and the Hinterlands come from HW info
- Western Savage Coast comes from SC and RS supplements
- Oenkmar comes from GAZ10 info
- Northern Reaches coasts come from GAZ7 info
- Leeha area in Norwold comes from M5, where it is depicted a travel of Pharaoh Tokoramses X to the Arch of Fire in Norwold
- Places along the Great Waste coast come from X7 and CoM info, adapted in order to substitute Ierendian explorers with Nithians

Not shown on the map:
- A Nithian expedition to Blackmoor, accordingly to HW:KoN supplement
- A Nithian expedition to the far east (possibly until Tangor) accordingly to HW:KoN supplement
- A Nithian expedition to Alfheim around BC 800 (from GAZ5) when a Nithian prince tried to investigate about the arrival of the elves

Other remarks:

I don't think there are Nithian settlements in Ochalea (maybe this island is still populated by the ogre magi?) while I suppose that we could easily link the Nuari migration to the Pearl Islands with the meeting between the people of Tangor and Nithian explorers.