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Oceansend (City-State of; Heldannic Territories)

Location: Known World, continent of Brun, northeastern reaches, area of Norwold.
Area: 9,977 sq. mi.
Population: 45,000, including 4,000 halflings, 3,000 dwarves, and 1,200 elves.
Languages: Heldannic (official), Thyatian, Alphatian, Elvish (Shiye-Lawr dialect), Halfling (Lalor dialect).
Coinage: Heldannic Standard: groschen (5 gp), gelder (gp), erzer (ep), markschen (sp), fenneg (cp). The former coins of Oceansend ( heart (gp), blade (sp), and wall (cp) ) are now illegal within the city.
Taxes: 20% income tax, 5% sales tax, 10% tithe to Order of Vanya.
Government Type: Currently occupied by the Heldannic Knights.
Industries: Agriculture (grows barely enough for its own use), fishing, mining, and trapping.
Important Figures: Councillor Olaf Yarrvikson (former king, human, male, F10), Governor-General Hermann Adalard (human, male, Pr9 of Vanya).
Flora and Fauna: The animals and plants one would expect in a northern area. There are also several goblinoids in the Final Range to the west.

Description: by Alasdhair MacCallum

The approach to the city of Oceansend, now under Heldannic control, was rather fearful and filled with tension. The captain was not sure how the Heldannic Knights would react to a boat sailing out of Alpha. It seems the captain's fear was well founded; a Heldannic warship came out to meet and escort us into port. The search of the entire galleon, as well as the long questioning of everyone on board was rather unpleasant, so I will not bore you readers with the details. Still, it is enough that I wish none of you should ever suffer such indignities. I must mention, as I find the following important to anyone travelling to Oceansend, that all weapons were confiscated upon entering the city, and that they were only returned on our departure. It seems that the Knights are fearful of a rebellion now that their clerical magic has left them. I could never understand how anyone could use such cheap magic anyway. They should all go to Glantri to learn what real magic is.

The Land

Oceansend is a large, walled city along a deep-water beach into the Alphatian Sea, making it an ideal port. Unlike many other cities, this one lacks grand buildings or great architecture to boast about or make fine tourist attractions. At least the Heldannic Knights have placed many of their black lion banners throughout the main streets, clearly indicating their presence to everyone, and adding somewhat of a sight to see. Their military parades, although somewhat filled with dread, are, I must admit, well performed, and worth seeing, if one can stand the presence of the Knights.

Like many cities here in the wildlands of Norwold, Oceansend is well fortified. Catapults and ballistae top every tower as well as several sections of the city walls. I was shocked to see that some of the large siege weapons atop the walls were pointed into the city as well as out. It seems that the Heldanners fear uprisings from within as well as sieges from without.

The fields around Oceansend are filled with farms and small villages only now starting to recover from the long siege the Heldannic Knights laid upon the city a few years ago. Most of the crops are very healthy this year, as the ash and other remains of the war have rendered the soil rather rich. The houses and villages were once beautiful and well maintained, but are now rather make-shift and improvised. Most of them had been destroyed by the Knights, and the peasants had been forced to start their lives over from scratch. Needless to say, this did not help the Heldanners acquire the love of the conquered.

Finally, about 4 days journey west of Oceansend lies the huge foothills of the Final Range. I would dare say that "foothill" is not the correct term, as these hills are long ridges of rocks that can be called mountains back in Glantri. This area is important because it is the home of the Rocktooth Dwarves. It seems that the Heldannic Knights have been unable to capture Kildorkak, the stronghold of these pesky little beasts [A reminder that this is the opinion of the writer and not the editors. Ed.]. Their mountain fortress is still a point of resistance against the invaders.

The People

The people of Oceansend live in fear of the ruling Knights, their every word and action closely monitored by the conquerors. The farmers around the city toil endlessly to meet the Knights' demands in taxes and tribute, and many have been turned into veritable slaves. The Heldanners do not want to give them the chance to rebel, especially now that they no longer seem to have Vanya's support.

But still, there appears to be an underground movement forming. I have promised not to reveal any names because more than likely several Knights will likely purchase copies of this Almanac once it is printed, therefore I do not want to place my new found friends in any danger.

I met them in a tavern, whispering about their plans of returning King Olaf Yarrvikson to the throne. Upon noticing that I was Glantrian, and hence no ally to the clerical Heldanners, I managed to join their group briefly. It seems that various important citizens of Oceansend have rallied followers to them, making a veritable army inside the city walls. Even more impressive, the dwarves of Kildorkak have somehow managed to smuggle weapons into the city right under the nose of the Knights.

I have no fear of revealing this information because the Knights are already aware that weapons are entering the city, hence the confiscation upon entering the port. Unfortunately for them, they have yet to discover how. The Knights therefore suspect any dwarf within the city walls, and have imprisoned, tortured and killed many. The dwarven population is half of what it used to be before the conquest of the Heldannic Knights.

I myself would have loved to learn their method, but prior duties called, and I soon had to leave the port city of Oceansend.