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The Odd Company

by tjedge1

Well no game got off the ground this week, so the players will have to wait till next week. That is fine by me. I'm hoping to round up another player or 2 by then to help them out. I was going to tone down the last part of the adventure so they could survive it, but that wouldn't be realistic. I'm going to make them use their heads if it's just the 3 of them. They are already discussing using the invisibility ring on Cyndaria and then Ragnar finding the Watch Sergeant's patch to show his station and try and trick as many soldiers as possible to run down into the dungeon and stop the intruders. Leonine will dress up like a soldier and follow Ragnar around. This way they will have more free run of the place and they hope to get the big guys in charge out of their usual spots so they can search for the Eye without the messy fighting that is getting too tough for them. They might be more inclined to fight if other players join though. They would be 1st level characters that were rescued form the dungeons and are willing aid the players and will arm themselves with whatever is available.

Since that is all that is going on, I was going to just post more detailed descriptions of the players as they currently are. They haven't been given an XP as of yet. I'm just stacking it all up for when they have at least a week of non-adventuring game time, in case they level up. I have a feeling they will.

Here is the RoleMaster stats and their abbreviations along with their D&D equivalent:
Strength (Str) = Strength
Agility (Agi) = Dexterity
Quickness (Qui) = Dexterity
Constitution (Con) = Constitution
Self Discipline (Dis) = Charisma
Presence (Pre) = Charisma
Memory (Mem) = Wisdom
Reasoning (Res) = Intelligence
Empathy (Emp) = Intelligence
Intuition (Int) = Wisdom

All stats numbers are converted to D&D for reading ease and the bonuses are including the racial bonus that RoleMaster uses so they will seem higher for some characters than others with the same score.
First player up:

1) Name: Cyndaria (Female)
Race: Avariel from the Mengul Mountains in Wendar
Class: Battle Mage (pretty much like the OD&D elf class)
Level: 1
Hair/Eyes: Platinum/Violet
Hgt/Wgt: 5'6" / 85 lbs
Age: 200 (appears as 21)
Alignment: Lawful Good
Personality: Moral, Ethical, Principled
Str: 15 (+1)
Agi: 17 (+3) +1 Racial
Qui: 14 (+3) +2 Racial
Con: 15 (+1)
Dis: 14 (+2) +1 Racial
Pre: 15 (+3) +2 Racial
Mem: 17 (+2)
Res: 14 (+1)
Emp: 14 (+1)
Int: 13 (+2) +1 Racial
Strongest Skills: Flying (wings), Archery, Magic, Lores, Fletching, Alertness
Favourite Spells: Shockbolt (RoleMaster's version of Magic Missile)
Motivation: Wants to travel the world and rid as much evil from it as she can
Special Equipment: Bow that summons food/water. Ring of Invisibility

2) Name: Ragnar Maximus (Male)
Race: Human Norseman from Whiteheart in the Soderfjord Jarldoms
Class: Barbarian/Berserker
Level: 1
Hair/Eyes: Brown/Brown
Hgt/Wgt: 6'6" / 260 lbs
Age: 23 (appears as 26)
Alignment: Neutral Good
Personality: Impatient, Angry
Str: 15 (+3) +2 Racial
Agi: 14 (+1)
Qui: 16 (+2)
Con: 16 (+4) +2 Racial
Dis: 15 (+0) -1 Racial
Pre: 13 (+0) -1 Racial
Mem: 14 (+1)
Res: 13 (+1)
Emp: 14 (+1)
Int: 14 (+1)
Strongest Skills: Dual Weapon Fighting, Frenzy, Sword Masteries , Athletics
Motivation: Searching for his parents murderer
Special Equipment: Longsword +2 (Actually it's a dormant intelligent sword with numerous powers, the player is currently unaware of this)

3) Name: Leonine (Female)
Race: Shiye Elf from the Shiye Lawr, near Alfeish
Class: Ranger (Shapeshifting Elf Sorority)
Level: 1
Hair/Eyes: Dk Brown/Green
Hgt/Wgt: 5'6" / 110 lbs
Age: 200 (appears as 28)
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Personality: Arrogant
Str: 14 (+1)
Agi: 14 (+3) +2 Racial
Qui: 14 (+2) +1 Racial
Con: 15 (+1)
Dis: 16 (+2)
Pre: 17 (+3) +1 Racial
Mem: 14 (+1)
Res: 13 (+1)
Emp: 13 (+2) +1 Racial
Int: 15 (+2) +1 Racial
Strongest Skills: Shapeshifting, Archery, Survival, Animal Handling, Seduction, Tracking
Motivation: Only cares about her personal pleasure and riches
Special Equipment: A piercing that allows her to shapeshift into a Lion (Her secret society sisters will be wanting it back)

Well there they are. I was thinking of using these same 3 characters as the main heroes in the Comic book too. What do you guys think of that?

Some spoilers for later: Ragnar's parents were killed by the Iron Ring slavers. He'll find out inside the keep when he faces of with one of them. The Iron Ring wants his sword, because they are aware of it's power, which his father hid from him and commanded the sword to sleep till Ragnar was capable of handling the sword. The Iron Ring doesn't know this and believes they will be able to use it's power for their own purposes. I haven't decided what those are yet, but it will be intelligent and something along the lines of a DragonSlayer or Dragon Controller. Guchi is planning to return and steal the Eye form the players or get it before they do. He has a backup plan and Tzak's discovery of the secret door will make it much easier for him and his friends from the local thieves guild.