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The Odd Company

by tjedge1

Well a game didn't get started this weekend, but maybe there will be one next weekend. What did get done was some level advancement. I asked the players about level advancement for the campaign. I had before told them that they would have to wait till their characters actually had time to take a breather to gain their levels and improve their characters. This weekend I asked them about advancing every time they rest at night, so it would be possible for them to gain levels in the middle of actual adventures. They preferred this and since all three had just enough XP, they all got moved to level 2. Cyndaria is nearly level 3 and has changed her name to Seraphim (If you have ever played Sacred, you might see that she loves that game). To deal with the thing about learning new spells each level is simple. We preset all the spells that are in the characters spell book ahead of time and then mark which ones are learned and useable. The rest are just present for when a player gains a level and suddenly understands how to work some new spells. I also got a new player who will be starting up in a week or two, but she began putting her character together and I've included what has been done so far with the other character descriptions. So anyway here is an update on the characters this week.

Here is the RoleMaster stats and their abbreviations along with their OD&D equivalent:
Strength (Str) = Strength
Agility (Agi) = Dexterity
Quickness (Qui) = Dexterity
Constitution (Con) = Constitution
Self Discipline (Dis) = Charisma
Presence (Pre) = Charisma
Memory (Mem) = Wisdom
Reasoning (Res) = Intelligence
Empathy (Emp) = Intelligence
Intuition (Int) = Wisdom

All stats numbers are converted to OD&D for reading ease and the bonuses are including the racial bonus that RoleMaster uses so they will seem higher for some characters than others with the same score.
First player up:

1) Name: Seraphim (Female)
Race: Avariel from the Mengul Mountains in Wendar
Class: Battle Mage
Level: 2
Hair/Eyes: Platinum/Violet
Hgt/Wgt: 5'6" / 85 lbs
Age: 200 (appears as 21)
Alignment: Lawful Good
Personality: Moral, Ethical, Principled
Str: 15 (+1)
Agi: 17 (+3) +1 Racial
Qui: 14 (+3) +2 Racial
Con: 15 (+1)
Dis: 14 (+2) +1 Racial
Pre: 15 (+3) +2 Racial
Mem: 17 (+2)
Res: 14 (+1)
Emp: 14 (+1)
Int: 13 (+2) +1 Racial
Strongest Skills: Flying (wings), Archery, Magic, Pick Pockets, Pick Locks, Stalking & Hiding, Lores, Fletching, Alertness
Favourite Spells: Shockbolt (RoleMaster's version of Magic Missile)
Motivation: Wants to travel the world and rid as much evil from it as she can
Special Equipment: Bow that summons food/water. Ring of Invisibility

2) Name: Ragnar Maximus (Male)
Race: Human Norseman from Whiteheart in the Soderfjord Jarldoms
Class: Barbarian
Level: 2
Hair/Eyes: Brown/Brown
Hgt/Wgt: 6'6" / 260 lbs
Age: 23 (appears as 26)
Alignment: Neutral Good
Personality: Impatient, Angry
Str: 15 (+3) +2 Racial
Agi: 14 (+1)
Qui: 16 (+2)
Con: 16 (+4) +2 Racial
Dis: 15 (+0) -1 Racial
Pre: 13 (+0) -1 Racial
Mem: 14 (+1)
Res: 13 (+1)
Emp: 14 (+1)
Int: 14 (+1)
Strongest Skills: Dual Weapon Fighting, Frenzy, Sword & Two Hand Weapon Masteries, Weight Lifting, Boxing, Stun Recovery
Motivation: Searching for his parents murderers (Iron Ring Slavers)
Special Equipment: Longsword +2 (a dormant intelligent sword with numerous powers), Short Sword +1, Iron Ring Records & Documents

