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The Odd Company

by tjedge1

Well last night's adventure got cut short, but the first half of what I set up got started. Ragnar, Seraphim, Leonine, Nikolai and several other refugees are travelling along the road to Luln and they run across a strange traveller. They speak to him and decide to give Filsmorph a ride. While they are travelling, Leonine seduces Filsmorph. They continue their journey to an rickety and poor inn half way between Fort Doom and Luln. Since they had left Fort Doom in the middle of the day, the refugees beg them to stop and Nikolai tells them it would be a good idea, considering Bugbears and Orcs are in the employ of the Baron and they would have an advantage at night over them if they are caught out in the open. The players agree to stop for the night and hope they are left alone. While they are in the common room they notice a group of men sitting in a corner and getting rowdy. Leonine walks over to one of the men who is sitting more by himself and seduces information out of him. She finds out that they are slavers on their way to contact Menelaus (who Ragnar killed in the keep). Another of the men sees Ragnar's swords and stumbles over to him. He asks about the swords, and Ragnar fails to convince him he made them. Filsmorph distracts the man by offering him a drink and they go to the bar. The others discuss their plans. Leonine does a table dance for the men and then takes the only guy not drinking in the group (the leader) upstairs to do her thing.

Nikolai buys them all a round of drinks and after the barman gives him a tray of drinks he pours poison potions into them. The men drink up and 4 of them choke to death. The fifth guy stumbles around but isn't dieing. He grabs his throat and then reaches for his sword as he realises what happened. The guy at the bar turns around and reaches for his sword as Cyndaria fires a shockbolt at him and burns him real good. Filsmorph uses his quick draw and attacks the man stunning him with a face cut. Her next attack removes the man's leg closest to him and he falls to the floor in shock. Filsmorph finishes him quicker than he would have taken to die. Cyndaria draws her bow and shoots the semi-poisoned guy in the forearm. The man stumbles to the ground and then the poison takes affect and kills him.

Upstairs, Ragnar follows Leonine and the man to his room. Nikolai trails behind. After they enter the room, Ragnar speaks to the man who recognises him and attacks. Ragnar attempts to swashbuckle, but fails to impress the man who says, "Let me show you how to use a sword." They swing back and forth scratching each other. Leonine transforms into a lion and attacks. She hurts him a bit and Ragnar scores a critical hit on the mans leg, which slows him down. Nikolai comes into the room casting a sleep spell on the man. The question him but don't find out much useful.

This is where the game stopped. We got an interruption and decided to continue in a week or two.

Here is the RoleMaster stats and their abbreviations along with their CD&D equivalent:
Strength (Str) = Strength
Agility (Agi) = Dexterity
Quickness (Qui) = Dexterity
Constitution (Con) = Constitution
Self Discipline (Dis) = Charisma
Presence (Pre) = Charisma
Memory (Mem) = Wisdom
Reasoning (Res) = Intelligence
Empathy (Emp) = Intelligence
Intuition (Int) = Wisdom

All stats numbers are converted to OD&D for reading ease and the bonuses are including the racial bonus that RoleMaster uses so they will seem higher for some characters than others with the same score.
First player up:

1) Name: Seraphim (Female)
Race: Avariel from the Mengul Mountains in Wendar
Class: Battle Mage
Level: 2
Hair/Eyes: Platinum/Violet
Hgt/Wgt: 5'6" / 85 lbs
Age: 200 (appears as 21)
Alignment: Lawful Good
Personality: Moral, Ethical, Principled
Str: 15 (+1)
Agi: 17 (+3) +1 Racial
Qui: 14 (+3) +2 Racial
Con: 15 (+1)
Dis: 14 (+2) +1 Racial
Pre: 15 (+3) +2 Racial
Mem: 17 (+2)
Res: 14 (+1)
Emp: 14 (+1)
Int: 13 (+2) +1 Racial
Strongest Skills: Flying (wings), Archery, Magic, Pick Pockets, Pick Locks, Stalking & Hiding, Lores, Fletching, Alertness
Favourite Spells: Shockbolt (RoleMaster's version of Magic Missile)
Motivation: Wants to travel the world and rid as much evil from it as she can
Special Equipment: Bow that summons food/water. Ring of Invisibility

