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Night of the Vampire, revised - Room Descriptions

by Patrick Sullivan

Area 7: Firstly, this room should not, in my (not so) humble opinion, have plumbing. A manor in the middle of nowhere should not have even basic plumbing without a fairly good amount of magical assistance or unless the owners are fabulously wealthy. Since neither seems to be the case, I'd say Vandevicsny manor should not have plumbing anywhere. Also, a small mousehole in this room is far more than it seems: it serves as the only entrance to Natasha's secret crypt. She is rarely found here during the adventure, only retiring here when she feels sure that it will not compromise her masquerade as Laina. PCs should, in most cases, be unable to figure out that this room even exists, much less enter it.

Area 23: Iajo's room contains, in addition to the contents given in the guidebook, a collection of love letters he has exchanged with Laina over the past few years. The letters seem to mention Laina's new friend Natasha with increasing frequency until about two months ago--at that point the talk of Natasha ceases and, upon close examination, the penmanship changes ever so slightly. Iajo will be very offended by any suggestion that his fiancée is anything less than human, and unless the PCs offer some convincing proof, even hinting that Laina is not really herself will cause him to mistrust the party.

Area 34: Laina's room is as described, except there is no mirror anywhere in the room and the flowers are rather wilted. The shades will always cover the window when she is in the room. Natasha cut Laina's wedding dress, one worn by Lady Selena at her marriage to Lord Gustav, apart to use as extra curtains. They add to the lacy, billowy look of the entire room.

Natasha's Secret Hideaway: the only entrance is from Area 7, but Natasha always has Dimension Door and Teleport memorised just in case she needs to make a quick getaway. This room contains little more than a coffin, some dirt, and Natasha's spellbook. If cornered, Natasha will either shapeshift or cast Dimension Door to return to this room, then, after retrieving her spellbook, Teleport back to her home in Mirros.