3) Name: Leonine (Female)
Race: Shiye Elf from the Shiye Lawr, near Alfeish
Class: Ranger (Shapeshifting Elf Sorority)
Level: 2
Hair/Eyes: Dk Brown/Green
Hgt/Wgt: 5'6" / 110 lbs
Age: 200 (appears as 28)
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Personality: Arrogant
Str: 14 (+1)
Agi: 14 (+3) +2 Racial
Qui: 14 (+2) +1 Racial
Con: 15 (+1)
Dis: 16 (+2)
Pre: 17 (+3) +1 Racial
Mem: 14 (+1)
Res: 13 (+1)
Emp: 13 (+2) +1 Racial
Int: 15 (+2) +1 Racial
Strongest Skills: Shapeshifting, Archery, Seduction, Alertness, Survival, Animal Handling, Scaling & Climbing, Detect Traps, Lie Detection, Locate Hidden Things, Tracking
Motivation: Only cares about her personal pleasure and riches
Special Equipment: A piercing that allows her to shapeshift into a Lion (Her secret society sisters will be wanting it back)

4) Name: Wallace (Male)
Race: Morph-Lupin (Mixed breed)
Class: Paladin
Level: 2
Hair/Eyes: undecided
Hgt/Wgt: undecided
Age: undecided
Alignment: Lawful Good
Personality: undecided
Str: 15 (+2) +1 Racial
Agi: 14 (+1)
Qui: 14 (+1)
Con: 14 (+2) +1 Racial
Dis: 15 (+1)
Pre: 14 (+0) -1 Racial
Mem: 15 (+2) +1 Racial
Res: 16 (+3) +1 Racial
Emp: 13 (+2) +1 Racial
Int: 16 (+3) +1 Racial
Strongest Skills: undetermined
Favourite Spells: undetermined
Motivation: not specified
Special Equipment: Katana +2, Cat-o-Nine Tails +2, Pendant that casts Shield twice daily (It's in the form of the symbol of his former church, a cross).

The new player wanted something with lots of variety and something nobody had ever done. She is one of my best and most experienced players ever. She has played in about half my campaigns and is a great team leader. She also plays her characters well and makes sure they stay in character. Will be nice to have her on board again. She picked a strange race. She wanted something that looked like the Lupin, she really likes them and then had it marry a Metamorph which had approached the Lupin as a dog and befriended him, later to fall in love and revealed herself as a Metamorph. After giving birth to her character they were considered outcasts in his homeland because other than looking exactly like a normal Lupin, he inherited his mothers eyes (pure white). This bothered most Lupins and his family moved far away. They travelled east across the Savage Coast and made their home in an elven kingdom nearest the Serpent Peninsula. Once Wallace reached the age of adulthood, he began travelling. Even the elves were not so accepting of him, and his parents were talking of travelling to a mountain range and retiring from their normal jobs and trying to fit into society. Wallace tells them he wishes to see the world and begins travelling. He finds a small church near Hule that is dangerously blasphemous to the Master's fanatics. After a few years living with the clerics there and becoming a warrior of the church, he fights the Hule fanatics the night they finally come and he is knocked unconscious and forgotten in the woods next to the church. When he awakes, he finds the church is burned to the ground and the clerics were locked inside. He vows to continue the word of the soon forgot church and decided to travel as far from Hule as he can. He arrives in the City-States region and pays for passage to a place called Karameikos. There he arrives in Fort Doom by boat and the boat quickly leaves. Unaware of the danger he is in, he travels through the town and is unbothered by anyone. The people are used to strange humanoids working for the Baron and assume he is one of them. As do the guards and they allow him to pass on through town unharrassed. He feels this place is not the place to start spreading his word. He begins his travel to a small town that a guard tells him is down the only road leaving the Fort.

This is where his background ends for now. His story will begin again when he meets the other players, either in the next session (Eye of Traldar: Part 4) or the following adventure which will involve a lot of travelling and some battling with Lightning Zombies. I am going to run Phase I of the Immortals Fury. By that time, Seraphim and possibly Ragnar will be level 3.