2) Name: Ragnar Maximus (Male)
Race: Human Norseman from Whiteheart in the Soderfjord Jarldoms
Class: Barbarian
Level: 2
Hair/Eyes: Brown/Brown
Hgt/Wgt: 6'6" / 260 lbs
Age: 23 (appears as 26)
Alignment: Neutral Good
Personality: Impatient, Angry
Str: 15 (+3) +2 Racial
Agi: 14 (+1)
Qui: 16 (+2)
Con: 16 (+4) +2 Racial
Dis: 15 (+0) -1 Racial
Pre: 13 (+0) -1 Racial
Mem: 14 (+1)
Res: 13 (+1)
Emp: 14 (+1)
Int: 14 (+1)
Strongest Skills: Dual Weapon Fighting, Frenzy, Sword & Two Hand Weapon Masteries, Weight Lifting, Boxing, Stun Recovery
Motivation: Searching for his parents murderers (Iron Ring Slavers)
Special Equipment: Scimitar +2 (a dormant intelligent sword with numerous powers), Short Sword +1, Iron Ring Records & Documents

3) Name: Leonine (Female)
Race: Shiye Elf from the Shiye Lawr, near Alfeish
Class: Ranger (Shapeshifting Elf Sorority)
Level: 2
Hair/Eyes: Dk Brown/Green
Hgt/Wgt: 5'6" / 110 lbs
Age: 200 (appears as 28)
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Personality: Arrogant
Str: 14 (+1)
Agi: 14 (+3) +2 Racial
Qui: 14 (+2) +1 Racial
Con: 15 (+1)
Dis: 16 (+2)
Pre: 17 (+3) +1 Racial
Mem: 14 (+1)
Res: 13 (+1)
Emp: 13 (+2) +1 Racial
Int: 15 (+2) +1 Racial
Strongest Skills: Shapeshifting, Archery, Seduction, Alertness, Survival, Animal Handling, Scaling & Climbing, Detect Traps, Lie Detection, Locate Hidden Things, Tracking
Motivation: Only cares about her personal pleasure and riches
Special Equipment: A piercing that allows her to shapeshift into a Lion (Her secret society sisters will be wanting it back)

4) Name: Filsmorph (Male)
Race: Morph-Lupin (Mixed breed)
Class: Paladin
Level: 2
Hair/Eyes: Auburn/White
Hgt/Wgt: 5'11" / 195lbs
Age: 28 (appears as 24)
Alignment: Lawful Good
Personality: Moral & Trustworthy
Str: 15 (+2) +1 Racial
Agi: 14 (+1)
Qui: 14 (+1)
Con: 14 (+2) +1 Racial
Dis: 15 (+1)
Pre: 14 (+0) -1 Racial
Mem: 15 (+2) +1 Racial
Res: 16 (+3) +1 Racial
Emp: 13 (+2) +1 Racial
Int: 16 (+3) +1 Racial
Strongest Skills: Quick Draw, Dual Weapon Fighting, First-Aid, Sword Mastery, Whip Mastery, Awareness, Tracking, Rope Mastery, Various Lores
Favourite Spells: Repel Undead, Healing magics
Motivation: Preserve his religion
Special Equipment: Katana +2, Cat-o-Nine Tails +2, Pendant that casts Shield twice daily (It's in the form of the symbol of his former church, a cross).

4) Name: Nikolai Monescu (Male) - NPC
Race: Human Traladaran
Class: Magician
Level: 6
Hair/Eyes: White/Brown
Hgt/Wgt: 5'4" / 125lbs
Age: 68 (appears as 52)
Alignment: True Neutral
Personality: Witty, Calm
Str: 9 (+1) +1 Racial
Agi: 10 (+0)
Qui: 13 (+1)
Con: 9 (+0)
Dis: 16 (+2)
Pre: 15 (+1)
Mem: 18 (+3)
Res: 18 (+4) +1 Racial
Emp: 14 (+1)
Int: 15 (+1)
Strongest Skills: Various Lore, Alchemy, Science, Influential Skills, Attunement
Favourite Spells: Sleep and Charm
Motivation: Freedom of his people from the Thyatian oppressors
Special Equipment: Spellbook