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Outer Being Lore (Intelligence)

by Geoff Gander

This skill allows the person in question to comprehend the various legends of the Outer Beings, as well as identify their powers. It also provides knowledge of the various servitors of these malign entities, as well as the various means by which one may protect themselves from their influence. This skill, when first gained, is at a value of 2. Unlike other skills, only the DM may determine when the player can increase it, most often after new knowledge concerning the Outer Beings is unearthed.

If at any time the PC, when using this skill, rolls a 1, his or her mind suffers a temporary trauma. Perhaps some half-hidden insight rises above the subconscious, or some stark realisation is made. Regardless, the PC is immediately stunned (no save) for 1d6 rounds, and can do nothing but gibber in horror, shriek, or make similar frightened noises. A similar effect occurs whenever a 20 is rolled, though in this case the PC draws a completely false conclusion, and becomes delusional for the same period.

Once a result of 1 has been rolled a number of times greater than the person's Intelligence, or if 20 has been rolled a number of times greater than his or her Wisdom (consecutively or not), the Outer Beings will take notice of the individual, and send some of their lesser servitors to deal with them, since the people in question have drawn attention to the fact that they know something of the menace confronting the multiverse.

As DM, you should make the roll for this skill whenever possible, so that the player does not know whether the various insights gained are truthful or not. Failing this, tell the player to make the roll, but do not tell him or her what the various modifiers are.