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Night of the Vampire, revised - True Background

by Patrick Sullivan

Natasha Troublijca was warned a few years ago by a Traladaran fortune-teller, "Death seems to surround you, but your own future remains unclear. The future seems perhaps to hold eternal life for you--or destruction at the hands of a member of the house Vandevic." The unfortunate seer perhaps should have better foreseen her own death, which came that very evening (the same evening, Natasha acquired a few new spells--not entirely coincidentally), but Natasha had a nasty feeling about that encounter. How could the fortune-teller have known about her history with the Vandevics? Natasha decided, in typical archvillainess fashion, that she would be unable to rest easy until she had destroyed the entire Vandevic line.

Natasha's first target was Laina Vandevic, Lord Gustav's only surviving relative--that he knows of. Natasha befriended Laina, gained her trust fairly quickly through the use of her charm, and was quickly accepted as Laina's confidante. All this time, Natasha was carefully studying Laina's mannerisms, her stories, her history, and her exact look. When Natasha felt satisfied, shortly after Laina and Iajo decided to become engaged, she killed Laina and, being a mistress of disguise and deception, moved into her house in her stead.

In the two months since then, Natasha has been finalising her plans to kill the entire family at the party intended to announce the engagement. She soon set off on a journey to the Black Eagle Barony (or some remnants of it if the Black Eagle has already fallen) and, on her way back, scouted the area around Vandevicsny. In a tiny village a few hours north of Vandevicsny, she found what she was looking for.

Her old victim, Lord Andru, had indeed had an illegitimate son with a peasant. That son had since died, but not before having a son of his own, also named Andru. Natasha found that this young man couldn't fit more perfectly into her plans. He was a complete idiot, largely lacking in skill, and an obsessive fan of Glantrian culture. He had recently become very enamoured of the current trends in Glantri as described in the Almanacs and the GKoM box, so when Natasha charms him and offers to make him a Nosferatu, he eagerly agrees. He looks a great deal like his Grandfather, so she tells him to pose as a strong hunter and go to Vandevicsny manor where he shall be able to reclaim what is rightfully his.