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Investigating (Inventing) Ochalean History

by Steven Carter

It's nearly impossible to assimilate all the published material (especially since I don't have it all) as well as the material in the Vaults so I'm just going to ask openly if the following points conflict with material any of you know better than I do at this point.

<-> I need to place the origins of a Sino/Asiatic stone-to-bronze age transitional culture partly related to the Ethengar people somewhere on Skothar about 3500 BC. Any places I need to avoid or any localities currently not occupied?

<-> That people I've determined should leave that area about the time of the Rain of Fire and Planetshift.

<-> Their mass migration will result in massive losses but the survivors (still in significant numbers) should wind up making landfall on the Ochalea island over a spread of years about 2800 BC.

<-> If there were inhabitants there I think they should be very small numbers of Thonians and Oltec. Possibly some lizardman elements. Any human inhabitants should be quite small in number and should be assimilated by the newcomers. Any thoughts?

<->The period between 2700 BC when a new dynasty begins and the Alphatian conquest will span about 2000 years and include a few dynasties, civil wars, international wars and how the island people deal with Nithia.

<->Sporadic contact with Taymoran Empire far to the north west after 2500 BC. Possibly a few invasion attempts which continue to sour Ochalean sentiments against arcane magic. (To what extent were the Taymorans sea-faring?)

<-> The great sages of Ochalean philosophy live between 1700 BC and 1400 BC. This is when the greatest classics of philosophy are written solidifying the cultural outlook and institutionalising the Ochalean brand of mysticism and expression of clerical devotion.

<-> Also about 1700 BC the royal line is broken and the nation fragments into several ethnic kingdoms based on old tribal lines.

<-> Ochalea is united again about 1350~1400 BC until the Alphatian invasion around 750 BC.

<-> The Alphatian conquest should be around 750 BC. It should consist of tens of thousands of mundane common Alphatians and a few hundred noble overseers. The common Alphatians will likewise be mostly assimilated by the native culture although the resultant gestalt will be new and dynamic and incorporate a massive anti-arcane element.

Ochalea does not merit the importance of a kingdom. It's basically one large work farm to Alphatia. A source of food, slaves and exotic bric-a-brac to decorate their homes and palaces. It's a territorial holding the "rulership" of which passes from one noble house to another depending on who wins the imperial monopoly. The island is divided into several prefectures, each one the responsibility of an Alphatian house holding an imperial monopoly. The central government of the island is in Beitung (actually it moves) and is the responsibility of another monopoly holding house.

The decadence and corruption of the Alphatian wizard overlords helps to completely turn the common populace against arcane magics. This isn't about all Alphatians (nobility and royalty) being evil. Just the majority of Alphatian ruling class in Ochalea have been corrupt, self-serving or too self-interested to care about their subjects.

<-> Contact with Nithians is probably the final straw. Although Ochalean culture and records will not remember them as such it is the trade and conflict with them that cements the "no magic" element of Ochalean culture.

<-> 600-590 BC The Thyatian/Hattian/Kerendan people, returning home from their Alphatian-imposed Davanian expulsion/exile raid the western coast of Ochalea. If any Alphatian wizard-lord cares they don't mount enough of a defence.

<-> 1 AC to 20 AC - Years of Imperial Occupation and Rebellion

<-> 20 AC - Valentia releases Ochalea from imperial bondage but the "government" of Ochalea, having already been purged by imperial collaborators, quickly does its best to confederate with Thyatis and soon has imperial troops stationed as peace keepers to "help suppress the Alphatian insurgents". (This is either with or without Valentia's knowledge - some Thyatian input here please.)

<-> Next 900 years is the story of corruption, coups, rebellion, assassination, purges, rebirths and finally a cultural flowering and discovery of identity.

<-> I think that other writers, in describing the history of nations surrounding the Sea of Dawn, could include ties to Ochalea. During the history, particularly following the two major invasions 770 BC and 1 AC, other nations would see exiles from the island nation.

<-> I suspect Ochalean bureaucracy, scholarship and architecture would infiltrate Alphatia's "high culture". Ochalean martial practices would infect Thyatian military and possibly some fighting orders. Ochalean fighters would be interesting spectacle in the gladiatorial arenas and a good way to eliminate threats to authority.

<-> The typically well educated Ochalean male would make excellent slave stock for any household in need of a literate or skilled servant. Teachers, book keepers, major-domos, gardeners or chauffers to abuse the stereotype. ( I have an image of a Thyatian paladin dressed in green armour riding in a coach with an Ochalean version of Bruce Lee as his driver always saving the Thyatian's neck )

<-> Finally does anyone know of any other inhabitants prior to 3500BC-2500BC?