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Nightmare Unicorn

by Håvard


Armor Class -4
Hit Dice 8**
Move 240' (80')
Attacks 2 hooves / horn
Damage 1d8/1d8/1d0+ Energy drain
No. Appearing 1
Save As F7
Morale 12
Treasure Type Nil
Intelligence 13
Alignment Chaotic
XP Value 1750

Monster Type: Monster (Rare)

Nightmare Unicorns are native to the Planes of Entropy (Pyts etc) and are often used as mounts by servants of that Sphere as well as by Specters, Wraiths, Liches and similar undead. It is believed that Nightmares can become Nightmare Unicorns by drinking the blood of a true Unicorn.

Like ordinary Nightmares, their presence will instantly kill small animals ( I hp or less; e.g. mice and insects) up to 30’away and cause the ground they touch to become barren. Nightmare Unicorns attack with their burning hooves and horn. The horn causes 1d10 points of damage as well as Energy Drain. Nightmare Unicorns can fly and become invisible (along with their riders, otherwise as the spell) at will, up to three times per day.

Terrain: Any
Load: 2000 cn at full speed; 4000 at half speed
Barding Multiplier: x1

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