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Thoughts on the Northern Wildlands

by Geoff Gander

I like all the maps I created, and I do have my favourites (which I've mentioned in previous posts), but the Northern Wildlands was also special because I wanted to create a space that told its own story. The history of the Northern Wildlands is full of battles, betrayals, and descents from greatness and hope into madness and despair - it's a land that betrays anyone who tries to control it, but yet is so alluring - with its virgin forests and crystalline rivers - that outsiders succumb to its charms and keep trying anyway. Its presence on Wendar's northwestern border, as well as the ruined elvish cities it contains, are a stark reminder to the Wendarians of what they tried - and failed - to have.

Old Dawg modified the map somewhat when he finalised the Northern Wildlands Gazetteer to make it a little more desolate for the AC 1000 period, but the map here represents what the land would have looked like when the elves were at their peak.