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Oak Island, Karameikos

by Robin

R.C. Pinnell made several small adventures(black&white OD&D), of which some are located in Karameikos. Due my 1 mile hex mapping of the region where I add all canon and fanon possible (as long as they do not conflict with canon) I had to place this also on the map.
The adventure itself can be downloaded for free (as of 13-11-2020)on Lulu placed as such by the artist himself together with all his other stuff.

Oak Island
As enabling this map to fit I had to detail the island better, and hence bring it in color.
Due to geological conflicts the island is moved a bit more to the northwest to fit on the sunken mountain chain from the 1700BC maps and the underwater maps of Gaz9 Minrothad and PC3 Sea People.
I used the common Hex symbols to help clarifying the details, as the map itself did not do so.
And to clarify its location the 1750 BC and current map of Karameikos (both in 8 mile hex) were added as well a section of my 1 milehex map itself.

Minor adjustments to the adventure are required due this relocation.
And as the island is mostly covered in bushes (6 to 8' tall) this will hinder flyers to see down, and walkers to see further than a 120'
the dungeon and vampire can easily be Taymoran origin.
In my humble opinion this island is overpopulated --even holds illogical and unneeded monster placements.
My advise replace the so out of place/environment Sasquatches with large Apes, then you do not need mood altering fruits to explain an offensive behavior.
I can only somewhat agree with the Wyvern lair, albeit these are way of their native living/birthing area of Hills/Mountains, yet there is a slim chance a couple arrived here in a storm or loooong flight and could/dared not to venture back/further, so you can keep these.
And so there are more weird choices (young Dragon Turles unable to use their breath weapon for example) which you can remove/exchange with more logical creatures.
But hey Ok, that is my opinion. The adventure itself is still very interesting, especially if you tie it to the Taymoran history. A dead volcanic island holding a forgotten tomb and enemies.

I hope you like this somewhat weird yet still interesting adventure and the color hexmap I made to fit in for Karameikos.
Have fun with gaming