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Nullify Outer Power

by Geoff Gander

Level: 4
Range: 10' + 5'/level
Duration: Four rounds/level of caster
Effect: Nullifies any source of Outer Being-related power within range.
This spell was designed specifically to combat the evils perpetrated by the Outer Beings and their ilk. It was first used during the time of Lhomarr, when the now-forgotten mages of that land aided the armies fighting against the Carnifex of Y'hog and their foul masters, the Outer Beings themselves. The spell has since been passed down through the ages, kept secret by those who continued the war against the Outer Beings and their otherworldly minions.

When cast, this spell will, within its range, nullify any spells (up to 4th level) and spell-like effects, of the same level range, created by the power of the Outer Beings. Auras of fear created by lesser servitors will be nullified for the duration of the spell while those creatures remain within range. Likewise, spells cast by lesser servitors, and by clerics of the Outer Beings, will be cancelled by this spell if they are within range. Even certain immunities enjoyed by lesser servitors, such as those against non-magical weapons, will be suspended for the duration. Physical attacks, however, are not affected. Lesser servitors, and worshippers of the Outer Beings, may try to avoid the above effects of this spell by making a successful save vs. Spells with a -10 penalty. A successful save renders that individual immune to the effects of the spell for its duration; if another such spell were cast in the same area, they would have to make the save again to avoid the effects of that one.

If, while the spell remains in effect, a lesser servitor or cleric leaves the range of the spell, any cancelled abilities, immunities, and spells will come into effect once more. While the spell is in effect, the caster may move at a normal rate, thereby moving the spell's range with him or her. He or she may also make attacks, but may not cast other spells until the duration ends. This spell has no effect on greater servitors of the Outer Beings.