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Night of the Vampire, revised - New Spells

by Patrick Sullivan

Here are the spell descriptions for Natasha's two new spells:

lev. 2
range: 10'
duration: see below

This illusion spell has two uses: firstly, if cast on a living being, it makes them appear as they would if they were very, very old (around 100 years old for humans). This has no effect on movement, reactions, or any other abilities, but a person who is the victim of this spell who happens to look in a mirror must make a saving throw vs. spells or be filled with utter horror and despair at his or her appearance. A character failing his or her saving throw will focus on nothing but the horror of his or her shrivelled body, utterly refusing to cast spells, attack, or pay attention to anything else. For each melee attack, the character should make a wisdom check or else suffer a +2 penalty to armour class for that attack--the character simply doesn't bother defending himself or herself. Missile fire against such a character automatically causes the +2 penalty. The duration is one round per level of the caster, after which the victim may make a new saving throw against spells each round until the roll is made. If the mirror is broken during the duration of the spell, the victim will fly into a terrible rage, attacking whoever broke the mirror blindly until the duration ends. Such a character gets -2 on all attack rolls, fighting out of blind rage, but he or she does 1 extra hp of damage for each successful melee hit.

The second use for this spell is when cast on an object. Such a use will cause the object to permanently appear about a century older than it is until the effect is dispelled. A scroll or piece or parchment will appear old and tattered, a piece of iron will appear rusted, etc. Such an object will be easily recognised as both magical and evil if either spell is cast, and if any spell is cast directly on the object (including another Ageing spell) the enchantment will immediately be cancelled and the new enchantment will fail.

Mirror, Mirror...
lev. 3
range: 0'
duration: 1 turn

This spell was developed exclusively for use by Nosferatu. A variant form of Mirror Image, it creates a perfect reflection of the Nosferatu on the surface of any mirror. The reflection is always an instant behind the caster, just enough to seem strangely disquieting. Anyone looking into a mirror with such a reflection will have the strange feeling that it was just doing something other than the Nosferatu. This spell requires a material component (silver or steel shavings) to be rubbed quickly on one cheek by hand, and a verbal component of a brief nonsense word. This behaviour should raise characters' suspicions about the caster, but it is less threatening to a nosferatu than is being seen without a reflection.