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Old Alphatia: Other Races

by Håvard

I am taking a look at developing Old Alphatia.

Here are the races I have been able to find so far:

Belthans, Gammarians and Delthans: Are these separate races, or just factions that were formed after the destruction of Alphatia? I am also wondering about the names. Could Belthas, Gammaria, and Deltharia have been separate planets in that solar system or were they regions of Old Alphatia?


These two are non-cannonical additions of mine. We know that Pegataurs and Kubbits were created by Alphatians after they arrived on Mystara. However, they could easily have attempted similar experiments earlier in their history with somewhat different results. These Pegataurs would not be fused with Shye Elves, so could human candidates have been used? Similarly, a much older attempt at creating Kubbits could have resulted in this blue variety.

Genasi is another unofficial candidate that seems ideal for bringing into Old Alphatia. At the same time I would like to keep this mostly BECMI oriented as usual.


The above are some monsters are taken from M1. I am guessing all kinds of Elemental creatures would have been around. Probably also most animals, fish, birds etc. We probably don't want to make Alphatia that weird. I think the weirdness can come from the wizards so dramatically changing the world through elemental magic which is probably something that could be seen even before the destruction of the world.

Some further thoughts: I used to think of Old Alphatia as a mostly peaceful world untill the conflict between the followers of Air and Fire suddenly came out of nowhere and exploded upon the world when the Followers of Air released their Epic spell. But what if we are talking about centuries of warfare between the two sides? Was the Spell of Air the first time that elemental magic had altered the landscape? Or are we talking about a world that has already been torn apart with elemental magic? Rivers of lava, Avatar-style floating continents everywhere, wonderful unnatural fountains and gigantic statues and stone formations resembling any form?