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Robin's Composite Map of Norwold

by Robin from Threshold Magazine issue 6

“As an avid Mystyara fan and DM, I always liked the large Trail maps. Being as complete enough to travel from one region to another still on the same map. Like the Trail maps I longed for a large map of the Northern part of Brun. All the Maps I found in the sources (list on Map) like the FGazetteers, or canon and non-canon maps I put together, without altering too much. It was a hard job doing so without a specific program, so I cut & paste all parts together in Paint (hence the minor hex shape flaws), but I seem to have succeeded.

Some parts were not filled in, so I created these following story-lines found here and there, or created after stories my gaming groups passed through. Where more detail is needed (and if other gamers have more information, please inform me) I try to o deeper into that location, on a later date.”

New icons, like Henges, Dragon Lairs, Crystal growth, Frozen mountain, Dead ground, etc., will also be further explained later.”