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by Marco Dalmonte

(Nin-Hurabi, Na-al, Zargos, Night, Our Lady of Darkness)
Patroness of Darkness, Princess of Night, Patron of Undeath

Level, Alignment, Sphere: 33 (Hierarch), NE, Entropy
Symbol: a solar eclipse
Portfolio: darkness, night, shadow, undeath, necromancy, secrets, magic
Worshipped in: Known World (Thyatis), Alphatia, Isle of Dawn, Savage Coast (Nimmur, Dark Jungle), Hollow World (Milenia), various outer planes
Appearance: a minute pale woman that looks very attractive and charming, with oriental features, long raven hair and pitch black eyes, dressed with shapely long dark robes. The second manifestation form is that of a wizened old scholar with long white beard, eyes completely black (without the white part of the bulb) clad in a large weathered robe.
History: Nyx was born in a faraway plane from a race similar to Mystaran humans. She was taken when she was still young by a vampire-like creature and became a living dead. After centuries in his new condition Nyx began to like her new state and after gaining freedom from his former master, she started building a mighty empire of undead creatures. There she embarked on the path of Entropy and attained immortality under the sponsorship of a mysterious immortal, after creating and spreading a new race of night creatures.
From that moment, she has risen in power inside her own sphere, even if she doesn't sport the raw chaotic nor the overtly evil nature of her fellow members, and is constantly trying to give way to the undead races in the Prime.
Personality: Nyx is a creature of darkness, and as such she is obsessed by her ideal of beauty and natural order which obviously puts darkness and undeath above all other things. Many of his followers are intelligent undead and necromancers, and she is usually bent on creating some new undead race and devise some grand scheme to cast whole worlds into darkness and under the undead's yoke (this is her renown purpose among the Milenians of the Hollow World, for example, where she's worshipped as Zargos). Nyx is not truly cruel or sadistic, but she embodies a cold form of evil that wants to give to the Multiverse a kind of order that normal living creatures find aberrant, where undead dominated and night is eternal. To Nyx, the universal order should have undeath replace life, and she tries to push on her own vision by increasing the power of necromancy and of the creatures of darkness. Since she's so obsessed with the opposite of normal order, she is Ixion's bane, who in contrast is the embodiment of Light, Sun and all that is Good. They are at the opposite ends of the circle of life, and as such they oppose one another not just philosophically but also in concrete, interfering with each other's schemes whenever possible.
Nyx is also on bad terms with Thanatos and Orcus (the rivalry with Thanatos dates back to the Taymor empire), because these two demons push the undead to give way to raw chaos and use them sadistically to further their plans instead of protecting them, something that Nyx cannot bear. Undeath (much like Life for Ixion) is sacred to Nyx and must be preserved.
Patron: unknown [likely: Hel]
Allies: none
Enemies: Ixion (and all immortals enemies of undead), Thanatos, Orcus
Classic D&D Stats:
Followers' alignment: any
Favoured weapons: none (allowed short spear, mace, sling and short sword)
Clerics' skills & powers: permanent 60' radius infravision; they can freely cast darkness once a day at 1st lvl, twice at 2nd lvl and 3 times at 3rd+ level; control undead as liege with same HD as same level; +2 bonus to necromancy general skill. Nyx's clerics are buried with a special ceremony which allows them to raise as priestly mummies after their death ; some others try to attain lichdom or become vampires during their life.
D&D 3E stats:
Domains: Entropy, Evil, Death, Magic, Darkness
Preferred weapon: short sword
: WotI, HWR3, M5, IM1, IM2, OHP, Immortal set