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Numerious' items of convenience

by S. Lentz

I have decided to send the MML some items I've created and used in my campaign. They're created by a salesman hedge mage with many unique spells to create them. A couple of items the (harp and brooms) were based off of stories or movies but the others are original. I'm welcome to any critique of any type.


The travelling wizard Numerious was well known for his magical items that improved the lives of many and made them bright with joy. These items had no purpose other than to make people content however since the death of the wizard and his spells and formulas to make these items gone, many have sought after these items and paid fair sums to collect them! Here is a list of items sold to the public Numerious himself had many more advanced versions of much greater enchantment that he kept for himself and sold simpler versions to the market.

Brazier of Little Smoke: A simple grated Iron Brazier 2'x1'. The Braziers only power is a enchantment to remove the unwanted smoke created by the wood being burned. When some object is placed in the brazier a small gate to a dimension (?) is opened along with a spell to screen out other objects and only allowing gases to flow in to the gate and vice versa. However its not recommended to use this in a sealed room for it quickly eats up oxygen. There are about 25 of these braziers that were made by a enterprising wizard and are highly prized for there simple but luxurious benefit.

Logs of Forever Burning: These logs which were created for use with the Brazier of Little Smoke are also great collectible for there benefit. Appearing 3" wide and 2' long and always feel dry. There first benefit is that once these logs are lit they will stay lit no matter what the conditions or circumstances making them desirable for adventurers. The second power is that they never burn away instead they appear like they were before lit. However the log can be burnt away through the use of magical fire although the first power still works with magical fire. Also the logs c an be destroyed by other means just as easily (chopping) and once below a 6" long by 1" wide stick they lose there power. About 75 of these items were created although it is not sure how many are left.

Matches of Everlasting Strikes: The last piece of the items created by the wizard were matches to light the Logs of Forever Burning. These matches actually have more powers although of a lesser extent than the other pieces these matches are 3" long spindles of wood with a blue head that is ignitable when struck against a hard gritty surface. The matches (about 140 matches are in a box) come in a wooden box 4" long and 2" inches wide and high sealed with wax and a sliding lid, on one end grains of sand have been glued to it for a striking area. The first of the ability is that one match will never go out from anything but immersing it completely in pure fresh water (not mud or stale water) but from things like fog, wind, or stepping on it will not put it out. If it is put out within 30 seconds of lighting the match can reused numerous times(as long as it is always put out in 30sec.) if not the match will continue burning without any hope of it being put out. Third it lights any normally flammable material even if it is wet. Lastly the match itself always lights if struck on a gritty & hard object even if the match or object is wet! There were 25 box's of matches created for the use with the other 2 items.

Harps of Playing: These small hand held harps were made for leisurely entertainment of the owner so he would not have to learn the instrument or hire somebody to play. The harps are typically Gold (although other metals were used) with a statue of either a beautiful woman(75%) or handsome Male(25%) on the front with the chords to the back and were able to stand on their own. These harps when a command word such as "play" was mentioned the bust of the person would reach around and play the harps without a chance of missing a note. Also any sheet of musical notes given to the bust would be memorised instantly and then could be played at any by memory in the future. Typically the most popular songs of the surrounding area's were memorised already when sold. There are about 8 said to have been sold and these are extremely sought after now for there abilities. Numerious was said to have a huge solid gold one that he kept for himself.

Brooms of Sweeping: These simple brooms were created for the lazy. They have simple smooth rounded handles and a bunch of stiff straw like bristles tied to it with a red string. These brooms when told to "sweep" instantly hop up by itself and begin to bustle around and sweep anything smaller than 1" in size into a shiny tin dust pan that is found with all brooms of this type. The dustpan once full quickly empties itself outside the nearest opening to the out side if there are no openings then under the nearest piece of furniture or rug if that is not available then into a pile into the middle of the floor. There are several variants such as a mop that when told "wash" washes the floor with a bucket that never empties out of soapy water and a buffing towel that follows the mop buffing and drying the floor. Even a feather duster of pink feathers and a wooden handle that when told to dust dusts all furniture and paintings etc. but not floors or walls and similar things. there is said to be a 100 of each variant and because of the amount is not as in high of a demand as the others

Cloth of Durability: Numerious had several cats for pets and soon was spending a small sum to keep his drape and other cloth objects to replace his shredded objects. This cloth cannot be torn, ripped, shredded, snagged etc. etc.. It also cannot be stained or be eaten by moths and does not decay no matter how old nor can it even be burned by normal fires! This was sold in spools in over 50 colours and by the yard in sheets of 20 different basic colours. The spools and sheets of fabric haven't been found most likely stolen, However many Drapes Rugs some furniture that has been upholstered in this cloth and even some clothes can be found in some older estates and is actually a rare item since it wasn't made till shortly before Numerious' death. It is highly prized by adventurer's since only bludgeoning and magical weapons and spells can pierce or effect it (note this does not mean that it does not effect the wearer i.e. although the dagger could not pierce the cloth it was thrust deeper into the body with the cloth of the wearer, only slashing weapons really have no effect).

Quill of Transcripts: This Quill Numerious created this after he had a severe case of Arthritis, while although this is good for people who cannot write, typically the people who could have afforded these could usually write, also it is good for those who have lost a hand. The Quill is always bright tail feathers of Thyatian Peacocks. The Quill must first be told to write in a specific language (all modern and Alphatian of the known world are known by the Quill) then told to "write" it will write down what ever you say on the surface directly below the point of it only stopping to refill with ink. The Quill always writes the correct language(you can even specify the dialect for slang) and always spells it correctly, however if there are several ways to spell a word it will wait to see how you use it in a sentence, however names must always be spelled out (note the Quill does not correct grammar). This is tricky to some for you must also say quotations and other symbols and to start new sentences however it does space the words for you.

The Endless Well of Ink: A small cut crystal glass inkwell with a crystal plug on the top. When used in conjunction with the Quill it will open and close to allow the Quill to refill. Its well also never ends supplying the user with endless supplies of a fine ink that can never dry out. A good trait of this ink is that it cannot be smeared or washed away, blurred or anything else however if what its written on is destroyed then so is the writing. The last and perhaps the strangest of powers is that the user can tell the Ink Well to change to any colour he wants to use! These are good for many scholarly types so that as there tinkering on there experiment they can transcribe what there doing without having to use their hands. A few Colleges were know to purchase the Quills and Ink and as long as several for private use.