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Night of the Vampire, revised - True History

by Patrick Sullivan

As presented in the "Background" sidebar on p. 3 and the CD track, Andru Vandevic was, indeed, a rather ruthless ruler of Vandevicsny who fell victim to the charms of Natasha Troublijca. However, Natasha was actually not a vampire, but rather a chaotic Nosferatu, a powerful magic-user who had become undead. Natasha indeed turned Andru into a Nosferatu like herself, and she was, as stated in the background, staked a century ago. The Nosferatu Andru, free from Natasha's control, killed his servants and fled, never to be seen again. Unfortunately, however, the peasants of Vandevicsny did not complete their job. Natasha was never properly destroyed (see Bruce Heard's excellent AD&D Nosferatu description),and one of her charm victims eventually pulled out the wooden stake, freeing Natasha to regenerate back into existence. Natasha, whose spellbook had been lost in the raid on the manor, was forced to search throughout Karameikos to bring her magical skill back up to near where it was at the time when she met Andru. Natasha has spent many years in Specularum/Mirros working on her magical abilities. During one of these extended stays in the capital, she met and befriended Laina Vandevic.