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Night of the Vampire, revised - New NPCs

by Patrick Sullivan

Natasha Troublijca is a powerful magic-using Nosferatu. She should be of at least ninth level in OD&D terms, in order to ensure that she is able to cast a Teleport spell. I'm not sure whether this is the same level in AD&D, but regardless, she should have access to teleportation magic. If a magic-wielding undead of that level is simply too strong for the party, the DM should provide that she has a scroll hidden away somewhere with Teleport on it. However, there are several factors which make her a lesser threat to PCs: first and foremost, Natasha's goal is the destruction of all members of the house of Vandevicsny--the PCs should generally be able to avoid her wrath if they stay out of her way; second, Natasha has to memorise several spells which are generally of little use to her in combat, including Ventriloquism spells she uses to communicate with Andru, her Ageing spell (to be posted later), Phantasmal Force spells to help with her appearance as Laina, and her emergency Mirror Image variants (also coming soon); finally, Natasha will flee if there is any significant sign that her plan has been disrupted, preferring to simply wait and hatch a new plan. Natasha attempts to avoid going outdoors except at night. She is very intelligent, and should be treated as such. However, she is also very afraid of the fortune-teller's prophecy, and she strongly desires the deaths of every Vandevic. Natasha retains the appearance of Laina throughout the adventure--even Andru doesn't know her true identity.

Andru Vandevic is still new to undeath, and he still considers it something of a game. Natasha has already grown very impatient with this young fool, but she hopes that he'll kill Gustav and Selena so she won't have to reveal herself. Andru was a fighter, and not a very good one at that, so there really are very few changes between his stats in the boxed set and those in this revision. Andru receives his instructions occasionally via the disembodied voice of his master Natasha, but he cannot explain the remarkable attraction he feels toward Laina. Andru has a fairly low intelligence and an even lower wisdom. He looks remarkably similar to his Grandfather, one of the main reasons Natasha chose to make him a nosferatu rather than simply killing him. Unbeknownst to him, Natasha occasionally whispers to him while he sleeps, either using Ventriloquism or sneaking into the cellar. She has convinced him that he and Laina have already had several intimate encounters, and she is able to convince him that he already attacked Laina in Act III. Andru will fight if cornered, believing himself invincible, but he is not very careful about hiding his true nature--or his secret tomb.