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As far as I know there was something called a Nature Elemental.
A sort of amalgam of elemental matter of the Prime Plane created solely from natural magic and power(source; unknown but could be Construct, Immortal, The living planet's magic, or merged elementals with the 5!! elements, or something literally unknown on Mystara).
Here the AD&D2 statistics
My conversion into Mystara D&D statistics

Nature Elemental

by Robin

Sphere: Prime Plane
Status: Exalted
Power Points: 1000
Climate/Terrain: Forest, Jungle, Woods, or similar natural land
Frequency: Very rare
Organization: Solitary
Activity Cycle: Any
Diet: none or Unknown(probably natural energies including natural magic, planetary magic, suns/stars, combined)
Abilities Strength 25!!(+6), Intelligence:8-10, Wisdom 13-18, Dexterity 16-18, Constitution 25!!(+6), Charisma 10-21
Treasure: Nil
Alignment: 100% Neutral non-good, non-evil
No. Appearing: 1
Armor Class: 0
Armor Value: 6
Movement: 120'/40' wading in water 60'/20' unhindered in forest, bush
Hit Dice: 18d12!!*****
THAC0: 5 (adjusted by Strength =-1) as having a negative THAC0, higher AC add the AC to the damage.
No. of Attacks: 2 slams
Damage/Attack: 4d10+6/4d10+6
Special Attacks: Nil--or animate 7 trees as Treant
Special Defenses: Extreme Regeneration(100% in 1r), immune to protection from evil(and alike), Fear Aura 50 yards., immune to plant attacks, animals will not attack it either
Magic Resistance: Nil
Save as: IF18
Size: G (35í+(1 foot/3hp))
Morale: Fearless (12)
XP Value 7750 (0PP)

The creature normally does NOT attack animals, Silicon-based lifoms (Geonid, Rockmen, etc) or plant-like lifeforms (Treant, Vampire Rose, Big Snapper Funghi, etc), but these tend to flee upon its approach (as fast as they can).
As all signs of civilization are fully removed, I think the creature must have access to some magical powers (on or through a natural base/method) to be able to do this; at will each round, in a distance of 300 yards at most
1 sort of Disintegrate (used on brick/Stone structures to break it apart into loose stones or Bricks, Ceramics, into sand/clay.
2 Oxidise/Rot on metal items,),
3 structures and items of natural origine would be just be dismantled, spread around, and absorbed by the new growth, and affected by it(rot, regrowth, funghi, etc),
4 Move Plants/Funghi,
5 Move Earth, to cover what could not be destroyed, like large stone structures in a single piece, like statues),
6 Rise/lower Water, if needed to alter water levels back to before civilization altered it...on a permanent level (never above 30 cm below ground)
7 Fertility and Growth of Plants/Funghi, to cover the area
8 Summon animals (probably done just before dispersing self).To reinstate natural life.All kinds of befitting animals are summoned in near perfect ecological amounts

This spell is all I could find as being the ultimate summon for druids

Conjure Nature Elemental Dismiss Nature Elemental

Range: 100 yds.
Duration: Special or 24 hrs.
Casting Time: 1 turn
Area of Effect: 1 mile
Components; Burning incense, soft clay, sulfur, phosphorus, water, sand, and a duly consecrated holy symbol.
Saving Throw: None
Clerics/Druids of Mother Nature Level: 7

Upon the casting of this spell, the caster opens a direct link with the Outer Plane Chauntea and a portion of its essence forms a nature elemental from the uncivilized and Uncultivated portions of the casterís current surroundings. A caster of 16th level or less must make a saving throw vs. breath weapon. If the saving throw fails, the caster provides the spirit to form of the elementalís essence (it is composed of earth, air, fire, water, and spirit) and departs the Prime Material Plane when the elemental disperses at the end of the spellís duration. The caster is then dead, but his/her body remains intact (it is, oddly, not restructured like the environment) and can be raised or resurrected. If the save is succesful, the spirit comes from another source (The Planet?, Elemental spirit?, from Limbo?, supplird my Mother Earth?,,,i.e. Immortal essenmce, Avatar, or else?).
Casters must be above 17th level to inscribe this spell onto a scroll, and then only someone who is in touch with nature (druids, nature clerics above 5th level) can read the scroll. When reading from a scroll, a caster does not need to make a saving throw. Nature elementals are summoned to return the spellĎs area of effect to an uncultivated state. All signs of civilization and all humans or humanoids within the area of effect are obliterated. The only people immune to the elementalís fury are the caster and up to 10 people per the casterís level within a 100-yard-radius who are designated upon casting the spell. The elemental disperses into its environmental components when a 1-mile radius is renovated or after 24 hours, whichever occurs first. Unlike other elementals, nature elementals cannot be controlled. Their duties and the area in which they are to perform them are set at their summoning. If the area a nature elemental is summoned into is free of signs of civilization, the creature disperses. Nature elementals are not affected by protection from evil spells and like magics that hold extra planar creatures at bay.

The reverse of this spell, dismiss nature elemental, disperses a summoned nature elemental.