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Oceansend (Kingdom of)

Location: Known World, continent of Brun, northeastern reaches, area of Norwold.
Area: 9,977 sq. mi.
Population: 43,000, including 4,000 halflings, 3,500 dwarves, and 1,200 elves.
Languages: Thyatian Common, Alphatian Common (Alpha dialect), Elvish (Shiye-Lawr dialect), Halfling (Lalor dialect).
Coinage: Heart (gp), blade (sp), and wall (cp). Heldannic coins will not be accepted by any locals.
Taxes: 20% income tax, 5% sales tax.
Government Type: Independent monarchy.
Industries: Agriculture (grows just enough for its own use), trade (by sea), fishing, mining, and trapping.
Important Figures: King Olaf Yarrvikson (human, male, F10), Hermann Adalard (former governor-general, now prisoner, human, male, P(cr)9 of Vanya).
Flora and Fauna: The animals and plants one would expect in a northern area. There are also several goblinoids in the Final Range to the west.
Further Reading: CM 1 - Test of the Warlords, GAZ - Dawn of the Emperors boxed Set, AC1010 - Poor Wizard's Almanac to AC1012 - Poor Wizard's Almanac 3, and Joshuan's Almanac.

Description: by Synthala of Aasla.

As I approached Oceansend, the City of the Sea, I could feel the excitement in the air. The locals have just recently won their freedom from the Heldannic Knights, breaking their slavery to the New Heldannic Territories.

The Land

Oceansend is rather large, with sturdy walls surrounding the entire city. It is situated along a beautiful deep-water beach into the Alphatian Sea, making it an ideal port. Oceansend is the largest and best equipped port of all of Norwold. The water is remarkably clear for a sea port, and many of the locals make a profitable living fishing its bounties.

When compared to Alpha, there are no fancy buildings or statues or such boasting the wealth of the city. Instead, King Yarrvikson prefers for his residence to be a functional fortress rather than a palace. Like many other cities here in the wildlands of Norwold, Oceansend is well fortified. Siege weapons can be seen along the walls and various towers. The wall guards have also earned a well-deserved reputation with the crossbow, which they've no doubtfully shown the Heldannic Knights during their revolution.

The fields around Oceansend are dotted with farms and small villages. The are blessed by Zirchev with fertile crops and plenty of game animals to hunt. Some of the best inns and taverns "in town" are actually found in these surrounding villages, and many an Oceansender travels outside the city walls to find his entertainment.

A few days hike inland lies the mountain base of the Final Range. This land is the home to the now famous Rocktooth Dwarves of Kildorkak. The dwarves apparently played a pivotal role in the overthrow of the tyrannical Knights.

The People

The people of Oceansend now live with joy and happiness, still celebrating the overthrow of the priests of Vanya. Everywhere one goes, you can easily seen the black lion banners been desecrated and vandalised. In fact, it's probably the only reason they are still here, otherwise, I'm sure the king would have had them all burned.

Except for this, the people are proud of their small little kingdom. They are starting to become renown sea merchants in the area, although I suspect it will be some time before they can rival the Merchant Princes of Minrothad.

Now, they Oceansenders are content with trying to make their town the greatest in Norwold. And they are intent on remaining completely independent; the citizens have voted a forced conscription of all men and women. Many voluntarily go to the military training lessons given by the king's men. Their goal is to have everyone in Oceansend be able to fight in case of another invasion. I believe this is still the after-effects of the Heldannic Occupation, and this spur to action will probably die down with time.

On a final note about the people, it seems that Yarrvikson has released all thieves from the city dungeons. This was the king's reward to the Dark Masks, the local thieves guild, for their help in the defeat of the Heldannic Knights. Most commoners viewed this reward with mixed blessings; they are indeed grateful of the thieves' help, but also fearful that, now free, their houses will be robbed. It seems that the local guards are also somewhat more lenient toward members of the Dark Masks that they apprehend.

Recent History

Oceansend has always been an independent kingdom. Around AC 990, King Ericall of Alpha claimed all of Norwold, including Oceansend, but the Oceansenders simply ignored this. Ericall never sent any military forces to conquer the city, instead opting to peacefully convince them to join his kingdom. In AC 1004, a civil war bloomed in the nation of Alpha, and most of Ericall's lords claimed independence, creating the anarchy we find in Norwold today. Oceansend simply kept on living as usual since they have always considered themselves independent. On the downside, with all the other nearby cities warring among themselves, Oceansend suffered problems with their trade industry.

About two years ago, however, it all changed with the arrival of the Heldannic Knights. Unlike Ericall, the priests of Vanya conquered the city by force, and so it remained until late this year. Now Oceansend is once more trying to regain it's glory and trade of a decade ago.