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Nykulmyr the Story-teller

by Sean Meaney

Nykulmyr the Talkative

Stats: 3rd level Fighter; 11hp; Lawful; Str 14, Int 11, Wis 7, Dex 6, Con 14, Cha 10; Normal clothing, boots, belt, pouch.

Description: 5ft 2 inches tall with a physically solid build that makes him look like a tall dwarf Nkulmyr is a human fighter with a dark greying beard and a gruff personality. He has been a wandering story-teller for decades speaking gruffly in village taverns (and on rare occasions humanoid camps) across the known world though they are more local news than world shattering. He wears warm, dark clothing and boots, and is not above wearing a wooly blanket with holes cut for arms and just spending the night in the undergrowth.