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Races of Ochalea

by David Knott

While the PWAs depict Ochalea as being relatively free of monsters, in fact it supports a rather wide variety of races. Humans of Cyprian (Common Alphatian) origin are the dominant race, and their prejudices against mages, thieves, Hattians, and female adventurers are cited in DotE.

Ogre magi and other Oni hide themselves among the humans, using their natural "polymorph" ability to conceal their true nature. Hengeyokai are also found on the fringes of human society, where they live as fighters, magies (wu jen), and clerics (shukenja).

Spirit folk also live among humans but see less need to conceal their natures. They may be fighters or monks.

Lupins are fairly common in Ochalea. Lupin breeds include Ogrish Chow- Chows, Ochalean Cresteds, Ochalean Houndlings, and High Shar-Pei; with so many breeds available, there are doubtless many mongrels as well.

Rakasta breeds seem to be limited to Pardastas, who remain aloof from human society.

Korobokuru dwarves live separately from humans but are generally friendly with them. They have bonuses to strength and constitution and penalties to intelligence, wisdom, and charisma. Most of them are barbarian warriors, while others are mages (wu jen) or thieves (yakuza).

Friendly monster races include foo creatures (dogs and lions), giant eagles, and hsiao.

Nagas are generally neutral towards humans; they are noted for their abilities as priests and wizards. Shan sao, tabaxi, tengus are other neutral races.

Hostile monster races include bakemono, goblin rats, goblin spiders, hobgoblins, kappas, and p'ohs. Some Oni live among them as leaders.

Aquatic races who live near Ochalea include aquatic ogres, marine trolls, hai nu, and ningyo (triton variant).

Of lycanthropes, weretigers are found on land and weresharks are found in the surrounding ocean.