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The Odd Company

by tjedge1

Ok, I figured I'd fill in on what happened to Guchi after he entered the Dungeon. After he left with the animated Tzak, he took him to a member of the thieves guild in Specularum. Several members had travelled to Fort Doom to assist Guchi in whatever he needed. Why they chose to obey him is a mystery I'm not revealing as of yet. There was about 15 thieves at his command. They are aware he is a Necromancer. He orders their leader, to take Tzak's body, which he releases from animation, and ask the cleric friend of his in Luln to resurrect him. As soon as that is done, he tells him to go ahead with plan B. The thief agrees happily and leaves with a handful of thieves and enforcers (fighters that are part of the thieves guild). The rest follow Guchi back into the dungeons and slip through the secret door, that Tzak discovered, while avoiding the escaping prisoners as much as possible. They slip into the stable and kill the stable hands while they are preparing horses for a journey. Guchi turns them into zombies. The thieves then slip up onto the walls and kill the guards. The thieves take their place and pretend to patrol. Guchi animates those guards as well and realises that the horses were being prepared for the wizard Aurelian so he could deliver the Eye to the Baron sooner. He takes his zombies to the guard house and attacks the Captain and his guards. Guchi stands back mostly and as a soldier falls to the zombies he animates them to join in. Aurelian casts a fireball, which eliminates most of the zombies and also sets the guardhouse on fire. Aurelian escapes and runs to his Tower in the confusion. Guchi realises this too late, as the thieves run down to join in and finish off the guards. Captain Tiberon is the only man standing, but against a half dozen thieves he is made short work of. Paurillion the Necromancer of the tower arrives with his skeletons, but doesn't realise Guchi is a necro also and Guchi takes control of some of his skeletons and they turn on Paurillion killing him quickly. The remaining skeletons battle the thieves and other skeletons and are quickly defeated. An alarm sounds quickly after that and Guchi signals the thieves. They run to the tower to find the door wide open. The thieves search the tower with a few minutes as soldiers form the main fortress begin pouring in the rear gate of the keep. Guchi flees to the stables with the thieves close behind. They escape down the secret door and flee the dungeons. Once they return tot he hideout in town, the thieves tell him that somebody beat them to the Eye and that it was taken. They found a smiling man in platemail all tied up and Aurellian with an arrow in his forehead only. Guchi frowns, and says to the thief. "Time to get out of here. Plan B is in motion and I hope it will be enough. We must get that artifact, before it is returned to the elves. These strangers are either really lucky, or I underestimated them. They were supposed to only be a diversion."

Stay tuned for the finale of the Eye of Traldar adventure this weekend...