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Spirit, Odic

by Valentius

medium undead [incorporeal]

HD : 16d12 (104hp)
Initiative : +4 or as animated plant +2
Speed : 30' or as animated plant 0.
Armour class : 16 (+6 deflection) or as animated plant 12 (-4 size, -2 dex,+8 natural).
Base attack/grapple : +8/+8 or as animated plant +12/+31
Attack : 1 touch +8 (poison touch) or as animated plant slam +15 melee (2d8+10 and poison touch)
Full attack : 1 touch +8 (poison touch) or as animated plant slam +15 melee (2d8+10 and poison touch)
Space/reach : 5'/5' or as animated plant 20'/20'
Special attacks : poisonous touch, poisonous unholy aura, animate leaves.
Special qualities : undead traits, incorporeal subtype, sr 23, dr 15/magic, daylight powerlessness, blindsight 60',
animate plant, spell-like abilities.
Saves : Fort +11, ref +5 or as animated plant +3, will +12.
Abilities : Str - , Dex 10 , con -, Int 10, wis 10, cha 22 or
as animated plant Str 24, Dex 6, con -, Int 10, wis 10, cha 22
Skills : spot 19 intimidate 25
Feats : improved initiative, iron will, spell focus (necromancy), greater spell focus (necromancy), quicken spell like ability (animate dead).
Environment : any.
Organisation : solitary.
Challenge rating : 14 or special
Treasure : none.
Alignment : always chaotic evil.
Advancement : 17-24 HD (medium).
Level Adjustment : -.

The odic is a powerful, undead spirit that takes control of plants. It lures victims to its vicinity by supernatural means, dominating or killing them, and animating their bodies.
Unless noted otherwise, the odic's caster level for special abilities and attacks is 16. Its SR is HD based (HD+7).
Poison Touch (Su) : the odic's touch is poisonous to the living. Primary and secondary 2d6 con, save DC 18 (based on HD only).
Poisonous Unholy Aura (su) : The odic's aura is extremely destructive to it's environment. It emanates to a range of 30' around the creature. All food and water (even holy water and potions) immediately spoil and become useless. While animating a plant, a purplish light surrounds the odic to a range of 30'. It can be seen from afar (300'). All living things brought into the light, or present when it begins emanating, suffers an energy drain effect
(save DC 24, 1 negative level). Each time a creature suffers a negative energy level, the odic gains 5 hp.
Animate Leaves (su) : The odic can animate up to 6 leaves at a time. These leaves can fly (30', perfect) and attack living humanoids. The leaf is considered a tiny construct (2 hp, AC 14) and attacks as such with a touch attack (+1 attack bonus).
A victim hit by a leaf is affected by a dominate person effect (save DC 19, cha based). The leaves may range up to a mile away from the odic.
Daylight Powerlessness : The Odic is almost totally powerless during the daylight hours. It cannot use any spell like ability, attack or animate plants. It usually moves without rest during the day, covering 24 miles, and finding another plant to animate at nightfall. The odic does not have an aura while affected by daylight powerlessness.
Animate Plant (su) : The odic gains power over the living world by possessing plants. It usually chooses a gargantuan tree to animate. This is similar to the druid spell, but only one plant may be animated, of size gargantuan or smaller. The duration is an entire night. The tree dies when possessed, and as such isn't considered a plant or construct, but undead. It still has hardness, as usual for a living tree of it's kind. Unlike the spell, the odic may attempt to possess a plant creature using this ability. The creature may attempt a will save (DC 24, HD and cha based) or die and be possessed. The odic must touch it's target in order to successfully possess it, and if the target was a plant creature, the odic still has all it's special abilities, physical ability scores (except con), and attack modes. The odic is stationary while animating a plant or a plant creature. The odic is destroyed if the possessed plant is brought to 0 hp. The odic can leave a plant anytime, and animate another instead - but its hp remain unchanged.
Spell Like Abilities (Sp) : (at will) darkness, silence, contagion, animate dead, slay living. The odic can animate undead once per round as a free action, in addition to all other actions. Save DC is 10+spell level+cha modifier, +2 DC for contagion and slay living.

The odic is a terrible opponent, perhaps an exalted servant of entropy. It will always cover itself with silence, darkness and as many animated undead as it can create (32 HD). During daylight it will roam just under the surface, and will not approach any creature.
The statistics here assume the odic animates a gargantuan tree at nightfall.


There. Finished. I have no idea what the CR should be, but 14 seemed well enough.
IMC I intend this monstrosity to be the main villain, an odic that animates a single, gargantuan tree, in a forested area covered in perpetual darkness. It sends other undead servants to bring it victims, and slowly grows in influence, raising a massive army of undead, humanoids and other servants to conquer the kingdom (Karameikos).